ITT: A Summery Of This Week's Holla Forums Victories

An L for Holla Forums is a W for Holla Forums and boy did they sure shit the bed this week.

Let's post all the highlights of all the recent alt-rightardation that we're lucky enough to have witnessed and hope Holla Forums never grows self-aware!

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Stefan Molyneux: LOST AN ARGUMENT to NOAM CHOMSKY (happened long ago but still worth a mention)

Please get a hold of yourself, thoses are Holla Forums's defeat but thoses are not enough to qualify as victories for us.
It's fun to laugh at Holla Forums but all that spectacular bullshit won't make socialism progress.

Stickman: Arrested
Rebel Media: Cruise ship confrence cancelled
Harmful Opinions: Banned from Twitter
Chris Cantwell: Cried like a bitch on camera and was banned from okcupid for being a nazi
This is not the alt-right's week

Contribute or sage.

The defeat of the alt-right is the worst thing could ever happen to us. There is no fucking victory here. We didn't eliminated the cultural MARKSIM meme, we didn't spread class consciousness. The alt right has been defeated over idpol. There's no such thing as victory now when the only thing we passivley proved is "Right idpol is worse than left idpol".
We were backed by the true fascist in the congress and in the goverment and we favored beating some thugs LARPers over doing something serious and uniting the prole. They are detroying us. Now when someone will propose something that is not idpol it will be called alt-left. This means another 20 years of sam harris and people like him who no matter how much they spout class traitor venom, they will accepted as the good guys as long as they appeal to those sweet liberal ideals
Pyrrhic victory at most.

We have Angstreich bullying Academic Agent to death.

What's wrong with HO though? Last I saw he was bullying the skeptic community for being paid advertisers.

We dunno if he's been permanently blinded yet, but it's a definite that his eyes ain't never gonna be quite the same again.

Well that's a start.

Then why not embrace the term? If all the left stands for is idpol, then we should be alt-left standing for class issues. It worked for the right, why would it not work for us?

You're just an eternally butthurt anti-antifa poster that never makes a decent argument for your positions.


Good point.

pick one

I ain't reading that. This thread's here for us to take the piss outta Holla Forumsflakes, not wax dialectical over why we can't afford to laugh every once in a while. *Rolls eyes*

How's that not an argoument?

That's the problem. We are not an extreme left, we are the true left. They can't rebrand us

But its the same thing.

tankies get the bullet too


But we are extreme, what we want differs extremely to what we have now. The true left is the left wing of capital, we are the fringes seeking to destroy it

It's not an argument, it's pure opinion, speculation and fellow leftypol tier phrases with no context or reasoning.

It's too late to try to distance yourselves from those aut-right autists.
You invited and embraced them during the last year's election, now they are an indistinguishable part of Holla Forums.
Get fucked, nigger.

Holla Forums hates the alt-right

So much for redbulling the normies of facebook with their dank epic funny accessible maymays.

bullshit, now Holla Forums is saying that the never support the alt-right just because their movement is shit

Harmful Opinions shits on the skeptical community a lot, this was more a loss than a gain

Ahia. No it's not dumb motherfucker. Just look at this board. Since the Cville incident is full of newfag liberal redditors who think that being against antifa, liberal ideals, Hilary and idpol is Holla Forumsintelpro

Like this one

You are totally free to do that, but be conscious. Also it's not like we are not making fun of the since cville. The game is fun when is brief

What the fuck are you talking about?

That has nothing to do with what you're talking about though, are you mentally challenged?

At each happening Newfags come in, whether it's an opportunity or a plague is up to you nigger. Make good arguments and make them stop being newfags.
Agitate educate organize remember?

All he does is fucking whine about it, he's been here two months so he's now effectively a newfag encouraging other newfags to behave like him. This is how quality really declines.

Now you see you are one nasty mother fucker.
You got the guts to say something like
When I made a post complaing about the fact that all this alt right drama will make the left even more idpol/liberal oriented. I took this board as an example and you said that I'm retarded. And I make good fucking argouments tbh, I try to pour a bit of reason in thread like this by making good posts while fags like you that are liberal apoligists can only say that I'm from Holla Forums. Don't say that you don't do that motherfucker because you started posting in the cville thread and since than you are calling me a Holla Forumstard

I'm pretty much the only person telling these people to fuck off back to reddit and yes I am also calling you out for being Holla Forums since you're most active defending them. This shit happens every time some major event happens, and board quality drops through the floor in random a cycle of weeks/months. You cannot convert ideologues, you have to isolate them.

You don't isolate them by punching them or giving them attention. Look at richard spencer.
Yes, I am because I stand with the working class and I think that there are bigger evils right now than few racist rednecks. Not all them are Holla Forums and a lot of them have been brainwashed by Holla Forums. And yeah I think that this hollow extremism is a neo-liberal implant that exist just to create even more class division. You have to understand that a lot of those white supremacist don't even fucking know what's the economic theory behind fascism. They are not a risk and by giving them solid platforms attacking them people are giving them ammo. "I'm going to protest a free speech protest" how does that sound? LARPing is stupid from both parts.

Looks like Sargon is running to defend Blind Milk

The system is doing all it can to rebuild the middle by crumbling the far right.
Once the far right crumbles everyone will go back middle and far left loses out.

Undialectical as fuck, nigga.


Except it hasn’t. The alt-right has no power and there leaders are blind. If you think that’s victory you’re retarted. And to ll the people saying Trump/Bannon/Russia/🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 is alt-right they aren’t if you think they are you clearly don’t know what the word alt-right means.

Laser Eye surgery is really useful and if Baked Alaska gets it he could have normal eyesight or even better in no time. Whatever the fee is he can crowdfund it.

oh its you again.

This is a minor setback for the AltRight but you don't understand what this has actually done to them.

Maybe 1/4th have left but the rest are radicalizing and going underground. They view the aftermath of their censorship and the media coming against them as vindication and disillusionment of working within the system.

Rebel Media going down in flames also eliminates a less radical group from soaking up the membership.

At least they can find solace in the fact that they're not Athony Burch.

Did I miss anything else?

I'd love to help them, with a shovel.

Oh hey, before going to the darknet, Daily Stormer registered a .RU domain but was banned after a few hours kek

please don't forget that the same guys who are hosting ISIS's chatrooms are denying service to stormfags. can we convince Holla Forums already that capitalism a shit, or do they find another excuse again?

you mean white alt-left victory.

Stormer looked to have resumed a semblance of normal service again, last I checked. Is .lol down now?

It seems so.

for me the only thing that Holla Forums could count as victory would be this fucker losing his channel.

how could you forget when comrade Varg started being /ourguy/ ?

this week has been more filled with goodness than any for a long time. may it please continue

tell me more


Not even an other excuse, but the same they always use: The Jews did it.

All these "victories" belong to liberals, we haven't accomplished shit.

Most detailed wrap-up of the week so far. Nice one, comrade.

This. Y'all getting too worked up over the spectacle our neoliberal overlords have served up for us. I know it can be fun for a while, but if you take a longer view, this is likely to result in one wing of leftism being absorbed by the liberals in a "unite against fascism" movement, while the more radical wing gets suppressed once they tread on too many normie toes.
Notice how at the same time as these victories were being won, actual workers voted for their continued exploitation in the Nissan-unionization debacle. That's the actual state of class consciousness right there.

Stop rolling your eyes and get back to reading Capital.

the alt-right must fear the alt-left.

hello Holla Forums


Idpol is cancer for all. Misled hatred can and will be redirected.

this, if anything it's better for their stupidity to fester for longer so we could have a potential shift to the left

Tippity Top kek

Another to add to the list:

Bye Paul Joseph. We hardly knew ye.

I especially like how at 1:32 he runs into the fact that he's getting screwed over by the private ownership of the means of his production, but he fails of course to put two and two together. He tries to get out of it by declaring Google "a monopoly". Meaning what, they should be broken up by the government? There aren't hundreds of other sites he could post his shitty vids on? Then he says "At this point, Google is the internet" as if he thinks the internet is supposed to be some kind of public commons that's been taken over by the "monopoly" of Google. It's like watching someone starting to get it, but then stopping short before cognitive dissonance sets in.

David Duke was removed from twitter.

wow really makes you think

fuck off back to >>>Holla Forums


Most Americans now know what the "alt-right" is and consider it a violent hate group/the same as nazis. Holla Forums's whole entry into the mainstream backfired. Can't imagine what their rebranding will be this time.

Holla Forums got ridiculously BTFO in Boston. They were outnumbered 1000:1 and the socialist contingent alone had over 1,000 people in it.

The "alt-left" name manufactured by Clintonite liberals backfired in their face. Can't use it any longer. Berniebro narrative got wrecked more today considering all of the berniebros who died/go injured showing up against racism.

Antifa is getting serious consideration and attention from mainstream outlets like CNN.

Holla Forums literally has nothing to do other than create conspiracy theories in their defense.

I love how lefty pol likes to make fun of the right wingers because of the way they look, but don't see anything funny about these people. 70% women 20% emaciated man 10% look like they'd be useful in a fight, but you still go on and on about "bashing the fash".
90% of "The Fash" are rednecks with guns. Encouraging political violence isn't in your favor. It is right now because the liberals see you as a non threat and support you, but should that change you'll be fucked.
Don't even bother calling me Holla Forums, I'm not. I just tell it like it is.



Is that supposed to be some sort of counter argument?

Yea bash the fash!

Your perma-bootyblasted status is showing, Holla Forums

Nice to see you retards are as ignorant as every other lefty on history and current events.

The crowd is literally just a large and average/diverse group of people. All those socialist groups are for non-violent mass movements. Antifa does the violent direct action for the left, and they are plenty good at bashing the fash.

Complete non argument.

Stop false-flagging, Holla Forums. Or at least get better at it.

It's not a counter argument, it's saying fuck you because you're an idiot.

Go back to your cuckshed please

I can pull up endless anecdotal evidence too, Holla Forums

Ok so if political violence is normalized, the left would have the upper hand? Is that your opinion?

Friendly reminder that you were outnumbered 1,000:1 yesterday.

The only thing that can save the right from leftist political violence is the police.

Look, I can play this game, too!

Polite sage because I'm responding to a worthless non-contributing post with a worthless non-contributing post.

"I" wasn't outnumbered. I hate America with a passion, and rejoice your infighting. I hope you all kill yourselves and rid the world of your filthy existence.

Yea sure

Have fun with your delusions. The rednecks have been shining their guns and practicing their aim for the last 10 years, waiting for a chance to kill you.
When your porky overlords eventually sic them on you, you'll be crying for your moma's.

The important part of this is the 'end racism'
the socialist imagery is more tied to 'end racism' and all that than to the economic bits. thats just details and edge. it wont matter that much to anyone who doesn't already believe it.

go away Holla Forums

Literally every violent protest turns into the police protecting the right from the left. Are you dense?

lol your freaky anger just confirms you are Holla Forums


That's a PR thing. I've the "unite the right" people started shooting their guns, guess who would have had a bigger body count.

All i'm saying is, if you want to fight in a war, buy a gun and learn how to use it. Form a militia with like minded people and get ready for a war.
But you can't (because your liberal city overlords won't let you), or won't because you're a lifestylist crypto liberal who want to live a comfortable life™ , and "bash the fash™ " with sticks and trow balloons full of piss every couple of months to feel better for being complicit in a capitalist system.
Vote Hillary and "bash the fash™" and continue checking muh privilege.

Unironically this. American antifascism can't look like European because americans right wingers actually all own guns and are willing to use them. The reason European antifascism works is because it's actually possible for leftist orgs here to be more organized/capable in violence than nazi groups. Just food for thought


Gee i wonder why you're not angry? Living in the U.S empire, enjoying the fruits of oppressing half the world. Probably middle class, college educated.
But it's ok cause you like black people, and shitpost on /r/politics.
I hate your fucking guts. Yes i'm mad.


Cucks getting fired:

>Cole White was fired "voluntarily resigned" from libertarian hot dog shop in Berkeley wew lad
>Johny Ramondetta a.k.a. Johnny Monoxide, owner of The Right Stuff, was fired from his electrician job

In related news, the @YesYoureRacist guy who was doxing fashies also wrongly accused several people. And after being banned, was unbanned a few days later because Twitter. Now he's retweeting pedophile Kurt Eichenwald of all people.

Still up, sadly.

You mean Discord?

The mother of all "not true capitalism" excuses.

I approve. Tarring and feathering needs to be brought back.

Not to be an autist but Kek really is doing its work
Chaos gods have no mercy towards anyone

If this is true then Trump didn't win the rust belt, you should probably let someone know so /ourgal/ can take power.

In the end classcucks are part of the proletariat as long as they're willing to not be classcucks or keep their retarded spooks to themselves.
By the way gif related.

I only see the kind of random violence that will finally make antifa an official terrorist group in USA AND Europe as Merkel already asked for after the G20 protests

The funniest thing is, in the polarization of society, this is what makes people to get away from the left so this is more of a pol AND leftypol defeat than republicans

As legit as every poll they did before


Honestly, it won't make any difference to our political prospects.

butthurt trump niggas don't understand statistics and can't face reality. surprise


it was preddy good

Antifa to be declared a terrorist group

Merkel proposed it in Germany and now it'll be discussed in USA

And people like me who understand "commies are worst than nazis" since you are the fucking retards who keep doing terrorist acts

ban me for saying it, is still the truth

i know how you think reality works, and is not like that, you retard

Things like this are the reason why i like that fat bitch got rolled over, it's only fair.

By the way, do you understad you complete retard that means most people in USA has high incomes since Trump won?

You would be proving capitalism as a succesful sistem with that poll. Your hater ass should stop and think before posting media propaganda

What a shock.

I'm sure this has come up a bunch of times every day forever on this board, but:

Los Angeles Jewish Community Center shooting
Sikh Temple Shooting
Overland Park Jewish Community Center shooting
Charleston Church Shooting
Portland Train murders

etc. doesn't really come across as somehow more innocent than vandalism and street brawling. Since you don't seem to live in America, you might not know this, but over here neo-Nazis also engage in vandalism and violence even when they aren't shooting people, sending threats, or ramming their cars into people.

Trump received three million fewer votes than Clinton. Not that she wasn't a shill, but it's hard to overlook a detail like that.

again, trumptards don't understand statistics and can't face reality.

voting population ≠ total population. exit polls are supposed to reflect the voting population, not the general population. Almost half the country doesn't vote, and lower income brackets tend to abstain more than higher ones.

Also, Trump did not win the most votes. Clinton did. He won the office with fewer votes because of the electoral college.