It's come to my attention that there is a large amount of posters on this board in desperate need of despooking.

Use this thread to post anti-nationalist lit.

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Basically a history of nations and the concept of Nationalism in Europe, how it was shaped and how the two main views of nation (civic vs ethnocultural) came into existence.

It also insists that Nation helped a lot in developing the country and how Nationalism was supposed dead right before the Yugoslavian war exploded. If you ignore Nationalism, it comes back with a vengeance. 178 11 10

Bookchin - Nationalism and the national quesiton

Tiens! Je cherchais ce livre. Tu l'aurais pas en pdf par hasard?


Je l'ai en copie physique mais sur libgen il n'est que en italien hélas :(


corollary: some of the ironic "LMAO SPOOK" shitposters could also turn off their computer for a while and actually read TEAHO,

links for those who haven't yet



A monarchist and an autocrat. Are you trying to give argument for the opposition ?


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Bouteflika was an ally of anti imperialist Arab leaders

why is the alt left so retarded

why is the alt right so retarded?

there is absolutely fucking nothing wrong with Asserism

if races are real and you're speaking from the position of pure genetics, please quickly explain to me why Obama is considered the first black president and not yet another white one.


localist-internationalist synthesis is the way to go. It's also nice having local cultures and even traditions. too many 'egoists' seem like apologists for the hyper atomised consumer wasteland. It's funny how these so called 'egoists' are in fact extremely concerned with the most intimate thoughts of other people. normative egoism is kinda self defeating and paradoxical as fuck. Stirner wasn't for forcibly abolishing all muh spooks either. abstract concepts are not the enemy, but tools we use to navigate the world, the material world, a world of action and activity. read Marx' ''The German Ideology' a shitpost polemic against Saint Max, the young hegelians, and the pomo semantic wankers that followed them.

nationalism persists because people feel alienated from themselves and their surroundings, the imaginary community of the nation is a poor substitute for the organic communites liquidated by capitalism. The left should strive to rebuild the organic community. there is a long process of reconstruction ahead of us. we need to go beyond both collectivism and atomised individualism, which are actually just two sides of the same coin under capitalism.

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"spooks" are the only spook

but organic communities are yet more nationalistic, xenophobic as fuck, big dettached cities give the individual the possibility to scape the judging eye of small tight-knit communities and live more freely

we can have both and maybe even abolish the distinction among the two. If you go around telling people everything their identity and everything value is a muh evil spook you aren't gonna get them on your side. and we moderns have the 'judging eye' of social media to worry about. freedom isn't really freedom if there is only one sanctioned way to be free. The people who talk about abolishing gender, the family etc. in pursuit of optimum sociological freedom never explain how they are going to achieve it, sounds implausible and probably authoritarian.

Not a "race realist", I'm a AnarcCom, just gonna inb4 so I don't get retarded replies but race is, to race realist, a cluster of phenotypic traits. So Obama is "Black", only because he expresses "black phenotypic traits", but if you cluster him using GTAS then he's "mixed race".

he's literally half black half white though. 50% melanin looking blacker than 0% means that race realism not a shit? wew.

wait im on your side, i think nationalism is healthy

nationalism, is deeply linked with the state and thus unhealthy, but we shouldn't impose a single belief system on everyone. and yes, 'egoism' is a belief system.

Of course race realism is shit - they side step GTAS and circle jerk thinking that all "Whites" are the same and that race is real. Race is shit. But I think you misunderstood what I'm saying: there's two (2) parts to race, social and genetic. Genetically he's mixed, but socially he's Black. Yes, I know it's retarded - but this is how Holla Forums sees it and that's what I'm saying.

i think even the critique of nationalism is nationalism, its meta-nationalism

I think we might be in a violent agreement obscured by our ironic shitposting, to be somewhat honest.

Unironic Nazbols have always been cancer.

Yes we are.

U need to learn about spiritual race. Read Spengler and Yockey.

Asserites aren't Nazbols and in fact, aren't theoretically racist, $trasser even had written in 1928 that the treatment of Jews was unacceptable

He does advocates turbocolonialism and considers Bolsheviks a "peril" (though not the Mongol invasion of Goebbels), though.