White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader


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wtf i hate blacks now

No one here cares what idpol groups have to say. It's always shit.

This is the power of liberalism.

That kkk guy should be depicted as BLM these days

All whites have to do is irrelevant shit and they don't have to do this.

That's just the problem. The media loves idol and pushes it hard



What this author wanted was clicks and you gave it to him. Nice work.

Lmao, I love it when idpolers try to use their identity to argue that you should give them shit. Shit's hilarious.

There is nothing wrong with these demands.

Yeah lol, I expected much much worse

like half of it is just petit-bourg aspirations
BLM is reactionary as fuck

This is literally just redistributing the economy to the needy, this is good.
And yes, basing these things on ethnicity is good.

hi Holla Forums. whatcha doin?




t. Nazbol

If the mods do ban me it's because it'll be because I'm more of a leftist than you are, not because I'm a nazi, then again I don't expect any sort of rationality out of an anarchocommunist.


Nigga I ain't clicking on that shit.

look at all this wealth redistribution going on here

what happened to all the black communists out there?

ruthlessly suppressed by the FBI and Reagan

Spooky spooky dah dah dah dah dah du dum aww fucking race spooked da da da da da du dum
What a fucking poooost
Can't believe people do thiis