How related is leftypol to r/fullcommunism and r/communism?

How related is leftypol to r/fullcommunism and r/communism?

I literally got told to "go intersectional or go home" and got banned for posting a comic against idpol in communism

so the faggots literally roleplaying as stalinists are still all about the neoliberal idpol

how the fuck is there any chance for communism at this point? god damn it


Holla Forums is the primary opposition to fullcommunism/r/socialism/latestagecapitalism faggotry on the internet.
We're also the largest English speaking socialist forum on the internet, so I would say we are winning.

That can't be true unless you don't count all the idpol liberals who call themselves "socialists."

how do you clasify those faggots?
they seem to pretend they're different than liberals

Or count the thousands of dead accounts on meme sites.

All the subreddits are a lot slower than here and revleft is dead.

All leftist subreddits are tankie havens.

They hate us openly for mocking their stupid liberal theory of "materialist intersectionality."

not really. more like DSA Bernie-voter heavens

Don't fucking make fun of reddit because of this. It's days that I'm taking anti idpol/liberal positisions on this and I get called a fucking nazi on here. Especially hoocie min

Reddit culture is different from chan culture, upvotes make it so most people focus their attention on a small number of very popular posts, whereas on Holla Forums people are more spread out, giving the illusion of a larger community.

They hate us and we hate them.

We actually do have a larger community though.

no we average much higher posts per hour and much higher active users. our community is larger.

Wow, this image actually got 274 upvotes under the title "This is sadly true".

r/socialism is run by rape apoligist Trots, r/fullcommunism is run by sjw tankies, r/anarchism is run by sjw anarchists, the rest are run by faggots. There is no good socialists on reddit.

You're being called a nazi because you support alienating millions of niggers, spics, kikes, faggots, dykes, trannies, and people who don't hate those groups to appeal to a few thousand reactionaries who want to kill communists. If you're not a nazi you're just an idiot.

More posters, fewer lurkers, most likely

Intersectionality is not wrong in theory. It recognizes that there are dimensions of oppression experienced by specific groups that can be used as a platform to further solidarity. If a black worker is killed by the police for reaching for his driver's license in a traffic stop (something that doesn't happen to whites with the same frequency), mobilization against police racism by all groups in the service of one (blacks) can be used to forge bonds and establish a unified front. The next time another group is victimized, they know they can rely on black leaders' support in their own mobilization.

What we should reject is the cynical way in which intersectional language has been twisted to erase any discussion of class struggle.

I doubt it considering 4chan's lurker statistics.

That's not intersectionality. That's solidarity.

It's too easy to escalate this kind of rhetoric into non productive bullshit

r/chapotraphouse and r/latestagecapitalism exist, but I would hardly call them good.

Could it be worth trying to create a subreddit of our own? Call it r/classwarfare or something. I don't particularly like Reddit but like it or not it's a pretty important website and if every leftist subreddit is shit it looks bad.

Intersectionality has no theoretical basis. It's just a bunch of neoliberal nonsense that is produced exclusively by America universities. The fact that it was created by the professional academic class should be a huge red flag for any genuine leftist.

Also consider we post everything on Holla Forums, from memes to theory (occasionally), whereas on reddit the leftwing subreddits are more split up (e.g. FULLCOMMUNISM for memes, socialism for "serious" posts, etc.)

I support destroying idpol. I could make the same argoument about liberals at this point.

Solidarity is the goal of intersectionality.

On Holla Forums it's sometimes controversial to say something like "there are issues that women face that exist independently of class" because it's assumed to be inherently liberal and erasure of class struggle, when it's really just calling for unity on another front.

I agree. But we're smart people here and can usually smell it when somebody's trying to poison the well.

i kind of liked /r/fullcommunism for about 10 minutes when i found stuff like pic related

then it turned out they're really weird and not in a good way.

No, reddit is a lost cause and it will be far too much effort to upkeep than it would be worth.

You support destroying idpol by sucking up to white nationalist idpol.

Probably deserved it tbh.

I mean 99% of people that are total plebs will end up destroying the socialist cause by obsessing over this horseshit

as is happening now

That's where you're wrong, liberal.

We have already created r/TheOldLeft, r/leftypolitics and r/leftypol. They didn't go anywhere.

Yeah, because we very fucking specifically told you not to do it.

I disagree. We're a long way out from those Occupy days. Its shortcomings weren't necessarily identity politics-related as much as they were rooted in the American new left's love affair with lifestyle anarchism.

We've got much better praxis now. The fact that socialism can be seamlessly integrated with high-visibility black and women's movements is only a good thing. Solidarity doesn't mean capitulation. People who would be liberals otherwise are listening up. Shit's moving.

It's to be expected to a certain extent because the board was created in part to show that leftists weren't all blue-haired landwhales. But some people use "idpol" as a boogeyman to avoid any attempts to broaden socialism's appeal to other races or sexes.

the soviet union was multiracial
china isn't white

communim appeals to people without degenerating into modern leftist identity bullshit

Not giving attention to them and educating them is not sucking.

And the Soviet Union also made appeals to what you'd deem "idpol" today.

people call maoism idpol on this board guy, its gotten out of hand


Socialism is about economics, opposite class interests under capitalism and the conflict which arises therefrom. Racism is just a way to divert attention from this conflict, and should be unmasked as such in order to create solidarity across class lines, not validated as an essential dispute in its own right which calls for some sort of ephemeral culture war.

That's because most of the shitty idpol we see nowadays arose from Maoist movements.

t. hasn't read Marx

What I deem idpol is thinking that nazism means "Fuck black people" and not considering that you are doing something wrong when mitt romney supprots you. LARPing thugs are not nazis, Neoliberals imperialist that destroy unions that right now are in your goverment are. Guess what, you ain't doing shit about them, they even got your back


I addressed your strawman in my very first post:

Intersectionality is a liberal theory made in the 90's by a liberal. It doesn't see society as a class society, but instead as this thing where there a lot of oppreshuns and it's bad. It focuses on individual narratives so it's basically post-modernist bullshit. I don't see why should we try to redwash it.

Nope it was rabid liberal bullshit since day one.
0 theoretical basis

couldn't agree more. it's been co-opted by pacifists who don't know why they should disagree with something besides it being "rayciss" or "sexist" as if that's all life should be all about.
I think it's due to a severe lack of philosophical education.

Leftcoms gonna leftcom

and the fact lower races usually don't have proper abstract thought capabilities to comprehend communist class struggle

not only does that have nothing to do with what I said, but it in fact ironically displays a severe lack of philosophical education and abstract thought

a race with 70iq average isn't going to be able to comprehend philosophical education like you say people lack nowadays

*a person with low Autism Level
if a nigger has 110 Autism Level and his race's average is 70 the latter information doesn't mean jack shit.

It better not be.

Green is not Red. I get month-longs bans here for not giving priority to Socialism over ecology. This is rabidly pro-Green and only slightly pink-ish board.



And yet that faggotry is rampant here.

Only because we've taken on a load of fucking retards in the last six months that can't BTFO them.

unfortunately it seems that the delicate balance of ironic shitposting and facetious falling for bait is crumbling in the face of an influx of bona fide retards.

Kek, no we've just always had a high number of complete autists.

Why would someone be a socialist but not in favor of protecting the environment? I understand how someone might not like liberal tax-based responses to climate change for their repercussions on already struggling first-world workers, but the idea of reaching socialism but continuing to wreck the environment seems weird to me. Seems like it would require being either for the continuation of consumerism or against massive infrastructure projects to actually get off the oil habit, either of which doesn't seem leftist.

It's like the whole immigration issue; in both cases, there's a problem, liberals want to do something stupid that appears to address the problem, right-wingers use this as proof that "the left" doesn't give a shit about that clique of workers, and liberals use the right-wingers' words as proof that that clique of workers are reactionary scum that the left should abandon. The proper response is not to pretend the problem doesn't exist or doesn't need solving, but to find a solution that will actually fix it without dividing the working class or materially harming any sector of it.

I forgot to mention that accepting the liberal solution to the problem for the sake of virtue signaling that the problem does indeed exist isn't a proper response either.

what's wrong with that?


The only relation that would exist is all the people here who either left or were banned from there.
No real overlap really. Even people like catgirldrawgirl got banned just for admitting she posted on leftypol.

Isn't this the utterly atrocious shithole that bans anyone not in their circlejerk when they reach the front page, and has recently been taken over by the niggerfaggots from the r/soc clique?

Yes. That's the place.

Fighting some ephemeral non-entity is a colossal waste of effort. Let me know when they actually mobilize against the police.

How does tumblr factor into this?

…contrary to the rest of le reddit?

Tumblr is liberals.

Posting gifs of your mom getting plowed.

No, even by plebbit standards.

tbh its hard to tell bait from real stupidity, we are on 8ch after all and our neighbours are literal nazis and ancaps
sometimes I just take the bait on purpose to make a point

you seem pretty cucky compared to tumblr commies to be honest. The aversion to here intersectionality is fairly limpwristed, they do incorporate class into the analysis. You simply repeat their works and claim to incorporate while ignoring the actual work, for example "The Invisible Knapsack".

how are you intimidated by tumblr?

Who the fuck do you think you are? I'm a transracial transgender obese cherokee aboriginal australian woman, and you need to fucking apologize right now. Think twice before you talk again.

You dense newfag, they started this idpol cancer.


Opinion of cops is at an all time low even among normies now. Compared to 5 years ago it's night and day. And BLM deserves the credit for that.

good for you

no, intersectionality is far older than tumblr. It was dumbed down and spread more effectively that way though

you're the fuckers who repost their go-to articles when you're trying to educate people, outside of spaming pre-1950's books


we need more trans black people in video games

Yet it's easier to find actual articles and debates about global capitalism on some random tumblr blog than on leftypol. You shitpost, they triggerpost and redirect people to more socialist content than you do


my spooks are the only thing that keep me a moderately happy man, please go away.

No, cops deserve the credit for that.

Accidently sent that early
Not an argument.

nope, lurker

Not too much older. It was a 90s phenomenon.


bunkerchan master race tbh

Funny, no matter what movement it is, heterosexual white men or at least spaniards are the most pragmatic ones

Intersectionality denies the existence of the universal struggle (the class struggle) in favour of a multitude of particular struggles that together makes the while. It is ailen to class struggle and thus the communist movement. It also focuses on standpoint theory, which is ideealist nonsense for obvious reasons.

/r/chapotraphouse is like, mostly leftypol crossposters

No it doesn't. You're taking cynical liberal rhetoric at face value.
Complementary fronts that feed into class struggle != frivolous fronts that ignore class struggle

The problem with LSC is that they frequently make the front page, only to ban anyone who wants to engage in civilized debate. They just make the left look bad.

the point of intersectionality is that things intersect class.

i actually think this is ownage. fuck off with your reactionary debates. you get to see leftist propaganda, and if you want to debate it, go debate it somewhere else.

Intersectionality as a word has been coopted though, we should make a point to just quit trying to cut our words down and explain actual intersectionality every time we have to, rather than pointing to it. It will take us tops a couple of minutes more on a bad day.

intersectionality holds that class is just one of many forms of oppression which inevitably means downplaying class struggle as secondary or not as important

This is the new interpretation of it, as I said in the waters have been muddied so much we should disown the term, but not the original concept.

That's not actually what it is about, but it doesn't surprise me people think this with how liberals have misused the term.

What else do you want the comment section to be used for? Just circlejerking?
Language is made for fucking discussion, we'd be misusing it if we do not engage in it.

To expand since obviously it's pointless saying that it's one thing when people perceive it as another, I think it largely boils down to a language trick and liberal trendyism.
Old intersectionality: The point at which all oppression intersects is class
New intersectionality: All sections of society must be represented fairly at all levels

Nothing is independent of class.

This old intersectionality is still revisionist shit. Class is class. You unite on class basis because you want your class to control society. Not because you are interested in getting rid of a myriad other oppressions that just happen to intersect at class.

Moving away from class struggle for its own sake towards class struggle for the sake of ending racism and sexism was a mistake.

How are these two posts in conflict?

It is only that they tend to be less likely to have gotten involved in socialism as a means to advance the interests of "their people."

Probably because orthodox marxist political praxis and theory doesn't work 100 percent in the context of America, faggot. The writings of some slav or german writing specifically about the conditions of their day should not be followed as the word of God, and as such, the most successful leftist American movements (including the radical portions of the labor movement) have employed intersectional politics in great effect to mobilize the disjointed american proletariat into a single cohesive force. Notably, BLM. Stop with the LARPing.

kek, my bad. Meant to say the Black Panther Party

All far-left subreddits are administered by liberal idpol LARPers.

Does communism have any hope?


The Black Panthers were fucking maoist. The radical labor movements like the IWW were not intersectional either. They were universalist.

Universalist? What the fuck does that even mean?

The BPP was intersectional as hell. The radical portions of the labor movement was also basically intersectional based on how they organized minorities. Both of these things demonstrate how intersectionality is not inherently liberal but a legitimate way to analyze how class society affects a multitude of other identities and relationships. It's only bad when it's liberal, and it's definitely not always liberal.

There was no "intersectionality" before the 80s, and it only came into vogue in the 90s.

Dude just STFU and read a book, god damn. The BPP were Marxists and the cancer that is "intersectionality" didn't exist yet.

How can you call them frivolous when everyone has the right to narrate? All this focus on the individual, but the moment someone doesn't identify with these supposed muh privileges, it all goes out the window.

Also, if everything intersects, you're just restating the obvious when it comes to the base super structure model. We already knew this before Crenshaw spewed her nonsense. The reason ideological racism exist is because of class. Even the racism of a mad man is molded by the material conditions he lives and that his class provides. This racism that lives in a vacuum without class does not exist.

imagine my surprise

redditors are undialectic

This getting dumb.
If anything that proves intersectionality at best is painting legs on a snake, and at worst a tool of neoliberalism.

Holla Forums could save us if we weren't bombarded by Holla Forums on a daily basis.

Except all the things that they claim intersect class, are normally just a function of class society. It's almost as if class is the base, and the rest is superstructure.
Isn't that strange?

I am immediately reminded of Francis E. Dec Esq.. He seemed fairly level-headed until he got disbarred and found himself in forced jobless poverty, isolated, alone in this low deadly niggertown old house.


Its really not very funny.

I mean, "funny" is subjective, but I can see how the circumstances are also sad.