Boston "Free Speech" Rally thread
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Seriously, what's the point in protesting a bunch of libertarians in Boston?

Do you honestly think this is about "free speech"?

So is anyone else unironically a total free speech absolutist? The "Left" has a serious image problem when it comes to free speech rn tbh desu fam

Show me a single shred of evidence that the rally called the "Free Speech Rally" isn't a bout free speech. It doesn't matter who's attending it, unless you can prove that it isn't actually about Free Speech, the protestors will be throwing away all the goodwill we won in Charlottesville.

It's making me think we have a serious amount of actual retards on are side. Protesting a Free Speech Rally is possibly the dumbest move you could make right now.

American shouldn't post this much and antifa is worst than the neo nazi for us.
It's days that I'm saying it but I'll repeat it.

Just saw Antifa beat the shit out of a woman for holding an American flag, Jesus Christ.

the people organizing it are alt-right trump supporters who want to abolish free speech.

They did have several neonazi/fascist speakers before cville, but then they were dropped



Name those people. Also, Alt-Right does not equal your average Trump supporter.

lolwut. I find that hard to believe.

We'd be speaking german today if Hitler had called his rallies "free speech rallies" instead of "nuremberg rallies" mark my words folks


It was on the Fox stream.

That doesn't make any sense.


Nazis BTFO!

Its really a liberal rally through and through, from the looks of it. Only reason I considered going was to try and meet leftists and shit, but I'm glad I didn't. I'm good with going to a liberal idpol party

Uh guys

Antifa belong in the trash smh

how much of antifa are actual agent provocateurs?

You guys should stop with this shit.
You treat racism like it's some disease at birth, like some people are born with it. I'm sorry but it's non that simple. There are material conditions behind the problem that are completly ignored, in favor of naive liberalism. You should go there and educate the people. Try to convice them to protest the real causes behind racism.
You giving ammo to the right, and the neo liberals. Prole vs Prole.
immigrants are cheaper. I read that in england there was this factory that wanted only polish immigrants. The union fought hard and the factory assumed english workes.
Neither the polaks or the brits are at fault imho. Still immigration is the greatest tool of the neo-liberal fascist. That's imho the greatest flaw of this anti-racism, antifa and liberals protest: they are literally protecting the neo-liberals interest. By this im not saying that the neo nazis are the true revolutionaries here, they are misguided angry prole, not the enemy, not the big bad guys. Antifa can go on and beat the shit out of these guys while the, true fascists are supporting them. And this is valid for europe and usa. Guys, remeber that fascim is not racism. That's part of the rethoric yeah, but in truth fascism is hypercapilasm. Never forget them. We lost the workers over this shit about immigration, even corbyn knows and spoke about this
Obviously people called him racist, but truth is that corbyn by not selling guns to the saudis will do more than sweden to help this poor souls. If we want to help them we have to be in the conditions. We are not right now. If the left in europe and in america dropped this bullshit about wanting more immigrants we'd be golden.
I don't want europe to be another america, stand against immigration because is the tool of porky, do not stand against the immigrant that is porky's victim.
By supporting antifa and silencing this people you are defending Neo-liberalist fascism. Antifa, liberals, people who buy into the fascist scare, people who go there to beat this people are tools of the real fascists.
Idpol is cancer, left or right. If you really are antifascist protest your goverment, not the misguided proles

From this angle it doesn't look so bad. Maybe she was screaming "nigger" or something.

I'm guessing here there's bound to be at least 12

i-i only want to express my opinion guys
yeah it's about killing and inequality but you're not against freedom of speech are you?

Of course it is, no class consciousness will gained by anyone who is part of this.

Antifa doesn't sell meth.

It's literally a basic bitch Free Speech, MUH AMERICA rally, you absolute mongoloid.


There's such a thing as context.

Hoocie, go fuck yourself liberal dyke. blacks in baltimore sell crack and skag. Is this your argoument?

Hoocie why you are not on r/socialism? You'd like it there


this is "violence"?
dumb ameriflakes


They don't organize the same way white nationalists do.

Why aren't you on fucking rev-left? This is an image board, I have my freedom of speech :v)

it's :^) not :v) fucking retard

It's worked in the past? Don't break it if you don't need to fix it.

All these fucking race baiting idiots need to be curbed down a notch before we can actually talk about class.

It looks like the guy tried to pull the flag out of her hand, she cased him, and she either ran into him or tripped lmao
Flagcucks deserve worse

Are you Holla Forums trying to make us look stupid?



So do rednecks fatty

I agree, but you don't curb this assholes by beating them, you curb them by not taking the bait, whore

I saw a different angle in a livestream where he turned around and hit her in the face, hopefully no one saved that. Guy was a fucking idiot.


irrelevent to modern politics because they were never half as numerous as neo-nazis and aren't the ones organizing mass rallies today
It's not a formal organization you can join and they aren't even black nationalists, most of them are liberals who want police reform.

Kill yourself.

Never heard them associated with drugs the same way the Aryan Nation and the Hell's Angels, or what once were these groups, are associated with drugs.

A legitimate problem, but again, I don't think they're associated with drugs. Especially being religious, though that's never stopped anyone.

Something hyped up by people on image boards about police brutality being biased against African Americans.

fascism has always been about the spectacle. the american left is an enthusiastic participant in the spectacle of fascism. Fascism is inherent to the capitalist system, a feature, not a bug. You can't punch it away like your hero 'captain america'. In fact, this might only contribute to the production of generalised fascism. What is the endgame for american anti fascists? universal condemnation of 'right wing' views? their banishment from respectable liberal institutions such as colleges, corporations, media and government, the same capitalist institutions that produce fascism? The protestant voluntarist conception of 'fascism' as an essentially moral evil that exists separate from material conditions is bad strategy. Many on the american left believe 'moral righteousness' is enough to secure victory. But moral righteousness is deeply subjective, half of the country voted for Trump.

Death to AmeriKKKa

There's no way anyone on Holla Forums is actually this stupid. Fuck off, Holla Forums

Caning worked in the past.


Why are you not on Holla Forums? You'd like it there

Just shut up. Best we can do is ignore this moment.

Please tell me this is not in Boston.

Have we seen the same video?

It is lol

I was explaining why these groups aren't associated with "crack", as if it's somehow come back, the same way the Aryan Nation etc. is associated with meth.

How is this stupid, exactly? White Nationalists have a history of drug use, an off handed comment I made about it is now a full fledged argument.

Why the fuck is he walking around with an axe at a fucking free speech rally?

Apparently all the lolbertarians and Nazis just left. There was only like 30 of them. Lol.

If yoy buy into the accelerationism meme yes

Right, I made good fucking post and this dyke cunt responded with greentext. If you have a problem with my slurs you really belong on r/socialism we got not trigger filter here newfag liberal cocksucker


If they wanted a "free speech rally" and nothing else, they really chose poor fucking timing to make it this close to another rally of significant notice to the American public

Nice try Holla Forums

If only people had come out like this during Occupy maybe our country would be in a better place right now.

Provide Proof that this isn't a Free Speech rally!

Good prole, vote hilary.

How is that a good post, retard? Fuck off back to Holla Forums with your nazi bullshit

fuck off racist shit

The caning was a joke. I'm neutral on this, I'm not willing to put my back on reactionaries and protesting to 'protect the first amendment" as if it even needs protecting and isn't biased as hell towards different groups at different times, contexts.

My point was that these racial idpolers are going to use this rally like they've used all others in the past, and that whatever violence comes this way is the American public putting two and two together. And I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, because it's showing they might want to talk about class issues more than just race or having some rally over something as vague and arbitrary as a "free speech rally", which I think is just a cover.

And I really don't appreciate being called a dyke cunt. That's incredibly rude of you.

What the fuck did he mean by this?

K e k, go back to your cuckshed.

>>>Holla Forums

go back

WEW. We pro idpol now

It is, but absolutist freedom of speech is ridiculous and is usually only eclectically supported to push a particular agenda

they have confederate flags

This is literally all of them. Lmao. 100 people vs. the entire city of Boston.

Holla Forums BTFO yet again.

The only idpol here is you.

Associating white nationalists with people who come to a free speech rally bathed in the context of the past week, with the past week, is actually a good thing.

How the public receives white nationalists is becoming less and less receptive, as someone they know is a woman or another race, etc etc. When push comes to shove they'll feel violent in response.

And that's good because it gives everyone leeway to talk about class issues instead of talking about race as we have in the more recent past.

It's a ways away but I don't think it's out of the question wanting these people gone is a good thing.

Nazis just lefty the rally. Its over already. they lost bigly to overwhelming odds.

Ah yes, truly America on the verge of a civil war….why does this always get hyped so much

They all left.

the structure they were standing in is emptying out now as they simply sulk back home lol. What a bunch of losers.

Haha what a fucking joke of a protest.

Can't wait for the nazi element to get doxxed

Why the fuck don't they just put on masks? Then again, that would identify them in the crowd more easily.

Chuds gonna chud


now we just sit back and wait for the polyps to start spamming here about how we got btfo because of this one carefully edited video they found of the protesters.

wow what a fucking strategist you are

can't wait to see the winners of the genetic lottery who were dumb enough to go shame themselves in front of an entire city- no, the entire fucking world, over a fear of black dicks.

dawg those were conservatives at best. Seriously liberal af to go around claiming every republican is "literally Nazis"

You're shitposting, right?

multiple people were wearing klansman gear and the dumb kahkis and white shirt stuff from the last protest. Why shouldn't they be lumped in with the same people as last time?


The mean Nazis went home why don't you start openly fighting the ZOG Occupied Government controlled police to smash capitalism now :^)

Now's your radical chance :^)

Cernovich, Gavin McInnes and Jack Posobiec were there. They helped organize it. It wasn't about freeze peach.

Are you seriously going to go "well ok we need to subdivide this protest into the differing zoological groups of conservative thought so that we don't offend anybody" when you can just call them retard nazis because the crux of their movement is based on racialist politics.

Because it's an entirely different protest, in a different city, with different people. Are you joking? There were about 50 Trump supporters, and then 15,000 antifa came to stop them. And then the Trump supporters left. Now it's just thousands of antifa marching around the city.

even if you're trolling, it's sad to think that a lot of them will actually think this.

because schizo shit is undialectical

Answer the question. There's 10,000 antifa out there now.

Are they going to crush ZOG Occupied Government capitalism?

Those three people you listed aren't nazis, they're just libertarian losers.

republican is "literally Nazis"

It's hard to tell when the American far right dresses basically the same, when it's going all out the best they can do is khakis and a white polo.

The American far right is a different beast than the European far right, and they would vote for more extreme policy. Especially the suburban elitist element of them, which I have no doubt attended this rally.

I'm not saying they're nazis, I'm saying they're far right and distracting from conversations of class by bringing up Hispanic Immigrants or Blacks, both who are crucial parts of the working class we need to ensnare, and like the past they're very receptive to it.

I'm just saying making a free speech rally by America's right this close to CVille isn't beyond coincidence. They still want to normalize themselves beyond scrutiny to get back on track, and this simply shouldn't be allowed.

The people who organized that protests are not ordinary trump supports. Look them up. They are knee deep in what happened with the last protest.



Do you really think this is a crowd of 10,000 antifa?

They're far right reactionary pieces of shit. I don't give a fuck what you call them. Stop carrying water for them and/or go back to your fucking board.

Can you confirm, because it has been in the news that they canceled
Even still they are alt-light, civic nationalists. They are not Nazis. Not that I am saying they shouldn't be opposed but you are cheapening that word by slandering everybody with it. Completely diluting the true meaning of Nazi. No, not every Trump supporter wants the second coming of Hilter

Are they going to go against the military and the police and the national guard all of a sudden? Probably not, they came there with a specific purpose in mind and that was to protest the far right in America distracting from broader issues they tend to forcefully ignore.

I see 2 antifa in this picture.

On the contrary, associating them with it after CVille can be a powerful tool to erase them. The public is still in anger over those events.

I don't even get what you're trying to imply here. Nobody on Holla Forums or even in Antifa I'm sure, think antifa is going to singlehandedly destroy capitalism.

You chased away flag waving boomers that are not even racist and based black Trump supporters.


based black trump supporters lol you're cute. Can you even speak in anything but memes?

They're fashy pieces of shit. Take off that flag and fuck off, Holla Forums.

Upper Class Suburbanite Conservatives are far more racist than you give them credit. The proximity of this event to the events of the past week should be considered, they could have gone for a later date.

This is all but their fault for putting themselves in this context of being unwilling to speak on class but instead identity based issues as the foundation of their electoral politics.

Can you understand irony and sarcasm?

Why are you all always so fucking boring? I'm going back to Holla Forums where I can have real discussions with spice.

The word you're looking for is "Uncle Tom"

The immigrants from your board are always far more repetitive and far more boring because of it.


Yeah we're sort of counting on it. HEIL VICTORY

Make sure you call an.ti white white people "cucks" too.

If you are going to make a damn joke make sure it is fucking funny- just saying what you believe and being ridiculed for it is not a 'joke' no matter how much you try to mask it as one.


Sincerely held beliefs are not jokes and they make shitty memes.

It doesn't fucking matter. Where did I say I think they should be welcomed with open arms? I'd love to see antifa bash their skulls in.
So you can fuck off back to reddit you fucking liberal. Nazi should be reserved for explicit fucking white supremacists. These ridiculous counterprotests make us look like fucking pro-democrat idpol faggots

*where of course polyp

They're a minority, and even then I don't think they're willing to associate themselves with you in the way you really want them to.

Why? What's deeply triggering and problematic? Racially mixing, why would that make someone a cuck? The word is so meaningless now.

Considering the crowd is primarily made of liberals I don't think we should hasten to claim that they're associated with "us" whatever "us" may be.

And still, I find legitimacy to showing up to overwhelm the crowd of "free speech" warriors who decided to show up in the background of the context of the week. They should be shouted down, them being called nazis is just inevitable.

I mean that because their voices shouldn't be given a platform.

Hey guys I have a reall good joke here its a joke ok

I'm a card carrying member of the republican party of the united states. I support the iraq and afghan wars. I think islam is dangerous and should be stamped out because christianity is super better and gooder then them because reasons. I am afraid of black people and jews and yet I love capitalism and the white christian dominionists who rule over me. I fucking love working for mcdonalds for 7.25 USD an hour and can't wait for them to abolish the minimum wage so I can jerk it to ayn rand more stylishly. also MEMES

haha triggered you leftists scumbags lol FUCK YOU I HATE YOU AAAAA JEWS

*Squeaky dog toy sound*

why Holla Forums always turns out to be actual fucking nazis


I know this is an unpopular view around these parts. As a part of a group that is constantly targeted by white nationalists and their ilk, it feels more like a matter of survival to me. White liberals are so quick to defend nazis "right" to dehumanize us and discuss their desire to carry out "humane genocide". They know that if shit hits the fan they are fine, but when you are actually part of a vulnerable group of people, it sounds less like free speech and more like threats.
The end game of that sort of rhetoric isn't to have a legitimate discussion on free speech but to find a way to normalize the idea of removing or destroying certain groups of people.

That is not how acronyms work.

Fair enough.

TBH I'm just bummed out about this protest. I almost went but had a feeling it was going to be an idpol lovefest. This pic gave me some hope:

but otherwise my fears were largely confirmed.

I think my largest issue is the lack of clear message. If these "freeze peach" faggots showed up and started talking about deporting all blacks, ok fine it makes sense to have BLM leading counterprotests. And I get they've said things along these lines before, but IDK.
Maybe I'm just scared that without an very strong and explicit anti-capitalist/pro-soc/pro-commie presence these rallies are going to hijacked and channeled into some "Kamala Harris 2020" bullshit in the next few years.

This is pretty popular view here dude, only socdems and ultra centrists support the nazis right to hatespeech.

I'm afraid of the same thing, but I'm also completely for letting these people be shouted down to show them that they shouldn't let their more radical tendencies take root.

We could just let them protest, but after the events of CVille things like this were inevitable.

This was held in far too close a proximity to those events, hosted by upper class suburban conservatives. The context is palpable.

These protests have been good recruitment tools for DSA actually considering at the last one the DSA was one of the few groups still standing around waving flags after the car murder thing.

outside of that far left twitter has been using the protests to dunk on centrists and libs far more then usual as the libs came out against the counter protesters consistently enough that deleting their twitter posts wasn't enough to not make them look like morons. the #resistance people look like massive morons to everyone atm.

True thank you for talking me off a cliff.
On the plus side I guess rallies such as this may possibly expose people to more radical leftism and promote unity between the disparate parts of the working class. Its definitely a win overall I would say

And that's another win for us as well. These liberal Hillary twitter people look like absolute shit the past week.

laughed so hard I choked.

Every single Dem and moderate sinner is talking about the ultimate resistance being to stay home and donate to dems and eat cake and shit. It looks really childish and bad. The Chapo Trap House type people of twitter are basically just hunting them like animals right now.

its from durham yesterday

based black trump supporters get the bullet too

which rally?

Is it just me or every time you hear the words "free speech" there's ALWAYS a fucking nazi/racist/aut-righter hiding behind them?

It was an aut-right rally under the auspices of freeze speech. Nice concern trolling though.

And the vast majority of people that showed up aren't dems. They are Berners, DSA, Socialist Alternative, Antifa. BLM and so on.

Yes. It's one of their tactics. A lot of them are going to be trying to clean up their images and hide behind the platitudes of free speech so as to appeal more to normies/the mainstream. There's morons in this thread already falling for it (though they're probably just Holla Forumsyps).

I'd argue that the hysterical liberal bourgeois pseudo-left outrage makes the problem worse

nigga, are you for real? I don't see e-celebs "no-platforming" antifa. I thought Holla Forums were smarter than these ancom faggots.

and it works because the dominant and normie image of the left is an anti-free speech authoritarian one

Isn't Kessler COINTELPRO?

Man, I had no idea there were so many lefties in Boston. Maybe there's hope after all.

Also thank le rational skepticologist community™ for roping in edgy teenagers in droves.

sheeiit now that was a punch, what exactly was the Nazi trying to say?

of course the edgelords talking about sanitation and fun look like that

Yeah dude, have you seen that aerial shit of the city? I know they're not all lefties, but man, talk about the voice of a city saying "FUCK OFF."

aerial shot*

Sage for double post

shit was huge


Are teachers' unions always commie as fuck?

Depends where you are. My mother (history teacher) always told me that most Teachers' Unions have been pretty thoroughly abused by shitty teachers in recent memory. No clue if that's actually true though


Soros shills

yeah boi

Violent rightist scum

Fucking alt left always trying to discredit REAL leftists smh

fuckin' right? All my friends from high school basically used to be plenty libertarian in their social views, but still liking edgy and politically incorrect humour, neither got sucked into idpol drivel nor reactionary idiocy.

Now in their mid-late twenties they'd be easily classified as alt-light classical liberals. I almost feel like an asshole saying it, because they were a big part of my life in those years, but in a way I'm glad I moved away and the relationships shriveled up to what they are now.

Whoops, my shitposting flag is on.

How will Holla Forums ever recover from the past 7 days


nothing wrong with that

you know this is the exact kind of logic that ancaps use for helicopter rides? "I value free speech but communists don't"

What did he mean by this

I'm not an absolutist, but I think disrupting events sometimes just adds fuel to the fire.
I don't see the harm in letting some of these demonstrations burn themselves out. They already look silly af. I do think you should take into account how you are perceived. The normies are entranced by the spectacle, remember. If the media does a good job painting these leftist groups as villains in their eyes, they might just buy it.
But If people are going to be there filling a more proactive role, more power to them.

pretty fucking impressive indeed.
maybe there is hope for 'murica after all

Boston police just said there was 40,000 counter-protestors there and only 40 aut-right dummies. They were outnumbered 1,000:1. Literally 1,000:1.


Boston commune pls

Massachusetts Teachers Union president (madeloni)is also a socialist, heard her speak at Boston DSA event

Trump…welcome to #TheResistance

Socialist Contingent at the march was 1,000+ strong. Socialist Alternative, Boston DSA, Boston ISO, Boston IWW, Boston Socialist Party all building the united front,

that was beautiful

no way it can be real

Sort of odd to see crowds of 90% white people marching about racism against nonwhites…

Fucking succdems

This is Boston we're talking about, not the south.

I personally can't wait for my next Soros check

NAZI getting punched by ANTIFA in Boston

(don't know if dude is really a Nazi or if other dude is really Antifa, but meh…)

White Americans love being reminded that they aren't racist even if they are.

lmao saved

and white liberals love to signal how not racist they are to everyone else. we get it. now go home

As someone who's not white, I couldn't give less of a shit.

can anyone make out what they're arguing about? something about sanitation?

He was talking about "sanitizing" the nation. Nazi shit.


My dearest Pepe,

The war does not go well. I still cannot sleep without hearing young men's cries of "Milk!" Please send more Mountain Dew…


This thread is being brigaded. I don't know by who, but there's definitely a ton of new posters here making generic anti-antifa arguments, which we don't usually get here.

Good shit

Fuck this shit I'm redpilled now

camera cuts to user here, being stupid

Holla Forumsyps are moving here after their protests failed

this woman is probably a piece of shit lol

you dumbass there isn't even sound in the video

you legitimately belong far more on Holla Forums than here

This is the first in depth post I've seen you make, I was calling you a crypto/pol/yp for a while but I take it back.
I still maintain there's no way to deal with Nazis other than to contain them, with violence if needed, and to use them as an excuse to mobilise on a larger scale.

Yes there is, and I'm going by what people who were there are saying on Twitter

You blatantly care more about white people than black people. Do you not realise most black people are proles as well?


Yeah when you show solidarity with some people holding confederate flags, it's hard to really sympathize with you.

This dramatization of 19th century America is fucking disgusting. I don't think there's a time in American history as fucking stupid, corrupt, violent, hateful (I don't just mean towards other cultures, I mean white Americans towards themselves), and exploitive than 19th century America.

Everything from the gold rush creating dynasties that fucked over proles who mined and panned for gold just to not live in poverty, to the degenerative near death spasms of slavery, the subsequent industrialization and mass child labor ,mass wage slavery

19th century America minus Lincoln might be the shittiest thing about America to fucking romanticize.

And yet they do it, and they do it because they know nothing, not a god damn thing about their own country and defend every fucked up aspect of it because they really don't understand how bad it actually was for America in the 1800's

This is the most successful free speech rally I've ever seen. Litterally both sides were able to come together in one place and exercise their fee speech! Even after Nazis killed a protester.
Bravo! Bravo!

Well, for military history dorks the Civil War is very interesting. You're right though.

I am all pro immigration and there was nothing racist about Corbyn nor do I remember him getting any flack for Saudi Arabia. The Labour Party got some bitching about antisemitism though.

What conditions? We're living in ridiculous excess compared to the rest of the world.

How would it help anyone? Not selling weapons to crazy regimes and not starting stupid wars has a benefit. Doing that AND taking migrants, has an even bigger benefit. What do we gain from not taking them?

As for all the antifa stuff, I am not a big fan but showing solidarity is important. Letting racists march without response shows that we don't care, which has the benefit of taking away air from them but also looks quite apathetic at the same time.

What a letdown. I was hoping another Holla Forumsflake would sperg out and go on a killing spree to hammer another nail into the alt-right's coffin.

There was no chance of this happening. The pro-Trump crowd(all 10 of them) were being searched for weapons and under police's eyes the whole time

What's there to learn? Didn't armies back then still show up to an empty field and start shooting at each other on a general's mark like some sorta mass duel instead of using actual strategy to win wars?

it was. he's fixed it now but you can see in the comments people talking about the spelling

Surprised to hear people are still faithfully riding his dick like it's the run-up to the 2016 elections. *Rolls eyes*

You won the thread.

What else are they supposed to do? People hate to acknowledge that they were duped and would rather do some mental gymnastics to avoid the conclusion.

"Trump is a useless memer because of the establishment and the Jooce" is much easier to swallow than "I was an idiot and voted for a clown"


Speaking from experience, it's easier to admit you fucked up than to indulge further into a conspiracy that Trump's victory should've "beaten"

Lol, no. There was a lot more to it and beyond battlefield tactics there is also the logistics and politics involved. Civil War is actually really interesting to read about and we have a huge reenactment movement in the US that likes to LARP as Civil War soldiers.


It's like watching someone play with a shark.

Of course you do. 90% of all humans are pretty much retards, which means that probably 90% of yours are too. You have to figure out how to police them. Protesting against obvious white supremacists = good. Throwing stuff at cops = bad. Police those people and if you can't do it, get the cops to help.

There's a lot more FBI in this thread than usual

Looks like some gay dude, not a Nazi

I'm not FBI, I just know how these protests go down. Control your own or they will fuck up your message for you.

Well they always say "will defend to the death" so I guess they mean it literally

I love the pic but user pls

I'm honestly surprised there wasn't a lot of violence, what with Boston having this reputation for having a bunch of meatheads ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

I threw up in my mouth

On the positive side, this board is becoming significant enough that other internet retards feel the need to brigade here.

Mfw even Holla Forums has PRfags


What if our message is "we will oppose nazis with as much violence as we want because that's how you deal with nazis"


Yes, they want to bring clean water to Flint.

That guy has the stench of newfaggotry all over him. I suspect that he is a recent reddit rapefugee.

Just make sure they're actually Nazis first. Right now you're winning. If you hit too many cops in the head and beat up too many non-Nazis, you'll start losing.

For however fucked up some cops are, most cops aren't that bad. And they are much better on average that the rapists and murderers who would come out of the woodwork if there were no cops. In any case, whether you agree or not, what's relevant when it comes to protests is this: most adults don't think attacking cops is a good thing. You needlessly drive people away from your cause when you attack cops.

This was never about PR. Antifa believes the cops enabled the Nazis to begin with. This has always been about getting people to stand up to exploitative hierarchies, not about looking good in the news.

How come these blue cops never pop up and arrest cops murdering and beating innocent people. Weird…'s like you don't have to actually have malice in your heart to be a part of an system that murders and beats innocent people.

Which is a shitty tactic if you actually want to accomplish something. Popular support is crucial

Then they are idiots.
You ain't gonna win preaching communism in the US.

Cause it's a job. Just like most people at an office job just do the bare minimum and then go home, most cops just do the bare minimum and then go home. In any case, the point is that anti-police agitation is for kids. Believe me, I used to hate cops too when I was younger. Then I grew up and realized that, for however much they suck sometimes, for the most part they are: 1) not Nazis and 2) better than the murderers and rapists who would come out of the woodwork if cops vanished

What if the police are unpopular? What if the aim is to radicalise people further and not play the usual game?

So antifa–self-proclaimed anarchists–want to give the state more censoring power …

Who said anything about preaching communism? It's about snapping people out of the cuck mindset.

Yeah, popular support that they've earned by not compromising on their principles. Guess you don't remember after Antifa burned that limo at Trumps inauguration it was Antifa that was being looked at like terrorist. Also Antifa confronts Nazis, Nazis that murder political opponents and infiltrate the police and military.

Point out where that was said


Sharks are less dangerous than Dolphins.

Sorry, I assumed cause this is Holla Forums that anyone talking about "exploitative hierarchies" would be a communist. But you're right, I might have assumed wrong.
In any case, I don't see the connection between fighting Nazis and standing up to exploitative hierarchies. The US political structure is not dominated by Nazis. The US deep state and the white supremacist movement are not the same thing. Which is why white supremacists want so badly to take control of the government - because they don't have control of the government right now.

It's not a job. They are the people that perpetuate the states monopoly on violence and persecute anyone that violates private property with violence. I guess you think throwing families into the street that can't pay rent is just another job.

if the police hadn't enabled Nazis and bet them back antifa would've been chuffed

We all know they are, even if they have "gone crypto". All we need is for the right to keep doing what they are doing and embarrassing themselves. Antifa are coming out looking great from all this, normies have totally switched how they view them.

Of course, why would anyone volunteer to do that?


I don't view it as just another job, myself. That wasn't my point, though. My point was that to most cops, after a while it becomes just another job. To some extent it's inevitable. Most people don't have what it takes to go do a full time job and then on top of that, also put in extra effort to try to make the system that they're part of at that job better.

The outlook looks pretty good so far… I'm just saying, don't fuck it up by attacking actual non-Nazis and cops.

I'll change it myself then

They aren't unpopular enough to gain numbers by attacking them. Aggression will always make you look like the bad guy in the eyes of the general public, even if it's against corrupt cops, fascists or nazis. (Who are often enough the same block either way)

The fact that antifa confronts horrible fucking people and are still viewed as extremist by the general public shows that their approach is flawed. (Yes, the media doesn't help but by being violent antifa makes the jobs for people against them easier) Let's be real, their biggest accomplishment was getting killed by a nazi.

If they could remove the violent element, they and their goals would get a lot more public support, which in turn would open the possibility to do more good than punching some brainlet.

Wasted trips.

PRfagging does nobody any good. Vanguard movement of ideological radicals is the only way to go. Antifa have no party to attach itself to.

Fox is notorious for making things up or jumping to conclusions and not making a reaction when what actually happened comes out
Maybe she attacked first or spat on them or something
It could even be a recycled photo from years ago at a different place. Good knows I've seen right-wingers take footage from riots in France and say they were in America

When that Dallas police shooting happened where that black guy killed a bunch of cops several of them wound up being Nazis. And you don't have to goosestep all the time to have Nazi sympathies.
2) better than the murderers and rapists who would come out of the woodwork if cops vanish
Cops are murdering and raping now. Plus tons of cops are on the take with criminal gangs, I.e. Murders and rapists you fear so much. Cops don't yield to the civilians that they police, they are not cops in the sense they police communities, they are above the law and above the control of the communities they police.

I actually agree with every post you've made so far, it's depressing seeing what looks to me like people shoving their heads in the sand on the left and ignoring how important issues such as immigration and the image of people on the left (by the "masses").

Harsh but true. They're seen as heroes now but they were total clowns before.

Freedom of speech leads to hate and yet people will defend this.
Once again this proves there is nothing wrong with censorship.

t. Nazi sympathizer

Good he should've finished the job and crushed her fascist skull into pieces.

The anarchists are all about eliminating hierarchies, not the marxists.

Cops are more significant enemies than nazis are.


Someone tries to take a flag, she holds on, runs with it and trips.
Right wing media :
"Antifa thugs beat woman into coma"

Even if that's true, how many people do you think know about it? 0.01% of the population. How many people support the shooter? Probably only a few black nationalists and sympathizers. You ain't gonna get public support attacking cops.
A small number of cops out of a national police force of a million or so people.
I'd still much rather have to deal with them than with the kind of people who would emerge if all cops suddenly vanished. 90+% of the US population think as I do.

Why are you repeatedly jumping to conclusions? Yes this is Holla Forums, yes we want communism.
Doesn't mean we have to preach it constantly to people outside of Holla Forums.
And even if they don't fully control the state they have a lot of people symathetic to them in their, in the police, the FBI, the CIA, the military etc. Fucking Israeli officials praised the Unite the Right guys which should tell you which part of American society this is coming from.
This movement isn't poor white working class people from a former steel town. It may not be the liberal elite but that doesn't mean it's not an elite.

fuck off. so the hate speech bans in europe totally stop racism right?? obviously not. blaming this on free speech - the telos of which is giving the state more censoring power - is fucking stupid, and distracts from the REAL cause which is economic exploitation



You really don't know what time it is do you? Working with the MSM is a kiss of death.

Is the aut-right eternally BTFO after these last weeks? Wonder what will happen to the right after this..

I give you an 8.5 in mental gymnastics
Cops kill innocent people and terrorize poor communities to keep them from organizing. Again where are all the cops arresting other cops for breaking the law? You don't have to be a "bad person" to be apart of an oppressive system.

Just how the hell do you intend to have a say in government policies with small vanguard movements if you're not going to appeal to the plebs you're supposedly doing it for and not doing it the democratic routes? Are you perhaps suggesting a revolution?

the core will get smaller and more militant, others will reinvent themselves into neocons and blame idpol in general

Jesus, this isn't a PR campaign. Getting favorable stories in the mainstream news is not the goal.

The only good cops are dead.

Those poor communities are usually full of violent criminal sociopaths. Try walking through one at night and see how much "organizing" you see, as opposed to how much you see of people trying to rob you. Those poor communities are being terrorized more by criminals than by cops.

Again the system works for you so you think this is some kind of negotiation Strategy to get gimmedats from the state. The cops are beating killing and impoverishing communities, and now they are starting to fight back. These oppressed people couldn't care less what people comfortable with capitalism think.


Spooks son


Are you kidding? Because the cops are actively enforcing the will of the ruling class. Cops are the footsoldiers of the people who actually rule the world. Nazis are just stupid dupes.

Jeezus cripes, you're just as bad as Holla Forums.

They were bound to go the way of the SJW crowd - the dynamics were the same.
As they get more popular the movement self destructs.
Many of the SJWs became Alt-right, and if that can happen the Holla Forums crowd might end up commies.

If we're talking about the US… which I am, obviously cops in many other parts of the world suck harder…. the impoverished communities are beating and killing themselves way more than anything cops are doing.

Prison and jail tend to radicalize people even more.

Alright, tell me how much good smacking couple idiots does. Some shithead gets hurt, but that's all. There are thousands of people like him and you don't have the numbers to punch them all, nor will gain enough that way. It doesn't affect the fascists in power either, on the contrary, they can paint themselves as the victims of ze evil activists, AND smear the left movement as le violent antifa thugs.

If you want to get rid of shitty cops and nazis, you'd need to gain power, and you do that with popular support.

It's less about working with them and more about not giving them legitimate ammunition against the cause, turning the majority against antifa. What's the point of being a fringe group lacking the power to change shit?

Alright, what's the goal?

let's be real if these "impoverished communities" really did pose a threat to the state they'd be deleted off the map in seconds

they're LARPers

I'm honestly impressed with left-liberals. I would have assumed that after the right made fools of themselves the last couple of weeks they would immediately use the shittiness of their opponents as a reason to implement the retarded liberal "solutions" to identity-tinged capitalist problems but no one appears to be doing that, just demonizing ethno-nationalism, which is pretty great.

Is it possible we might actually end up in a discourse where ideas are deliberated on their merits and not which team looks more evil than the other? That would be fucking incredible.

Seriously. "poor improverished communities" my ass. Walk through one at night and see who is more likely to kill you, a cop or one of the locals.

Depends on your skill color tbh.

half the people who watch fox news know it's full of shit but just watch it for the lulz. you over estimate the power of old media. no one cares what they think.

To create a real movement that abolishes the present state of things.

I don't find it surprising at all. It's usual bleeding-heart liberal "icky racism!!!" - except this time there's socialists there to tell them that their anti-racism is pointless unless the join the left, which is good.

seriously the economic argument is more important than ever

Absolutely false. Just because some epic ironic young people do doesn't change their actual viewer base.

I would be interested in seeing the results of that experiment.

Actually it doesn't. Look up the statistics if you don't believe me.

Eh, sounds like you're being too optimistic.

Besides, it's less about downright cray stuff like fox and more about somewhat liberal media. If someone watches fox even for entertainment, they are probably a lost cause.

And how will that work when most people think that you are violent extremists? Any movement needs numbers

Wrong, all the studies prove poor people commit less crimes, since they are more vulnerable state oppression.
Those communities are more vulnerable to crime, that's why there's more crime, not because those communities have way more criminals.
Because cops don't persecute criminals, they protect private property. See how long it takes cops to throw out a family on the street for not paying rent.
Last 10 videos I watched were cops killing innocent people. So on top of failing to protect their communities, cops kill and beat community members, jail them for non violent crimes, enable Nazis, and impoverish communities by viciously enforcing private property, but it's bad to stand up against them?
Again it's not your fight, but your not going to be able to talk people into believeing state oppression is good when they'd have to live with it everyday.

a lot of the violence will be excused since Charlottesville. But I agree with you that antifa should calm the fuck down now a bit and focus on organising rather than just being violent for the sake of it

So you admit cops don't even do their jobs right, on top of killing and beating innocent people.

If they're not a threat why do cops oppress them so much. Why won't cops at least yield to community control.

What is with the insufferable liberalism on leftypol these days? You don't need an excuse to attack reactionaries.


Sadistic racism on the individual level, economic exploitation on the structural level. People profit from it. Organising is a threat, yes, but that applies to the entire proletariat, not just "Impoverished communities", are there shitloads of ways the state and system does that: hegemony.

why don't you attack the ones that are actually gonna make a fucking difference then

*and there are shitloads

No they did some survey asking if they trusted x, y, z new channels and all of them were trusted by under 50% of their viewers.
People absolutely don't trust the media, they're lower than politicians.

It's called the superstructure. Systemic racism is real, white proles are cool with extereme state oppression as long as its blacks.

He's probably antifascist, but doesn't belong to an organization.

What people think of us is not important. What is important is that people are able to see where their interests lie. Both the police and the nazis act against the interests of the working class. In the case of the police it is their very purpose to do so.


Fuck off, Holla Forums.

Liberals think everyone follows capitalist logic like they do.

fuck off idiot

How is saying neoliberalism created a bunch of ignorant precarious white guys that got radicalized into Nazism make you a Nazi?


RIP best cop of all time

Those guys in cville and boston are not poorfags user.

your post was good up until that point

Saying that we support neoliberal policies because we don't want to sink all the immigrant boats at sea is pure Holla Forums idiocy.

But systemic racism is motivated by selfish material interests, not sadism. Whites are only cool with it until they realise that they're being exploited too.

they are soon.

Yeah, it was really more like a fifth of the country voted for Trump. None of the Above rightly won the election.

Obviously he's not referring to you personally then.

You're doing it wrong.


Nah the poorfags stayed at home for this one. Which makes them sexist scumbags for cheating Hillary out of her turn.

You can easily find the whole video and see for yourself. In this case they are not making shit up.

Seriously though the lack of understanding of the effects of economic anxiety has me seriously worried


This is not an issue that the board is overly divided on. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone here who thinks that economically motivated mass migration is a good thing.

That's not the point I'm making. I'm saying many liberals - in the american (i.e bad) sense supported neoliberal policies.
They much prefer welfare for corporations than welfare for people, and have a tear jerker lined up to justify it.

If you think that's crazy, go watch the poorly directed 90s action flick Demolition Man.

I don't buy it. Show me the studies. Every time I've been the target of violent crime, it was a poor person doing it.
So you agree that poor communities are terrorized by their own criminals?
But when cops do go after criminals, people like you complain that they're being too hard on them.

But that movie was always good.

So the well off guys are anxious and the poorfags just don't care any more? You're probably right actually.

I sincerely doubt that is the case. Corporate welfare is spectacularly unpopular amongst the electorate, but it is wildly popular with the politicians that they elect.

In the US it's really the middle class who are anxious. The poor are in the same shit they've always been, but the middle class see their lifestyle slipping away. Every year the traditional American middle class shrinks, with a few of them becoming rich and lots of them becoming poor. They see the writing on the wall and see it's harder for them to stay middle class and their children probably aren't going to have the kind of life they did, and they're freaking out.

All that pearl clutching outrage just makes it funny, honestly.

It was very funny and eerily prescient, but I swear the director must have been high the whole time. Then there was the bizarre editing and obvious post-production work. If any old movie warrants a remake, I would say it's Demolition Man. That screenplay deserves the best. I still love that the people of 2032 listen to commercials as if they were art.

It doesn't really work if you think about it that locally, you have to zoom out your thinking and imagine the entire population as a colony of ants. Imagine you punched it (recession), and watch the knock-on effects. Also bear in mind the gap between rich and poor has been growing for 35+ years.

How will they do it if the people protesting for their interest act like thugs? If your actions overshadow the message, it won't reach anyone beyond the already converted.

Not him but Murican "justice" system that is all about punishment only radicalizes criminals and makes the problem worse.

Most liberals are total market cucks and think if we don't suck porky cock constantly he'll leave and won't anyone think of the jobs and the debt and…. you get it. They think they are doing it for the "right" reasons, and are suitably smug about it.

Agreed. The US justice system is extremely overworked. It's a fucking nightmare.

that's what she gets for being a burger.

Let's call things what they are. "Middle class" is just what Americans call workers who will not likely die in poverty. Now, the working class people who had imagined themselves to be "middle class" are realizing that they and just about everyone they know are going to die in debt while greeting shoppers at Wal-Mart. That is what is happening.

"Free speech" is a far-right dog whistle.

Before some idiot claims that I'm saying free speech is a far-right concept, a dog whistle is a sort of obfuscated message only recognizable by different people within a group. Like a dog whistle where dogs can hear it but humans can't, the far-right can hear it, but normie liberals can't.

A "free speech" rally is just a way of signifying a rally of the far-right, but in a way that sounds palatable to liberals and won't raise suspicion (and if there are counter-protests, they can claim that they were "against free speech", once again trying to dupe gullible libs). These people do not care about free speech nor have they ever cared about free speech, it's purely an appeal to liberal sensibilities and a cover for what they're actually doing.

That is a popular sentiment among the self-proclaimed conservatives, but I don't think it is all that common among the rest of the liberals.

Problem: fashies holding "rallies for free speech" as cheap PR stunts.

Solution: get liberals to do "rallies for freer speech". Then the left to do "rallies for freest speech".

That's usually true, but you have to make sure that the 99% of the public that aren't already on board realize that. Throwing shit at cops and burning dumpsters doesn't help.

wtf i love monsanto now

The problem is that a worrying portion of the modern Left legitimately are opposed to free speech precisely because of the right's abuse of it. I'm not on their side. And the pro-free speech Leftists aren't, in my view, making it clear enough that do they do in fact support it.

Isn't the point of free speech political discourse and exchange of ideas without the risk of the government locking you up?

The right's idea about free speech is the right to say "nigger", which has zero benefit for anyone involved.

Honestly define free speech for me, and explain how the far right isn't against it.

That person never claimed that the far right wasn't against it. Quite the opposite.

It's more the view that social institutions aren't allowed to discriminate on viewpoints - the nature of the viewpoint alone can't be a justification for censorship. The anti-free speech sentiment that used to come from religious conservatives, but now worryingly also comes from part of the Left, says that some viewpoints are just so dangerous and harmful that sheer exposure to them causes damage.

Check these out:

Also Chomsky

I absolutley hate the term "dog whistle"
It is far too abusable to make literally anything said into a strawman and we should stop using it. All it boils down to is "you said this phrase but i'm going to say you mean something else". Far better to criticise on a visible level that a invisible inferred level.


This is a good short one too

But that absolutely and obviously what this is.

What is really weird to me is, why is capitalism and neoliberals siding with us now? Why is the corporate media against the nazis and pro the people with hammer and chissel flags?

Shouldn't they be defending them and attacking us??

Why are they saying the people with the "end capitalism" signs are the heroes?


Right-wingers are also opposed to free speech by that definition.

they are, 15-20 years ago "problematic" meant another thing

Because they recognize that the alt-right does present a problem for the system in their current form and they're trying to push them in a more radical and less effective direction. There's a reason why so many alt-righters are shilling Salul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals", they're trying to do to them what they did to us in the 70s.

wtf, isnt the alt-right the system? how does white nationalism threatens the system in any way? arent the capitalists trying to divide the prole?

Because identity politics is not actually a threat to the system. In fact it's an aid to it; it makes it feel good about itself.

I never said they, weren't and it quite obviously depends on the type of right winger. Religious conservatives are basically dead; the majority of modern right-wing ideologies are some perversion of liberalism so they'll claim free speech even if they don't believe in it
How come people killed and hurt by corporate crime never factors into your judgement of whose dangerous by capitalists like yourself. Corporate criminals have killed more people than street gangs.

the system preaches equality (but doesn't deliver); the alt-right are anti-equality

Yes, and you agree the police are willfully allowing it. Somehow police don't fail to persecute violent criminals in rich neighborhoods. But they never fail to beat and kill poor people.

it's a difference between porkies. Globalist porkies vs protectionist porkies, essentially. Right now Globalist porkies have more power.

The alt-right isn't the system, they're crackpots who are becoming mere legitimate by every passing day. Many of the alt-light actually have pseudo-socialist politics and even buy into the dogwhistles the alt-right throws out. By purging the alt-light the establishment is able to effectively make the alt-right a non-threat to the status quo.

low level division is good for porky, Nazi masturbation fantasys are not
riots hurt profits, a worker ded or in jail cant produce value
workers too busy hating each other to realise you are fucking them over is good for profit

if identity politics isn't a threat then why do they concentrate all their fire power on it

wouldn't it be better to the system to distribute alt-right ideas then? why frame communist flags as heroic

this makes at least some sense. what kind of industries are behind the alt-right?

You're an amazing bootlicker I'll give you that.

you retards really don't get it do you? this wasn't an aut-right rally, it was a publicity stunt for the Shiva senate campaign. all of the threads and rumors about it being a big autistic natzee rally for thousands was hardcore sinnering. you fucking retards are so easily baited. and now the news gets to spin 20,000 people chimping out in boston over nothing. and the rest of the country will have had a massive overton window shift regarding the alt left. getting it now?


so basically you are saying that ethno-nationalism is the single point of threat to the system?

*s h i t l o r d i n g
(not "sinnering", what a fucking retarded auto correct)

The establishment? They don't. They love it. Bernie Sanders was to only politician to explicitly reject identity politics.

What establishment figure is doing that lol

No, it's the pseudo-socialism and the anti-establishment, anti-corporate sentiment that is the threat to the system. The alt-lite is to the alt-right as the Straasserists were to the Nazis basically.


The corporate media, the US president, every republican and democrat

You are right, i did not think of the other kinds, but then why is *white* identity politics getting all the concentrated fire?

But they aren't attacking Mike Cernovich, they are attacking Richard Spencer

sanders basically blacked himself in front of a crowd

and what exactly are you doing to this end? Fuck all, just shitposting. Always the same with leftypol, big talk but it will never go anywhere

Reactionary burger lack of self awareness and victim complex really is astonishing. It is completely infuriating also.

Because it's racist and anti-racism is normie and the establishment wants everyone to know it's down with the kids



The black women were right.

But if the system is built around the division of the prole through things like identity politics then why would it give heroe status to the people affiliated with the global laborer parties who say the prole should unite and fight back against corporate capitalism?

I mean, i guess i get what you are saying, they are harmleslly posturing to be anti-racist, so in a sense are you saying communism, socialism and anarchism in America are just harmless posturing?



They aren't. Do you think Nancy Pelosi is a fucking communist now

They're attacking the entire alt-right, not just Spencer.

fuck off hoochie

Poor Succdems ;_;

Filters make every thread better.


They are forced to give them hero status after Charlottesville. The term alt-left was actually coined by liberals to punch left. Now after Charlottesville and Trump's use of the term they were left with egg on their chin. They're forced to admit that the socialists are the true anti-racists, while they're just posers.

No i dont think she is, i just dont understand in what world white supremacy is a bigger threat to the corporate establishment than communism

I mean i understand that obviously immigrants are cheap semi-slave labor force, so the system has an interest in keeping the border open, but come on, senpai is not only not noticing us, but its like we have become the brown shirts of the establishment now

I'd rather take radical black than reformist grey

about what?

stop lying to yourself cunt muffler

Yeah, but wouldn't it make sense to not make the triumph of leftist freedom fighters a global corporate headline?

Its like they are promoting us to the normies

People don't want to be associated with an ideology with a terrible history (you know, Hell's Angels, Aryan Nation, World War II, etc) that promises the only way to end any and all of our problems is just to make everyone homogeneous and push everyone non white out despite the enormous consequences that would bring, if not outright genocide

What a shock, nobody wants to be associated with that

I only see Bernie in the picture….


It would, but they can't. It would be too obvious.

Bernie was doomed to lose against Clinton because Clinton is literally evil, and so is Trump really. This just wasn't his race, and while I think that he would have been a better candidate, being realistic I still wouldn't have voted for him because of his terrible foreign policy choices.

Reforms won't cut it with the United States, they're doomed to fail against neoliberal market hegemony over everything.

There's a combination of things that give me distaste for Bernie but I thank him for reviving the left in America when he lost.


press S to spit on the grave of the succdems and their witch queen

You said liberal feminist BLM supporter

Again, I only see Bernie in the picture.

they already said they weren't gonna genocide anyone.
just peaceful ethnic cleansing.

basically, discriminate the living shit out of them till they become violent and revolt, then shoot them.

its not genocide, its self defense.

but how exactly is a threat to corporate capitlism to lord "supreme" over other races and have an underclass of literal slaves

its their wet dream, is why they build shit in vietnam

i don't know man, it would be really easy to mention it passing and hide under the rest of the stories like they always do when they need to protect their interests, CNN had Charlotesville the whole day as prime story, before the car, before they got there



A lot of consumers aren't white, and today everyone gets slave wages anyways.

this guy gets it

that's who those women were, bernie was a pretty consistent critic of idpol.

I'm 100% positive Bernie has both praised BLM and Feminism in the past.

But what's the alternative? I don't live in the US but I think anyone who didn't vote for him is insane. He's not perfect, but perfection doesn't exist. He's not the answer to all our problems, but who ever said he was? The presidency is just one terrain of many we fight for. What you do (next time) is get Bernie in and then the work only begins: you try push him further left. He's the only one who COULD be pushed left, if at all, because he's a self-described socialist.

you blind m8? there's two POC womyn blowing up sander's microphone and he's cowering in the back. he's not against idpol, he used his jewish herratige all the time as a defense.

He's playing 20 sided dreidel

The way I see it their organizations helped fuel the left as it is today rather than limit it. They helped bring us here and now everyone is holding hands over how much they hate the American government and fascism.

Basically ones that are affected by globalization. A large portion of the agricultural industry, for one. Companies that benefit from a lack of competition from outside the states is another.

that's just a meme, m80

Just let the dumbest fucking candidate this shitty nation has had since Zachary Taylor generate a loyal fanbase and watch himself implode only to give the actual left footing to give demands to the Democrats if they want re election.

If they don't, it's another win, and people become more radically left, and demand even more from the Democrats.

Learn how to play politics.

Bernie probably wouldn't have followed through with a lot of his campaign promises in a hypothetical situation where he won anyways.

fucking kys already namefag

That's not a plan; you just described what is happening lol
You're basically a crypto-accelerationist. Why do anything at all?
This is why "radicalism" is just an excuse for procrastination


I'm arguing with someone who thinks Bernie would have actually done what he asked in the milquetoast neoliberal American government.

Voting is a good way to get people enthusiastic about politics, and losing to this stupid fucking sentient cum poop hybrid who's constantly ripping shit apart generates enthusasm for the far left, especially the farther he goes in office.

It gives the far right a terrible reputation they won't shut the fuck up about ethnic cleansing either.

It pushes everyone left. I'm not saying fucking vote for the Democrats for them to win, I'm saying vote for them to demand at BARE MINIMUM America gets single payer and environmental rules can be less fucking shallow.

But at the end of the day this has only spiked socialist approval so I see it as a win, far more a win had Bernie become president and just kept getting shooed away by Congress for his demands.

Just let Zachary Taylor 2.0 fuck everything up and be as unsubtle about it as possible.

keep living in that false paradigm, minh

When the right gives an oppurtunity this fucking large to generate socialist sympathies you do it, because Bernie wouldn't have been able to accomplish shit in office anyways besides be better on the environment probably, and the economy.

But I don't really want the economy to do better, or have a succdem take the reigns of it to "make America better"

I want America to suffer through the consequences of their actions.

You're style of thinking is emblematic of Capitalist Realism

Reread what I said, I said don't vote for the Democrats because they promise anything. In fact, I suggest not voting at all.

Continue letting this idiot destroy the American government in the most capitalist way possible and let future history sort out the rest.

I'm not for succdems besides their stance on US Health Care and the Environment, both which desperately need answers for we're not getting.


Are you implying your view is nuanced? cos if so that's funny

Mah bitch hoochie

The fact you aren't even getting the most shallow nuance is pathetic

wewlad, doubleplus good

Rights go hand in hand with responsibilities. Sorry but that's the deal in a democracy.

If they vote for the next Zachary Taylor en masse then let them and watch it all burn, I don't understand what's not to get. This is a bigger win for socialism than Bernie struggling to reform things under congress and acting like an incompetent buffoon while being blamed for being a socialist for four straight years.

Stop being fucking Noam Chomsky and let America take a highway to hell.

It's not nuanced at all. It's incoherent tbh. Lazy too.


It's the opinion of much of this board.

If America keeps falling apart like it is I'm converting to Shia Islam.


I know -.-

I am implying absolutely none of the points you're pinning me with. I am in absolute agreement with them.

You really suck at your shilling job, officer. Go back to fucking donuts and sitting on your nightstick, you're less of an embarassment that way even if you're still wasting the fuck out of my tax money.

i trust you're not a womyn?

I'm curious where I said that.

Americans have a damn sight more agency than their victims across the world.
If they chose to create their homeland in that mould then that's their tough shit.

then m8, you've gone beyond drinking the kool-aid straight to shooting it directly into your brain.


go back to reddit succy

I'm in agreement with your disagreement, retard. Unless you generally like those things.

I don't think you're getting what I'm saying.

Capitalism is

oh, no reason.

yeah no

A fucking poo in the loo

you sound like a conservative describing their views on black people in the inner city

and? you sound like someone without a proper argument.

Wew, love too ignore porky fucking me in the ass

Wew, love too ignore porky fucking me in the ass

Except trying to suppress them only makes them look good in the public light as what happened in Wiemar Germany. They would be far weaker without a bunch of useful idiots like antifa physically assaulting them.

Footage of the fascists

god i hate the first world so fucking much, how can you people be this ungrateful

is that what your exhaustive """research""" of interracial cuckporn leads you to believe, Holla Forums?

Makes sense, what companies? Do you have any proof of their backing? They fund the alt-right or just support it indirectly?

Oh really?



Not anymore :

lmao, so many fucking logical errors all over the place, you'd have to be a total fucking idiot to think any of that is an argument.