What is the pickle rick of leftism?

What is the pickle rick of leftism?

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This thread. The retarded gimp the newfags rolled out for no discernible reason.

Creating threads this fucking dumb should be a bannable offense.


You need to go back.

Is rick and morty post-modern?

South Park already did this with Towlie. R&M is derivative shallow garbage.


that image is pure autism
it's just a stupid cartoon

This is probably the most >>>1511405 worthy thread up right now
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Holla Forums doesn't know shit about television so why would the opinion of a pedophile matter to me?

But it's still true.

Shut up socdem. The new season sucks but imageboards and their opinions have sucked for far longer.

prove it.

The image is well-written and analyses the show in a fairly good way.

Imageboards are fine as long as Holla Forumstards don't show up.

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Where's the poll that would prove the majority of reddit likes it or that every undergraduate who's read his first camus novel would act exactly like rick?

Like you were around for before Holla Forumstards were a thing and like that scenario is possible now. Neck yourself trendy faggot.

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How is a request for facts Holla Forums related?


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This is where I'd say contrarianism, but I've had no interest in the show since the beginning.

a thread dies for this. kill yourself shill OP.

how else is he supposed to develop an opinion about it if he doesn't watch it?


if by this you mean Chapo Trap House, 100%

So is this image implying Reddit is just a more corporate-friendly Holla Forums?

This bad girl right here

Do you understand where you are?

You are, of course, free to seek company with better opinions.

I don't even care about the show or whatever, it's just amazing how self-unaware you guys are.

Influence on 4chan

This. Fuck off to >>>/leftyb/ with this bullshit.

This person watched this show with a really weird perspective, and from my point of view his criticisms fail to attack anything I like about the show and most of his anger seems like he wanted the show to be different than it was.
1.) I see no problem with pop culture references. They are human people doing human things in an infinite amount of universe apart from our own, it's grounding and often surreal how "fantastical" sci-if elements we've almost came to accept as boring are (to steal a line) Disneybucks in an interdimensional universe, yet pop culture is never really replicated in other worlds. As in they have lots of advanced tech, but they don't get Rick's random references and jokes. He days they are signaling creativity they don't have, but they repeatedly and consistently turn themes around and use them differently.
ooh boy that's spicy. Stupid atheists >:^(.
Rick's nihilism is repeatedly challenged through-out the series, and even if it was the main point of the show, they didn't actually put an argument for how the view point falls flat. They just made an off handed "haha hrs only read Camus". Rick is a genius scientist who crumbles under the weight of his own near-limitless ability, not a philospher, and the show has made no claims to that yet.
3.)The toilet humor is a small part of the show. The criticism of Mr. Poopy Butthole is probably the worst however. The reason he's called "Mr. Poopy Butthole" is that he is retroactively added into a show during an invasion by mind altering parasites with ridiculous and implausible features such as, you know, being called Mr. Poopy Butthole. They cover this up with changing the memories of other species while they multiply. It's not just Mr. Poppy Butthole for the shock, it's an actual point of the plot, and if he had a normal name, he wouldn't be so out of place like the other parasites, missing the entire point of the episode. I agree people spamming quotes are pretty annoying, but name a show where people don't repeatedly associate themselves with it as an identity. Bonus points if you have memorabilia from a show you like, mull on that for a bit.
The violence isn't supposed to be shocking like you say it is, if it was there would be more emphasis on it as "gross". The "gore" (sic) is shown as pools of red and some vaguely meaty items, I've never once seen it as shocking, except for the Vindicators episode with the vent (wasn't even really gory), but I enjoyed the scene for how silly the overkill was, it showed how deadly Rick's traps were. "It ain't no game sucka". Just to quote some more lines to itch your spot.
5.) Can't really criticize this. I think it is supposed to be surreal, as in really obvious this is marketing, but people latched on to it. I don't like the Scezhuan stuff at all. I think it blew up due to a lot of factors, and they couldn't really pass up on all the publicity.
6.)Don't even go to reddit except for the stuff they steal from boards, and the Rick and Morty subreddit there sucks. Edge lords who want Rick to be a faggot and so on.

This is dead on. Rick and Morty fans are insufferable consumerists that think they're smart.


I like Rick and Morty but this new season is fucking trash. I watched Pickle Rick and I was shocked to go online and find out that people actually liked it. It was like an entire episode of that unfunny chicken fight gag from Family Guy. I didn't laugh once.

Yeah the criticism of Mr. Poopy Butthole is studpid because it's almost done ironically. He's only called that to set up the gag that he's actually real and not one of the fake manifestations of the space parasites.

Why do people even like rick and morty? Its not even good

I like Rick and Morty
But watch Renegade Angel instead tbh
Especially the squatopia episode

but isn't valorizing being smart a good thing

wow they had me fooled completely

Every time I read an anti-Rick and Morty thread, I always find out that most people have actually completely misinterpreted most of the scenes they're criticizing.
I wonder how many series, pieces of music and books I have dismissed in the same way.

not when "being smart" is just being nihilistic+stupid

sage goes in the email field

Shame, shame on you all.
Someone needs to do this for Rick and Morty.