"Why are you a communist?"

How do you respond to this without coming across as holier than thou?

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Because I see no other solution to the contradictions and injustices of capitalism, and I dont think capitalism is able to solve the problems the world is facing.

Why do you care about the problems the world is facing? Why not just care about yourself?

I always say its because capitalism is inherently unstable and always will be and the way to fix that would be to abolish the system altogether.

talk about the danger inherent in capitalism, ie. crisis, war, fascism, exploitation, ecological catastrophe.

the desirability of an economic system centered on people, not on profits.

Are you suggesting they sort themselves out first, Bucko?

Because self interest is the reason why we mass exploitation of workers under a system that only protects the property rights of the wealthy

The world literally becoming uninhabitable and hundreds of millions of climate and war refugees are kind of my problem too mate. I cant just close my eyes and pretend the sea is drowning the land I live on, is desertifying the land I eat food from, driving hundreds of millions out of their lands towards the place where I live to survive, arent there.

The problems I face can't be solved on their own because the problems I face *are* the problems that most of the world faces. I have fairly generic problems.

Not quite a communist but it only seems like basic human decency, and hell even self interest. Doing good for yourself is pretty easy but can you really enjoy it while the majority of the world is suffering under an oppressive system?

I tell them about automation of the workplace and capitalism will evolve into communism. So its inevitable.

I'm a communist myself I don't disagree with what you're saying. But it would be easier, as a working class white male in a first world country, to live a fairly comfortable life completely removed from politics than it would be to dedicate myself to a workers revolution/political activism in which I risk imprisonment/death, so why don't I do that? I don't have a better answer other than "I care about everyone and I can't be truly happy if millions of others being exploited", but that seems like something I've told myself rather than the truth.

With the way technology is advancing I just can't see any other economic system working in the future.

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Most of the "working class white males" cant afford to sit back and play ostrich like you can. Unemployment, poverty, etc etc are just one crisis or innovation away.

I feel like Hegel's Master/Slave dialectic provides a fairly decent argument for abolishing capitalism even if you're on top of society. Le ebin co-op man has a good video on this: youtu.be/bjsmn6ZLvHo

UK tbh, the situation here is better than America I think in some ways, at least for now it is.


Because I'm part of the world?

I'd love to live in the right-wing bubble where thing that fuck over everyone somehow don't fuck you over.

Capitalism/the markets is also highly inefficient. Look into planned obsolescence and how farmers burn food so they can sell their crop for a profit

Yes of course but not if you die in a violent revolution for which there's a decent chance you would.

If I die in a revolution I get to spend my life doing something worthwhile. Stagnation is worse than death imo.

better for everyone else tho
rip me
a martyr for the cause


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I've become one after getting my first real job.

The commodification of hypersexualization is from capitalism. The way sex is used as advertisement contributes to the spectacle of capitalism

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Foodies will be sent to gulag

Because there are only two sides you can choose: Socialism or barbarism.

I do care about myself, that's why I want to merge capital and labor to eliminate the class of parasites that sap the money earned from the work of us workers, producing poverty and subverting democracy in the process.

I want to be free.


Spooks come from the ruling class
To be despooked, one must destroy the ruling class

In non-retard speak; "I want to be free".

I don't like getting ripped off and I also want to share razors, underwear, condoms, and toothbrushes.

I sure hope you mean "I wish people would stop turning spooks into reality by their actions" rather than "I need everyone to be despooked before I can finally get rid of mine".

I'm not a Communist, and I have no idea why you would think that.
Something along those lines is my go to response.

I genuinely believe if capitalism is not destroyed and soon we are potentially looking at human extinction or at the very least mass die offs from resource depletion and extreme global warming. That trumps all other considerations of what I may or may not want.

"How did you know?"

I'm a leftist because my autismbux aren't enough to buy all the video games I want, I *need* more and don't have the *ability* to earn it



If you detect a hostile or accusatory tone, always respond with other questions.

The easiest thing to do is ask them what they think communism/socialism is, and explain gently from there, correcting the misconceptions that will almost certainly be shared.

anarchists are not about class war, they deny class as collectivism and reject it in favor of their deeply bourgeoise individualism

"Because I am a populist idiot who doesn't understand politics, history, or economics, but I don't want to murder people of other races or worship charismatic daddy figures in a closeted homosexual way, so I became a leftist instead of a fascist.

I'm sorry but lmao. I've tried explaining that succdem is not communism, that cultural marxist is a meme. I've avoided jargon, but it's still like talking to a brick wall. Only then I remember that internet debates are at best meant to convince the bystanders.

autism; the post

Because profiting from absentee ownership is inherently immoral.

(I know morality is a spook, of course, but people who aren't already leftists do not, and a more precise phrasing would be much less concise.)

Because the lesson from the roll back and defeat of the New Deal is very clear: leave the capitalist system of exploitation and wealth concentration in place and you leave the tools and incentive for undoing hard-fought gains of social democracy. We have greater inequality now than we had in the Gilded Age, and the 2008 Recession is still ongoing and was the 2nd greatest crisis in history outside the Great Depression itself.

I am a socialist because learn from history. Capitalism cannot be tamed; it must be abolished.

because capitalism is shit

source please

Because the liberation of myself as an individual is dependent on the liberation of the collective. As an egoist, it limits my enjoyment of life when masses of humanity have to suffer to sustain the global market. I can never be truly free as long as I have to ideologically concede that this is the way things must be, this a permanent stain on my conscience. Individual egoism is a pernicious fallacy of the capitalists - precisely insofar as I am an egoist I must be a communist.

Because means of production belong to who uses them on daily basis, not some whitecollar who has never even seen you at work but still gets rewarded from your labor.

You gotta hide your powerlevel so people don't get triggered. Then all the liberals come to slobber on your knob for your "interesting perspective" on an issue. "Wow, I never thought of it like that" type of shit. They are much more receptive, even though they obviously don't use those words. I'll probably hide my power level even if it takes off, because I hate the autistic need for people to align themselves with specific thinkers, at least it sort of shows what they support.


because im poor and lazy and bitter and spend all day reading theory to justify my hate for the system that made me this way

Nigga, I don't wanna spend 80% of the time I have left on this planet working for porky when there's no real need for that, other than to prop up a failed ideology that is literally going to fucking kill us all.

Because it's not like I have another world I can live on.

Musk and friends will have one, so cheer them on on reddit!

Because I want to contribute to solving problems that capitalism has created, because all companies and monopolies seem to be small bugs floating in the money flows and being dragged in the currents.

Because when seeing property and knowing that no individual action will eliminate it and lift up those in the poverty to a standard of living where they do not face starvation and disease. For that only socialism can address those issues.

Money is just numbers printed on papers and stored in computers. If all economic action should be directed to well-being of all, then the accounting needs to be done in real things, like kilograms of resources, kilowatthours of energy, units of goods and so on. Not in virtual units that only represent by a not-that-direct relatinionship.

Because of the movie and the book Grapes of Wrath.

Because capitalism and markets are inefficient and cause real damage to environment and society. And no amount of apologetics will undo and repair this damage.

And because I want to do actual productive and value-creating labour and have the fruits of it directly related to the well-being of the entire society and not have the taken away for personal profit of someone else. I want to be a legitimate member of the society and not a leech. Not live off unfairly by being bribed by capitalists, since even in the eastern europe this happens.

"Because it is in my rational self interest."

Any other answer needs de-spooking.

Simply - Don't be one lmao.