Lets convince alex jones that the furry fandom is a US plot

Goys, the mods took my 4chan thread down, so I'm bringing the idea here. We should convince Alex Jones that furries are a part of the government human/animal chimera project he likes to rant about. We can do this by saying they exist to normalize the idea, and the Infowars staff can be contacted through the website itself. to convince them we should send emails to infowars and spread the theory on conspiracy sites.

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Yo wtf I don't want to be shot by some insane Alex Jones fan nut high off his own male vitality. This is not okay.

We need to find MKULTRA color coding on furry art to help push him along a bit.

We could say the word yiff is similar to yeh, the Hebrew word for god. Make it look Zionist

This is some absolute insanity. I can't say it would totally discredit Jones, but fuck it. Anything we can do to shit on him isn't all that bad.

Oh my god, is this some good old fashioned lulz I see? We should go with the angle that furry porn is a cultural marxist tool that corrupts and destroys the minds of our precious youth in order to make them into masturbation addicts for the communist gangster government.

not the furries please, I just want to be free, the furry community are totally comrades.

So No. 1994937? By getting Jones to hate on them, we could get the ones on the alt right to come over here instead. It's a win/win.

So No. 1994937? By getting Jones to hate on them, we could get the ones on the alt right to come over here instead. It's a win/win.

but user, furry porn is really a cultural capitalist tool that corrupts and destroys the minds of our precious youth


But can we make the Right think otherwise?

Okay so, we ought to first off, contact Alex Jones' staff and make claims of:

My first idea is to just make claims about it and say that this is what's really happening. Use stupid infographics that try to push this idea and whatnot, stuff about MKUltra with furry art next to it and parts with the colours and human-animal hybrid stuff that can be found as 'proof.' Age rates and growth of members in the furry community, so as to show 'youth' as being indoctrinated in a chart.

Alternatively, a 'document' written to the best of our abilities to try and add more 'proofs' to the concept. Overall, just try to flood the concept through shitty infographics and 'reel proofz' to try and make the idea get attention. If we posted such things online, we could then cite them as proof that it's something that's happening. Have "furries" who broke out of "conditioning" or some crazy shit like that, obviously false-flags to push the idea.

If liberals and nazifurs or whatever try to go against this we can claim they're government footmen who are trying to crush the 'truth about the situation.' Something like if a nazifur said otherwise about it, we'd say they're a shill that was hired to work in counter-information to avoid people discovering what was happening. This is crazy but I'm going to have a lot of fun if this ever goes anywhere.

Obviously, but rightards will buy the ruse.

MKUltra had a big part with drugs. Could try and argue that furries promote ecstasy or LSD, drug abuse or whatever. I'm gonna look for stuff now to try and use because I can't find anything for MKUltra related to colour patterns or something, but we could fabricate that somehow maybe.

This pic shows leftist influence maybe?

Don't forget to play up the connection between furry porn and pedophillia. Maybe make up a story about a little autistic girl who was traumatized when she accidentally stumbled across furry pornography when she was looking up Sonic the Hedgehog on Google. Won't somebody think of the children?

The statistics from research conducted on a particular furry website show over nine-thousand examples of penises raping children.

Pics are from a 2011 study.

Wiki for MKUltra en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra

You mean he doesn't already think it is?

I don't think he believes any of what he says, he just does it for show. That said, if we convince him that this is an actual thing people believe, he'll put it on Infowars, and that's gonna discredit him/ be funny as shit

We can call it the Conspurracy.


Maybe we can work in an angle including Rainfurrest?

Here are some "evidence" pictures of Antifa/farleft furries, plus a furry danncing with gay Jews(sure it's actually just an easter bunny dancing with some drunk as fuck Hassidic guys, but it's all about narrative).
Spinning up multiple alt-right Twitter accounts to retweet him.

no, it wont bring the alt furries over. theyll talk to alex jones and then jones will probably apologize. or jones wont fall for it because his supporters will tell him in advane he's getting trolled=

yeah this seems like a bad idea. also i suspect as earlier jones wont fall for it

there's a bunch of brony/pegasiste antifa art out there

I forgot, large portions of the alt right and regular conservatives bitch about furries and bronies as 'degeneracy' and the alt furries etc are STILL aligned with that.

send him this

Alex jones is literally a genius. He's a post-conspirator. Embrace the Jones pill pleb

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, you're watching History's longest running joke besides Germany


hmm, that seems too close to anti-pedo cancer/cuckoldry. dont wsnt to be too normie here….

thats awesome

no im not leaving

But why is it so good then.

Just take the furry nazi art and redraw it as communist.

Guys we can submit shit here: infowars.com/contact/

go away reddish ancap.

Nigga why tf does everyone think mutualism is ancrapism

cause nobody actually reads proudhon.

That's bullshit and you know it

i wish it was bullshit, but nobody in this sub reads stuff.

The furry fandom is the number one creator of petit bourgeoisie rent seekers outside of Delaware. It's only purpose is to be a live-action economic model for how the induction of money destroys internet communities (for economists) and to demonstrate pure spectacle injected directly into the tongue (for Debordians.)

Should totally do this idea. Maybe throw in something about how the Furry fandom indoctrinates their children into their underground animal molesting cult ring™. They are taken out of the education system and homeschooled in order to keep others from intervening and other shit like pic related.

That image.

Oh, so he's asking for it from the get-go, too? Could he be a troll? I can't really see such madness paired under such a fitting name.

yes, it's a joke.

Greetings Infowars staff. I am a concerned red blooded American patriot who fought in the Iraq war and would like to bring the issue of so called "furries" and their connections with government funded human/animal chimeras to your attention. One of their depraved conventions recently came to a town near me, and I came to realize that they are most certainly government funded, they show a TON of Liberal traits. Their awful "fursonas" have many hermaphrodidic creatures, and the culture itself actively encourages Homosexuality; absolutely OOZING, with the Progressive agenda. In addition the word for their depraved acts, "yiff" sounds extremely like the Hebrew word for god. Does this mean they have a secret Zionist agenda as well? Thanks, -A concerned Patriot
Sent this in to infowars tipline

It definitely is one. But it seems like the sort of thing someone with a doomsday-prep mentality would probably buy as a threat with the right crafting.

Its not so much the case of whether or not it has solid base in reality, its whether or not it sounds like these people are doing it in such a way you wouldn't notice unless you know what you're looking for. InfoWars is based around supplements using fear and conspiracy as a strategy. Kind of like a tinfoil Dr. Oz. It seems like the sort of thing he could buy into if it means he can sell his products laced with bull semen or whatever.

If someone could redraw nazfur stuff to be communist for “proof” that’d be great.

Here's some "proof"

I thought he already capped on this with "Big Hentai" when he was surfing 420chan with joe rogan


Man that shit was so funny

Hello comrades Anonymous

Should we send in tips on this to Fox too?

I'll just leave this buzzfeed news screenshot that you can photoshop here

But then we could start #FurryLivesMatter and then everyone would be wearing fursuits in our support

What the fuck is wrong with your font rendering?

Breh, sick fidget spinner

Then why is so much of it free?

Seriously, there's more furry porn than there is hentai. The furries just endlessly produce that shit for free.

Some, yes, put up patreon paywalls, but in my experience they have been in the minority.

Remember to send in tips through the Infowars website too

Guys, send it to paul joseph watson, using fake emails that sound realistic, he's more likely to pick up on this, cause he mostly does culture videos.

You don't belong here.

About to tell him the scoop


lots of it might be free, but it is created by alienated people within capitalism and functions as a vector that amplifies fetishes while drawing us further from human sexuality. marx talked about commodity fetishism for a reason, you know.

What things in capitalism AREN'T created by alienated people?
Talk about being fucking spooked! I have never been attracted to humans in my entire life, it's not as if furshit made me quit 3D all of a sudden, humans disgust me.

Is there a conservative reddit we can spread the theory to?

those fucking eyes in the 4th pic

Is this some lame excuse to post furfaggotry?

Nah, just an attempt to spread the stupidist conspiracy theory we could think of.

He talked about fetishesim in relation to Pagonistic worship of idols and how money is treated like an idol.



That's right, run along with your meek little minor insult, Rosa-killer, when you've been disgraced.

He did not say that.

What he did was called analysis, and it was spot-on, Spot.


Nah I'm just incredibly disappointed your reply gave me nothing to build off.
Even on a meta level the furry fandom is a black hole for potential.

fuck off furfags

He implied it however by assuming people have an obligation to human sexuality.
Well aren't YOU the dialectician?

Not an argument. Petit bourgs are minor capitalists who employ people, not those who sell their labour. Otherwise you are implying
which is fucking retarded on your part. Do try harder

Not even ancaps are this retarded.

bona fide autism

Stirner is a furry. Spooky.

No he didn't. Goddamn, Rover, give the fursecution complex a rest.

This cracks me up every time.

still not an argument. You just have to have the last word so people won't think you're a faggot, huh?

Read again,

Meanwhile on r/ the donald

But they are?

Link? Asking to upboat and whatever.

reddit com/r/The_Donald/comments/6uydts/furries_are_an_altleft_subculture/?st=j6l8iut0&sh=b8aeb488

Should I put "sources" on infographics, or just leave there to be no source?

He was not making a moral judgement. He was saying that it is unhealthy.

Maybe make two versions?

Small pastel horses have bodies made of marshmallow and/or plastic. If anything they are more mineral than animal.

Attach sources, but make them dead links.

Go post some ponyshit on /fur/. They will lynch you.

I'll bite, what the fuck do you care whether or not people get mated? Your attempt to say that not following your spook is unhealthy makes you sound like reactionaries who say homosexuality is a disease and you should be a hetero.

Is this good? I'm considering sending it already but I want some opinions, criticism, whatever. The source I would have put on it is furryresearch.org/ but if you look at it for more than 10 seconds you'll find the chart is completely fabricated, so that's why I'm not entirely sure. If there's any user who can make better quality charts, that'd be appreciated – I'm very limited with what I can make. Can change the numbers by the way, if anyone thinks I should.

Real chart is second pic, based on their /actual/ research.

sexualised cartoon animals are idols, too. fetishised objects.

it doesn't matter whether you get mated or not. but i do believe it's important to make an effort to think about the origins of our sexual fetishes and to think about what those fetishes tell us about ourselves, instead of elevating them to an (ironically) ''fetishized" identity.

What does this even mean? People don't go around telling people they're fursexuals or anything. If they do that's their problem and from a Stirnian perspective the individual is a unique who cannot be reduced to labels, even fetishes. Fetishes are a consequence, and an unimportant one at that. If they identify as an otherkin then you should stop talking to them.

Here are some more

Exactly. It is a problem of theirs just like every other unhealthy activity.

pls, we all know this isn't true.the obnoxious furry who can't stop telling people about it has been an archetype of internet lore since the 90s. there is even this little thing called 'the furry fandom', you've probably heard about it.

That makes it perfect! It should be bullshit but not such obvious bullshit that retards will not eat it up.

Here's it with a source.

Use a larger font for the title. It has to look professional.


Where should we send this?

I'm currently typing up an email to send to PJW, and I'll be attaching it. Send it anywhere that might listen, really, maybe someone send it to the /r/the_donald post made. I don't know beyond that.

If you email PJW, attach it so then it becomes more like its spread around enough for more than one person to know about it. Someone has to contact Infowars directly though. PJW is great to send it to, but I'll try to look into Infowars after myself if nobody else figures out how we should do that.

Did I overdo it?

Only for the ones that do, most are regular people who just have furry as a hobby. Most people don't wake up in the morning and get down on all fours while waging an artificial tail and barking at people and telling randoms about how dog dicks make them hard.

It's the spotlight effect, you just tend to see more furries being open about it online, in the real world outing yourself as a furfag is social suicide, and no one who isn't an autist would do it. My furfaggotry has been successfully kept a secret since my inception, and I'm not the only one. Most people on /fur/ are the same way. We understand how this works, keep your furshit and your real life separate. We're perfectly fine, thank you.

not bad but you could do better, comr8

nope. in fact, I would personally go for something more hysterical, remember, it's fucking Alex Jones. The bush era conspiracy zeitgeist was pretty fucking nazbol tbh. contemplate these classic(tm) memes for inspiration

this is hilarous.

what a shitstorm it will cause if we manage to pull this off.

pic related is only furry pic I have. We could use it for something

The antifascist circle isn't far left tho.

bottom left is no-effort, whoever made this is retarded.

This is a board, not a sub. I think you got lost, let me redirect you to >>>/reddit/

keep em comin

imo it's on the spot

Where else should we send the emails and posts?

I rightly don't know. I suppose if you want a larger audience you could post something on Reddit or something.

This dumb jackoff interviews fucking cartoon characters. you could probably convince the prick that water is poisonous.

Then lets do this, because it's funnier than poison water

My sides!

Have any luc with that?

This is an awsome idea wonder if it will lead to more furries getting gassed only to wake up to being yiffed in hell.

I personally (pic related to show who I am,) couldn't find anything for colour coding and MKUltra. Could try to find some other things relevance to colour patterns, but I don't think MKUltra stuff will help with that. I don't really know what could be used though honestly, so that's why I never really touched on it in my email. I was hoping MKUltra would – but I only found stuff for drug testing, but they destroyed a lot of the documents by the end of the program (so much so that they couldn't figure out the extent of the damage and the amount of victims, from what I read.)

In short, we could probably bullshit and say that there was colour testing. Our proofs? Destroyed documents. Literal conspiracy that has no backing up. The other issue with MKUltra is that it had relevance to anti-communism and paranoia about Soviet spies (they wanted to be able to robotize their own agents and find drugs that could cause Soviet spies to out themselves supposedly during the existence of the program), so it's kind of contradictory to be using here – but that was after actually reading, so it's probably not an issue.

If you want to get it to the right reddit, you need to push it on Holla Forums and they will carry it there

kek. found the ancom

Lets get normal/pol/ to buy in on this next then. Make them think its real

When you think about it, 10 years ago furries were considered weird, even online. But now everyone has taken it in stride and people are very openly furry.

Summin like that.


Should I send him this?




> -John Doe
sorry if the greentext fucked up

the irony

goddamn man you need a fucking drink. chill the fuck out.

yes this is perfect, well written.

It won't send, I'll have to try again later.

whoever made it clearly thinks that libertarian left = "muh SJWs"

what if it's anprims and the autistic screeching is because of the hypothesis that spergs are undomesticated humans?

This is working perfect


Send it in. Attach it to a tip to Infowars and other places.

We need to send in stuff to the places on this list.
www conservativeusa org/talk-show-mega-list

Modify it so there’s a refrence to the rape of Berlin. Give the guy a Hammer and Sickle on his hat and have some German signs on the building.

That’s how anarckidies look in real life.

Claim it was done by trots


by Marx

So has anyone sent in any more emails or calls? Screencaps appreciated.

Sent in another email

So many horrible drawings of fuckin' furries ruckiing with glorious slavshit. REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

fucking anarchists

I've never seen that helmet variant before.

There's lots.
Pic related: this whole thread
Though I'm all up for removing leftie (and) furries

someone already tried last week and Holla Forums knew all about this thread already

to who? what email?

To Infowars. They have a link on their site.

You stupid fucking shitwaffle. You're calling artists who have to sell themselves for money petit bourgeoise rent seekers? Most people on FA trying to sell their art are making sub-minimum wage. That $100 for a full color page is something that might take 6 hours to draw. And that's if you're getting something by a good artist.A lot of people sell 4-5 hours of work on art for $50 or less. I know people who barely survive off that. That page is comparing some of the highest paid artists in the entire furry fandom.

Eat a fucking dick.

The rest of you supporting this are a load of cockwaffles too. The entire furry culture are heavily left biased and you're stomping on potential comrades.

It's fursecution!


Holy shit you guys are fucked. Mods delete this. all of this. and ban EVERYONE who posted in here.

why, what the fuck are you talking about?


what's wrong with this thread you coward?


that's more like it.
Doesn't matter. Copyright is rent-seeking. Doctors aren't Petit-bourgoise just because they can earn a good wage.
The trifecta
God forbid.

Actually if anything the fact they're not even making a good living from it would strengthen the case that it's a Sisyphean waste of time that just drags down the quality of discourse. But then, who needs discourse when you can jack it?

If you're the model for the furry left, I wholeheartedly encourage you to inquire about membership of the aut-right.

Getting Jones and others to hate on them means more will come here, alienated by the right

are you sure Alex hasn't already roasted furries? seems like something he would have already ranted about

Couldn't find anything online about him roasting them. It sounding like something he'd do is exactly why it's a good idea.

So who wants to try and convince normal pol of this theory?

So you're saying anybody who tries to make money from drawings is petit-bourgeois?

That shit makes no sense. The artist themselves is the means of production, because the entire thing they produce of value comes from their own skill. It is not in any way comparable to a guy who just inherited his dad's stock portfolio.

I think you're just upset about that one artist who you sucked up to enough that you felt confident about asking about your super cool spunk picture idea, and when they were all "nah fam you have to pay me 20$" you got asshurt.

Should we call in to one of the talkshows on that list from earlier?

This reads like one giant non-argument and the pther guy is right, working for yourself doesn't make you pet-bourg, you only become that way if you exploit other people by hiring employees rather than working at a co-op. And that's not to say co-ops are socialism, but that co-ops doesn't have exploitation by a capitalist. You're a faggot.

You're not too far off I think. I had an artist friend getting stalked by this one autist and when he was finally told to fuck off and that she wouldn't draw his sona for free he fell into an autistic rage and went around to everyone he could find telling them she was a liar, murderer, rapist, dog-killer, worse-than-hitler character assassination. I love the artwork but goddamn this fandom can house some the most cancerous people since the Sanic fandom.

So is it worth it then to pull this off? It will at least deal wiwth the alt right part of the fandom

well if aut-reich starts hating furries that might alienate them enough to become lefties, and since they play so high on the muh free speech thing then seeing them betrayed will either cause them to cuck themselves or ditch the aut-reich altogether, if the general mass of peoples become intolerant to the furries. I know I shouldn't be steeped into IDpol if that's even what's going on, but as a furfag (and egoist) I feel I must tend to my flock (pun), and let's be honest these people are seriously autistic, and I am no exception, they need a wake up call: These nazifags are NOT our friends. Never have been, never will be. Worst invasion of entryist faggots since ayncraps. I'm all for this, and you have my support.

completely unrelated to the argument, where do i get more of those chick tract parodies? i'm laughing my ass off

Perfect. You gonna help spread this then?

I only have like one other, but
Is this really necessary? The tracts are funny enough as they are.


thanks this shit is great :)

Make comics great again

Welcome. You might be able to find an archive with his stuff, because they're not going to be published anymore; Jack Chick died last year. Press [F] to pay respects.

you might enjoy this: fuckoffjesus.tumblr.com/

i feel that this chastity belt for altarboys is definitely someone's fetish tho.

Oh shit, I am genuinely sad about that. You know, I first found my way to 4chan way back when everyone was shooping funny shit into his tracts. Old dude eventually got it all taken down by throwing lawsuits around. Still, I am going to miss him.

despite his crazy ass shit he was definitely a good cartoonist, people thought he was Robert Crumb in disguise for a while, even.

I must confess I've looked at the tealeaves and I have little faith in this plan.

No, because the issue with commissions is rarely copyright. That's not rent seeking. Patreon Paywalling would be.

I would never pay money for art. First, because I could just bug /trash/ if I really cared, second on a point of principle, third because I'm a jew, and fourth because I have little-to-nothing to do with the furry fandom beyond bemoaning what a shitshow it is. Oh, and fifth because I'm incredibly paranoid and would never give paypal details to a pervert when I still want to do something with my life and don't need it appearing in the fucking sun.

Even sole proprietors invariably side with the reactionaries in the end.
I'm actually just keeping this going because you gave me something to play off, since the ERR is amazing. I'd have thought "outside of Delaware" would've made it clear I was being partly tongue in cheek to make the general point about money destroying communities, but then autists never have been good at detecting that - have they spergio? :^)


Can we please get back on topic?

I sent this out.

Yeah, there's a lot of Holla Forumsyps peaking around here for this exact reason.
If you have an idea like OP then casually make a convincing thread about it on Holla Forums. Make sure to throw out racial slurs and tie the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧(Spooky scary jews🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧) into it somehow. Otherwise the hive mind will be alerted immediately.
If you need any help then go to the bunker.

It may be a little too close to obvious satire, but they still might be gullible enough to buy it. Throw in some silly anecdote about how a furry corrupted your children, and I think it will fly.

That's a big supposition.

This doesn't exist but I want it to.

I established it so it does now :^) also i made a spelling error

also hi res logo

Patreon Paywalling isn't even copyright though, shitskin.

It wouldn't make a difference if it was behind a paywall or not, in the case of copyrighten artwork owned by the bourgeoisie because if you start doing things the copyright holder doesn't like he sends his league of lawyers after your ass regardless. He doesn't need a paywall system to make money and rent seek. This is what the literal definition of a petit-bourgeois artist actually would be. Except in today's world this takes the form of giant corporate 'art' sell-outs like Disney.

Some furfaggot scrapping together even 1-2k a month drawing dog dicks by paywalling isn't even a concern to me, because there is absolutely no way he can afford a legal team to hunt down people doing stuff with their precious spunk drawings. It's the actual motherfuckers who have commodified the art market and turned it into a complete wreck, like the giant media companies, or the gallery owners who literally have all just turned their art galleries into money laundering farms for the bourgeoisie through tax codes that I am concerned with.

You're having an autistic spergfit over the weather going up a few degrees while your fucking house is burning down you retard.

You mean like retards sending C&Ds to yiff.party :^)
He can get cowardly internet providers to terminate webhosting.

No, I'm having fun with furfags like you who're actually invested in the argument. In particular, rallying to the defence of artists rather than just taking the point about the impact of money on culture.

🤔 It's truly a mystery how an entire fandom can be so insufferable. 🤔


Most roses are insufferable too. Still a better ratio of sufferability than self-identified furries.

Why go after low hanging fruit?

fox and the grapes

that doesnt even make sense in this context

I mean you're clearly a furry if you're visiting places like yiff.party so I'd say you're pretty personally invested in this.

It doesn't matter to me one way or the other what happens to such a site. Establishing Communism means liberating all artists to do whatever drawings they want to, without having to commodify their own work to make up for lost time that they could have been spending wage-slaving, but they only have to do it for people who ask nicely enough after that point.

Talking about furries never fails to start a sissy slap fight.

That's fine though, as long as we still make this work

allow me to demonstrate

I thought I made clear initially that I'm an atrocity tourist. I dipped into that because silly people went and doxed themselves. Sadly nothing fun really came of it. The only real investment I have is a vague desire for novel communities, and even that's essentially an overhang from the past.

Any interest in hypothesising on better internet communities has been displaced with fascination at how profoundly unlikable people are, though. So that's dead.

Aesop's Fables

yiff.party was started to siphon the artworks of many many artists on Patreon, and not just furry ones apparently. I mean it doesn't surprise me that when you go fucking with that many people's income, when they don't make that much to begin with, that you get backlash and they decide to all band together to try and collectively stop you.

This really fits the idea of an artist's guild or co-op working in their own interests against Capitalism if anything. Unless you're going to try and hold that anybody who tries to do any labor for money under Capitalism is doing something unethical, which isn't the case. The workers are not to be blamed for taking a wage, but the bourgeoisie who exploit their conditions to maximize profits.

Not really. Bypassing paywalls is the anti-capitalist thing in this case. Paywalling isn't wage-labour, it's an attempt to extract revenue without providing anything additional, or I mean to put it clearly: rent-seeking behaviour. Commissions are more arguably wage labour, but only relevant to the cultural point.

And I'll truncate that cultural point down to: Furries would rather pay someone to draw for them than learn to draw, flipping the advantage from the interesting to the wealthy. Now, you can blame capitalism structurally for bringing this scenario about, but furries as a community have this problem far worse than many others. (I mean as an ad-hoc example, modding seems to have eschewed it. People just make shit.), in bourgeois-econ terms: Artists don't suffer the negative externalities of taking commissions, the wider community does.

Or I mean, in pog form.

It's not rent-seeking because the act of consuming art is looking at it. Artists who make something for you to look at know that what you want to do is look at the art, so they limit your ability to do that on the basis of making you pay for it so they can recoup the opportunity cost of having spent time making the art in the first place. The value of the artist's labor isn't contained in the actual drawing. Marx literally explains this in chapter 1 of Das Kapital. A coat made from linens is still just a bunch of folded up linens, but what makes it useful is what makes it valuable, and that's why the labor of the worker, who turned it from a bunch of useless cloth, into a coat that someone can use to keep warm, is made up in it.

Your definition of commissions as a commodity are actually no closer to the definition of wage labour under your argument than of the rent-seeking paywalling you keep whining about, because again, the consumption of the commission for the purposes of who bought the image is to view it or display it under their specific intentions.

I mean are you saying that when someone sells a canvas painting to a museum they are rent-seeking because they already made the painting and trying to make money by not just giving it away for free for everyone to see is some how bourgeois? You're basically attacking workers for making money for producing stuff that people want under Capitalism, which is exactly what they're supposed to do. You're not any more anti-capitalist than someone who lifts shit just because they don't feel like paying for it.

I get you want free stuff, who doesn't? But just be honest about it.

leveraging copyright for money is rent-seeking, simple as.
May be petit-bourg. I don't see much productive discussion happening on labouring over that point.
It's not rent-seeking, however. It's selling a single product.

Rent-seeking would be more analogous to being the owner of the museum. Or more accurately, taking a previously free museum and making it paid-access.
My point here has always been about culture, not capitalism. The problem is the impact of money on a localised community, and the particularly negative effect on this singular community compared to a variety of other communities.
Actually strictly speaking my issue isn't with wanting free stuff. My issue here is the impact of anyone paying for stuff. You buying me free shit still has localised negative externalities.

But I don't expect that my point will be taken. Go ahead, explain how Marx actually had something to say about the definition of the word "externalities"

it won't work, though. people already tried to seed it on Holla Forums and they knew about this thread.

I'm sure there's other places to send it then. Any ideas? Besides, even Holla Forums has a rather short memory, it's likely not all of them even saw it. And out of the ones who did, at least one believed it's an actual conspiracy and we were shills

If nobody pays for anything in a market, how do the laborers who produce the goods in that market continue to make a living? Answer: They don't. They just stop producing those things and move elsewhere.

You aren't going to fix the commercialization of creative markets and fandoms by just crushing all the money out of it, while still doing Capitalism. You fix it by giving everybody a standard way of meeting their minimum living essentials and letting things sort out from there. That's precisely what Communism aims to accomplish.

Then let them. I'd rather a tiny fandom to a profitable one.
Works for modding my preferred games. :^)

As you can infer from the flag, I prefer finding ways to stave off my own suicide under capitalism than thinking about a system that will arrive when I've got dementia, if I'm lucky.

Video games are the biggest market based on creativity that fucking exists dude. Why are you okay with the record profits of Bethesda, but some big-titty modder making 5 bucks on his mods bothers you so much?


Limited community interaction on the part of corporations. Direct community interaction on the part of modders.
I mean this should be obvious shit. You immediately create a 2-3 tier community if you slap a pricetag on a mod. You've got those that can pay, those that can pirate, and those that can get fucked. Inequality and hierarchy are bad.
Though you'll note my key phrase was my preferred games so it's more than entirely possible that I exclusively play free ones.

You are the dumbest person I've ever encountered on this board.

If you don't like being at the bottom of the mod community hierarchy, stop being such a shit modder and lrn2mod. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and rise to the top. But I suspect you're the sort of person who has always been at the bottom of the list when it comes to anything in life because you're such an entitled cunt.

There is no mod community hierarchy where I frequent. Even the seemingly obvious creator/consumer divide is near null.

Glad I've upset you though. :)

To be fair, they didn't willingly give up their information, Cloudfare actually sent yiff.party the artists' private information when they sent their complaint emails.

Well if anything in this case, it's the museums, or in this case paytreon, that's encouraging rent-seeking by proving the basis on which people to host their art for pay. Museums for example didn't create the art but they reap the money that is paid for by customers because they own the means of art (so to speak) in this case, and since they have a monopoly (you can't see this particular piece of art anywhere else, and if you do, it's a shitty knockoff)

Just because something doesn't affact you personally doesn't mean it doesn't exist, dude. That's like saying there's no world hunger because I had cereal this morning.

I'm willing to bet that there was a tiny disclaimer that any sane person should've hunted for before throwing their real names and details onto the internet.
I mean, it certainly facilitates it. I think there were some arguments a while ago about whether or not outright paywalling was a misuse of the system, but they certainly don't stop it. (For what it's worth if you're going to fund something, Patreon without paywalls is undoubtedly the ideal way to do it. Or depending on the circumstances, kickstarter.)
It does when we're talking about a localised community. "There is no hunger in my village" would be a valid statement if the objection is to being around the hungry, or to the hierarchy of fed and unfed, as a practical matter rather than one of principle.

Fine then, well enough. Here, you can have this:

(includes with post he later deleted): archive.is/OP38U

average paytreon cuck tbh

fuck I meant to quote this guy



Nah man. We're still using this to push a fake conspiracy theory, they just want to use it too. We need to send in more emails and stuff

By this argument then programmers who sell their software online are also bourgs.

It's also ignoring that most artists don't paywall, they get one payment for a commission and then post it up.

This is literally just criticism of division of labor and how it relates to capitalism. I could make the same fucking argument that people should learn to all make their own anime, or fuck, grow all their own food and make their own cars and homes and electronics instead of paying someone to do it for them. You stupid fuck. I hope you catch a molotov.

Reminder that Nazifurs are the most hated fur group, including babyfurs.

why are ancoms consistently the worst posters?
you're no fun.

gee i don't know maybe it's because when anyone who makes any money off of any level of property ownership is a bourg, it means literally every person who has a bank account is a bourg and there's suddenly billions of bourgies and almost nobody in the working class.

Should make it easy to get more people on board then.

Jesus fucking Christ it's like BBC Autism 24. You can call in all night and he'll never get the message.

There was an earlier posted list of other places to message too.

Oh thank God. You know what they say about communities which pretend to be retarded.

Anyway, for whatever it's worth it, the 3-arrow symbol belonged to the SPD, and it was anti-communist too.


Why does anybody need it to be part of a Jewish plot to want to wipe out furries?

50th Split of the FoxTrot movement is a US plot to inject our children with gay Foxinism

tfw this is actually an attempt to lure furries into communism and communists into furries.

What the fuck is this timeline?

to b8 the conseratives

Kek. Send that in


This might possibly be the dumbest idea on leftypol, OP. Somehow Alex is going to run with a story because a handful of people emailed him about it? And when he looks into it he'll find nothing except the memes the furcoms made and, eventually, this thread. This isn't the start of a conspiracy false flag, it's a way for furries to gain acceptance in communism and vice versa.

The furfag menace must be stopped. Hide you kids, hide yo wife, they out here raping everyone.

We also need to make posts on conservative sites to spread it

This they will eat it up. Also, another word of advice I would give is to find as many ties between any famous furries/the furry community in general and anyone in power even if the ties are lose because that tends to make right wing conspiracy nuts swallow it up quickly with little to no thought.

Well Pizzagate managed to get reported after it started becoming popular so if we can pull off a convincing connect the dots puzzle and get it to gain momentum we could get him to report it without even thinking about it.


Can we please try to remember that furries are fucking people and not tools to be used?

We already had a chemical attack on us a few years ago just for fucking existing.


people are tools to be used.


Thank you for reminding us that SuckDems aren't even people.

I mean, I want to be genuine with you here: Are you a Redditor?
It's okay, you can tell me. I promise not to laugh or make derisory reference to it later. I'm genuinely curious.

No. I'm just tired of your cancer on this board.

My point was more around your response to the idea (responding as an offended furry) than the whining about SocDems.

Though you didn't include enough threats involving bayonets to fit in on the anti-socdem front either.

Good idea


More than likely


I assure you that nothing was needed to convince furries of this. They've known forever that right-wingers hate them. It goes as far back as the days of something awful when Lowtax started the "great furry purge" and herded furries into "concentration camps" all across the boards.


did you photoshop some of these?

Those are pretty impressive if so

You would think that wouldn't you but there's a worrying rise is reactionary furries (for example try looking at /fur/) who are essentially trying to revive the burned furs shit to absolve their own shame about being furries.

8ch.net doesn’t show up on a google search only 8ch.pl And I don’t think there’s a thread about this on 8ch.pl

Excuse you, I am from /fur/, and we are in no way trying to revive burned furs. We are trying to push Holla Forumsshitters off our board but one of our cuck mods is being a prick. Also some tryhard redditor is going around bringing up Holla Forums in every thread, I think it's a false flag.

This will help get rid of the pol ones

My thinking exactly

I'm on /fur/ as well but the alt furs are rampant and yeah clearly the mods favour them.


worst part of that picture is playing Munchkin

I think it'll work

Hah, didn't notice that

Good resemblance. I wonder if they'll get it

lol you forgot to quote, faggot.

Find anything?

self-loathing furries have been a thing for literal decades at this point. alt-furries whinging about fun are just the new "burned furs" - they'll either spin out of the subculture and move on or jump back in with renewed horny and a new persona like every other time in the last 25 years that the "we're not like that" goons have reached critical mass


Good to know.

This'll help get rid of the Holla Forums ones at least



Because why not?

So let me get this straight, this 270 post-long thread is to try and convince some retard that the left are furfags so he'd rant on his show… by actually posting furfaggotry with leftist regalia? AND YOU DON'T THINK THIS IS GOING TO BACKFIRE?

Was gonna send it to him too, and post the theory on right wing boards, but yeah, basically

Fetishizing commodities.
not commodifying fetishes.

Almost surprising it took someone this long to catch that.

I saw it and thought about it but then thought if wasn't worth the effort, antifurs are just irredeemable autists.

So… any progression ?

The target audience are right wingers.
Some furries. Some not.
Non-furries would become hostile towards furry members inside their group.
Furries would become more vilified and will leave.
Divide and conquer basically.


fetish art is in itself a commodity.

That's why I support communism, so now my favorite artists will have more time to draw my fetishes rather than begrudgingly being commissioned by the same shitter over and over again who gets the worst art with the worst OC Donut Steel because he has the most autismbux to waste.


That's not wrong

They likely wont find this


I really do want to see Alex Jones to have a go at this. It'd be glorious.

don't shill in our fucking discord you fucking loser faggot

Quick, I need someone to find a connection to Soros to trick some right wing folks

Lets make some posts claiming to believe it, to help fuel the fire on this

Why am I not surprised?

Military strategy


Of course a montserrat college student would do this.

delete this, yourself, and your life.

not true, put animal farm in the authortarian left reee

stay mad faggot

Anarchist Gang

We need to make sure to seed this theory in normal/pol/ and other places.

Not an argument

Send it to both 8ch and 4ch Holla Forums.

Tried r/the donald, didn't catch on there

Try pol now I guess?

Soviet Furs
Hey, thanks for coming!

This so much this FOR FUCKS SAKE!

Outa all a da flavours ina da world you hada to a choosa salt

4chan/pol/ here, We have eyes on you, judeo bolsheviks

Furfags Weabbos and Horse fuckers belong in the plank

Thats OK, so long as you are naughty Goyim and spread this theory.

Did the furry touch you? Show me on the doll where he touched you, billy…

I'm guessing right about…here


New OC just droppin


If this works I shall kek for an eternity

Any further ideas on where to spread it?


Is there any way we could get stormfront or Breitbart on this?


Checking in

Do you think this'll help then?

Night Witches

Fitting ref. Now we just need to convince folks that this means y'all are "no good commies" or whatever. Seems like it'll work

Then, they'll talk about this, and more will come over here. And we'll get to laugh at a ridiculous rant. Win/win

“Sorry!It totally slipped my mind!”

Beneath the starlight of the heavens
Unlikely heroes in the skies
(Witches to attack! Witches coming back!)
As they appear on the horizon
The wind will whisper when the night witches come
Wings of glory!
Tell their story!
Stealth perfected!
(Sabaton - Night Witches)

Sabaton is awesome



It's true though.

hot new furcom mae on the scene (not by me)

somehow this thread has just turned into someone's deviantart dump for all their weird furcom porn

Yeah, y'all need to get back on topic. Need to start spreading this, not just posting "relevant images."

Political commissar

Seriously, we have enough of those. More than enough. Now lets start trying to get some conservatard on this, make them think it's an actual story to report on.

What if we furcoms want a topic tho. You can use this one for your silly conspiracy shit and we can camp out in this one too.

bake your own bread and post your animuwaifus there then you weird faggot

If you want to use this thread too, that's fine, but at least try to contribute to its original goals.

Well the way I see it, posting furcom gang shit gives you more material anyways, right?

Might make another one tomorrow, anyone got suggestions?

I was thinking Raine Dog to start with, maybe the typical 'crying soviet fox'.

While it does give more material, it seems like that's all we're posting now. We should be sure to post this on conservative boards and stuff too to convince them of it.



We don't mind you posting here, just try and do more than post pics. Send in some emails, post this theory on r/conservative, something. If we just post pics this won't work. And please, screencap said efforts.

take your meds Barney


Not Holla Forums, as convincing them to rant on something stupid like this is gonna pull more people over here.

The idea, from what I have seen here, is that something so outlandish would discredit the right. The idea that something so detached from politics could be dragged into this is absurd, wildly absurd, especially considering that we could do the exact same thing with plenty of the rightwing furry shit out there. We just happen to be doing it first.






what a stupid fucking thread, shut the fuck up nigger, just look at at all the furfaggotry you conjured up, in an ideal world you would get like a month of labor for this pointless masturbatory waste of space

But the payoff if we actually could convince Alex Jones furries were a GLOBALIST MENACE would be beautiful. Isn't that worth the faggotry?

you wont bruh, dont underestimate jonestown hes not a stupid man and knows exactly what he is doing, if it doesnt help to widen his audience or sell penis pills hes not gonna run with it


stay away from my dog faggot

I know where you are coming from. I was just as desperate out of inceldom. Heck, I even considered having sex with a dog cadaver that died outside my window but sadly the janitor threw it away before I could go out and get it at night.
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Don't feel constrained to wait for her next season for sex. Between heats, she will still be receptive to sex, but you may find she is a bit tighter. You will probably have difficulty inserting your penis fully into her. Don't force it; you don't ever want to hurt her, betraying her trust in you. Dogs aren't built for missionary style. If you try that be prepared for frustration. It is hard from what I heard to enter them from that angle.

Definetly worth it if it works.

jesus fucking christ you actually are a dog fucker, is this a copypasta? I was just trying to insult your fucked up fetish but nope you actually rape dogs

i cant fucking read all this, feels like I should report this to someone or something, this is why furfaggotry is cancer

yeah i'm pretty sure that barely related dogfucker blog post was a pasta dude

god i hope so, im still convinced furfags should be kept far away from pets

haha fag. Advice: next time take the first sentence of the post and google it to see if it matches any posts.

That's the thing though, if we convince him people actually believe this, then he will think it widens his audience, and will thus report on it

Here's some good "evidence" to add to the stuff we send in. I think we can make this work.

Support Marxist-Furryism from attacks!


(is this topic working already?)

Works perfect as evidence, as both were democrats.

That's the same person, just different articles.

FurCom is worldwide

Could work. Share it as more evidence.

Has anyone made anymore posts to push this theory?

Tried launching it on normie pol a day ago. A few believed it.

Sounds right to me

Oh, whoops

If this works… Maximum keks will be achived.

Have any of you tried making socks on the infowars forum or comment section or whatever? If nothing else it will establish a foothold in their community for future ruses. And it'll increase shill paranoia, which is always fun.



Good idea. Comment sections are a good place to spread this.


An attempt was made. Real talk tho, comment sections are a good place to spread this. We should seed this to the news articles about that one mayoror whatever.


yet another alt-fur topic stays up on /fur/ despite the 'no politics' rule.


Monroe is a great soviet and top tier prole.

Sounds like a good idea. Lets find some comment sections to put it on

Maybe start on that article about that mayor or whatever?


Sounds good to me.

Your new home
We often come here

Er….Alex Jones doesn't go for the "Zionism" "irrelevant shiting" stuff dude, he's more like Ayn Rand mixed with believing in UFOs and the Illuminati more than anything else.

This is basically going to read like "hello fellow skater dudes" the email.

I don't know, he's ranted about some pretty far out stuff before. Besides, we can always try Breitbart and stuff too if it doesn't catch on to there.



infowars. com/modern-media-is-psychological-warfare-against-american-people/

This thread has potential. Furrydom is obviously part of the problem.

And forum.prisonplanet. com/ has a Dehumanization section.


It's unstoppable



That's because you can't stop weaponized autism

Mao Zedong


round shoulders

The kitty hissed at your dog.

He likes the new chew toys. He plays with it for hours!

Most of those aren't even"furry". They're just pre-08 lolcats.


this isn't furry. please stop

We have enough furry pictures. Maybe lets get on to the actual point of the thread now.


Yeah it's time to spread this. Put it on comment sections and shit. Spread it on pol. Put it everywhere where someone might believe it.


can we get someone to call in to one of these talk shows?

yeah, that'd be awesome. Common, we need some Americans willing to call

I'm impressed that this is still going.

Tranny here, we ARE mentally ill, don't get it twisted

Love you, cumrade.

I love you too

Low-key this is the best idea Leftypol has had this year.

do it instead of spamming furry porn

Could use that skype feature for calls if you're worried about using your phone.

Good idea, could even pay with bing rewards or something for no cost.

Which ones? It's pointless trying to call in to TCR or etc.

sorry, mr fox is a very monologuey kind of character so I didn't know how to get the point across with any less text

I don't know. There's an awful lot of them out there. Any ideas anons?


Try to link this sex ring to John Podesta in order to make the chances of this idea spread even farther. If you can try to find times when John Podesta was around the Harrisburg region and try to use that as "evidence" of his involvement. Remember the "evidence" doesn't have to be extremely compelling and that even the weakest links will be believed without thought. archive.is/tsKlg







can this thread just die already pls

Hahahaha, do you not see the fact that what you are saying is true? Do you not know or read of communist tactics, particularly during the cold war?


I'd be willing to call into one of those shows if a few other anons do it too.

which one and when?

Good idea mate!