How can we stop the racists from winning?

My proposition is implementing Autism Level testing. Racists as we all know are backwoods low Autism Level retards so if we do this it will obviously prevent them from voting.

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Nobody here takes Autism Level seriously

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sorry I'm fairly new here. I didn't Realize EyeQ was filtered to say autism. Anyone have other ideas?

you have to go back

Everyone knows the racists have the lowest Autism Level. Why else wouldn't they be up to our current stage of enlightenment? They are just holding our brothers down. Why the hell are you guys being mean?(user was COINTEL/pol/)

But that would prevent spics and niggers from voting too.

still worth it tbqh

You might wanna try to figure out which terms are word-filtered before posting shitty bait, Holla Forums.

Sorry I only recently found out. I've been mainly on FB and twitter trying to out these racists in Charlottesville and I just had enough. I figured I'd try here.

Nazis are alienated and scared little manchildren, but they aren't necessarily stupid.

No one is falling for it.

M8 most of them aré at léast willfully ignorant

What the hell do you suggest then? A bunch of dummies obviously elected trump. Educated people voted against him. That tells me I'm onto something, or is there something else I'm not thinking of?

everyone can tell you're Holla Forums falseflagging as a liberal stereotype thinking you don't stick out like a sore thumb

Jokes aside, it's the sort of question that every political group seeks to answer, isn't it? How to bar the undesirables from participating in the political process while keeping up the appearance of liberty.

I'm extremely autistic so that won'd stob me :DDD :D D


that's mostly going to attack the working class overall, left and right. what you're promoting is stricter elitist class rule that can afford education.

voting Trump has nothing to do with neo-Nazis, you liberal

put the capitalists and their lapdogs in the gulag, take their political rights, full democracy only for workers broadening their education so they can scoop from their full potential in making choices while also creating a high level of computerization and automatisation for basic questions. when there's no class rule the individual can stand for itself and the whole of a society.

Still needs the whole "keeping up the appearance of liberty" thing. Not to mention condemning a class to the gulag implies the society is still class-based.

it's not class based, but you gotta deal with remnants of the old. unless you're implying total physical anihilation for the next time.
there is no need to keep up an appearance when you openly exclude the bourgeoise opposition.

Well then, let's assume then that gulagging the bougies doesn't mean the society has classes. During "generation zero", the one that made the revolution, gulagging these people might meet no opposition at all (assuming you're not gulagging innocents as well), and you're safe from reactionaries for a while.

However, much to our chagrin, the bastards keep on being born. The USSR tried to stamp out reactionarism with lifelong education and propaganda, and it still didn't work. Party cadres themselves went through an even more stringent process, being groomed since they were kids to make sure they would be faithful gommies. Needless to say, none of this worked, and the Party, being the only outlet for political activity, was stuffed to the brim with opportunists and reactionaries who scattered to the four winds as soon as they were done destroying socialism.

Since it's apparently impossible to keep reactionaries from appearing (maybe there's some unavoidable psycho-social roles being filled here or something), how do we keep them from fucking everything up? Keep gulags forever?