I'm extremely attracted to socialists and communists, would any of you date or fuck a right winger?

I'm extremely attracted to socialists and communists, would any of you date or fuck a right winger?

I'm power top only

Post pic and I might think about it.

post feet

a thread died for this user


timestamp newfriend


t. power bottom

I did once and ended up very heart broken, because she wanted to marry someone with whom she hoped he would accelerate her career.
The sex was good though, even crazy and nasty, considering she was a family values conservative. Let me do all holes in an order you may find surprising.

Doesn't surprise me at all.


I'm in a casual relationship with a republican girl who voted for Trump. She's completely fine with all the communism and shit since she isn't really that political. Sex is like 5/10.


sorry but means of reproduction can only be sized by violent revolution against the interests of the bourgeois

Nazism is already the most degenerate sect of Fascism.

well there is no regular homo flag here innit

No way in hell. Dating when you have completely different world views and set of values is a waste of time. Most right I went was a soc dem who was pretty socially liberal sans her obsession with marriage.

I fucked a libertarian once. Worst sex I ever had.

hello jack

That's a nice triplet of doubles. Checked.
You see, Gay Nazism is simply normal Nazism that has one small benefit overt the latter, that it has managed to crawl out of whatever footlocker it calls call a closet.
In short: Slightly more honest and open Nazism.

why so degen.erate son? I thought Holla Forumsyps opposed dege.neracy

polyps are often junkies of radicalism, ideological coherency is not required


wow capitalist ideology is awesome

Would you still enter a mutually beneficial relationship with me if the whole society realized that private property is a spook? Asking for a friend.

fuck. me. daddy.

go on

i see nothing out of the ordinary here

Hatefucking conservative chicks make me an idea of how we should rape bougie women during the revolution.

As for OP, he surely fantazises about being a bourg while fucking, kek

I think right wingers are typically the one with the bigger problem dating commies than the other way around, you should be fine

Excluding US liberals, I've fucked three right wing girls that I know of and statistically probably a few more through muh tinder. Of those three one was a conservative who was average and wanted to be choked. Then there was a super vanilla lolbert who was above average but didn't want to do anything but missionary and reverse cowgirl. The last was another lolbert who kept on saying "it's soooo big" and "fuck me harder papi" like we were making a porn, but she had a good ass. Overall they were ok and I'd fuck right wing girls in the future, but I would only want to date a leftist girl.

I'm dating this rich girl right now and I suspect she's a libertarian. Hopefully I can Patty Hearst her, because I actually like her.

timestamp plz

I'd unironically fuck Lauren Southern.

We arent savages, kim. We kill animals, not fuck them.

I'd suck this all day.

I'm a moderate socdem with Asserite tendencies, so yes, depends on where you/he stand(s), I don't think I would suffer Lolbertarians tbh

She is pretty ugly girl with a shitton of makeup. Honestly, when I see a chick with a face drawn on her face, I don't feel one bit of sex appeal.

Someone that selfish is going to be terrible in the sack mate.

Meh… my standards aren't terribly high. I'm 5'3". I can't afford to have high standards.

At least, try to redpill her into libertarian socialism.

But unmakedup girls are often autistic, so they have no standards at all.

Reverse image search.
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If i didn't already date a dude i'd perhaps have taken up the offer, but you at least need to read conquest of bread

Ilsa the She Wolf but that's about it.

You can get laid on leftypol by posting your penis?!

Anyone ever wonder how much sexual frustration plays into politics? Is the current situation were in just frustrated males on every side