Can polyps please explain how they expect to improve western culture by either segregating western culture from...

Can polyps please explain how they expect to improve western culture by either segregating western culture from "inferior" cultures or exterminating them when some of the greatest musicians and artists, such as artists of the impressionist movement were so heavily influenced by foreign cultures. Simply put, art and culture cannot thrive if it can't take from other styles, or else it will remain stagnant.

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Jesus fucking Christ what is with you and not realising they're trying to push our culture out of it's home and replace it with their own? The sustained attacks on our culture for not including people that had no place in it in the first place is ridiculous.

Minorty vanguards are only interesting in achieving their dominance in our states. Another example being Erdogan wanting more Turks in Germany politics but to remain as Turks.

So to answer you question I have no problem interacting with other culture I just don't want it to displace mine.

I can give you a detailed explanation but it would take me a bit of time and effort and I doubt it would change your mind. But here's a thought. Say you have have a 56k modem and a 300 baud modem what speed will they communicate at? Now go read this article by Nassim Taleb

The point is that society comes to a consensus which will be defined by it's most retarded members because while intelligent people can speak at the level of morons, morons can't speak with intelligence. This is why cultures become stupider as they become more inclusive. Like r/The_Donald posters or the current normie invasion of the chans. To keep society functioning at it's highest potential cultures need to be segregated such as the Indian Caste system, Apartheid and America before forced busing and affirmative action.

You fucking idiot, they're not trying to replace your culture, they're trying to create deeply triggering and problematic sentiment which allows them to divide the working class. If we're busy fighting racial and cultural wars then we're going to be too distracted to be fighting class war. Porky is fucking you and you don't even care because "muh jews"

anti–white sentiment*

Communism failed because the slackers and loafers became the consensus culture of the workers state to the point that they couldn't even keep bread on the shelves.

Nice buzzwords, faggot. Your argument is shit, slackers weren't what brought "communism" in the USSR down, economic liberalization and nationalist/separatist movements did.

Nazis hate their actually existing country and culture almost as a rule. What they enamored with is a legendary past that never existed (or a technically real past that's so romanticized it may as well be fictional), but was "corrupted" in some way by an outside force, creating the "degenerated" state of their really existing country and culture (which they hate). These days, this outside force is foreigners of various stripes, especially immigrants and refugees from Asia and Africa. So, naturally, the way to cure the really existing (bad) culture and make it like their fantasy culture is to removing the corrupting force, i.e.- immigrants and other "resident foreigners". I know you can't unsqueeze toothpaste and the Nazi's struggle is a fool's errand, but it would be hilarious if they somehow did actually manage to bring back the "noble" past and got Gin Alley.

You forgot the CIA and Gulf State Oil Sheiks commie.


Whose history can even come close to the vast history of the west?


Magisterial, Faustian expansive history of the western discovery of the world, science and the universe.

There's no such thing as "western culture". I wish anglos and burgers would keep their hands off of German culture, that shit's not yours.


the state of /leftpol/

That's because Holla Forumsyps fetishize aristocratic culture and completely ignore the condition of the working class back then, they're not any different from libertarians who look up to the rich, never seeing themselves as poor, only future millionaires.



Yeah, all these Holla Forumstards are really shitting things up

Eh, maybe he's actually anti–white and thinks whitey sold his soul to the devil?

Please explain then.

"Faustian" refers to proverbially selling your soul to the devil, especially in regards to engaging in an action with short-term benefit and disastrous long-term consequences.

So Western history can be see as faustian in a sense if you consider capitalism as a devil's bargain: it powered western expansion and domination over the brown masses in the first instance, at the cost of western replacement as capital demands the integration of the teeming brown masses into the system as cheap labour, consumers, etc. Not what you had in mind, I'm sure.

Essentially Humans vs Orcs: The reckoning.

Western culture is shit.

Ok , I was thinking of Faustian as Spengler's characterization of Europeans who always are craving the new and novel and get tired of old and stale things. As well the idea of expansion into space and the desire for open space which drove white men to explore and colonize as well as found the conservation movement to preserve open spaces. Which may be behind the sentiment that flooding the third world into our space is ok because it creates new and novel condition.

Those cultures were not mixed up into larger assimilative late stage capitalist cultures, therefor people were able to draw influence form them.

I never heard of this country called "The West".

what country is the west? or are you larping as both Italian and Anglo, you never see people talking about China and Japan as if they're a monolithic entity despite Japan sharing a lot of Chinese aspects

what did he mean by this

Who would want it anyway? At least the UK can stay whole for more than 50 years :^)

culture is a dog whistle

It's what "paleskin hating" filters to. Filters on this board are stupid.

You actually believe that?
Listen to me: ==the first world imports workers to keep the economy growing.==
Any other explanation is bullshit, but the idea that it's for "novelty" is a whole new level of retardation.

How much do Holla Forumsyps actually know about western culture beyond pol art threads literally headed 'red pill art' which have a jumble of anything that vauguely connotes westernism? By shrinking centuries of art down to one 'feeling' that the art is supposed to gender they vacate the history and language of art of meaning, and so I'm their own special way destroy and mutate it.