The march openly, faces uncovered, unafraid

The Nazis march openly, faces exposed to the world, unafraid.
The communists wear masks and hide away in the shadows, attacking the press.
The Nazis march openly wielding torches, lighting up the night naming the jew, rallying thousands upon thousands to their cause with every work of art you destroy. Every cherished icon you wipe out like ISIS.
The communists debate and argue about gender normative pronouns and vandalize Joan of Arc statues fighting about identity politics, debating the the progressive stack load order.
The Nazis are buying AR-15 pistols with Sig braces, load bearing vest with mag carriers. Crates of Tannerite. NVG's and thermal scopes. Trijicon ACOGS (chevron > doughnut master race).
The leftists are posing in dreadlock hairy bush porn shoots for shekels.

You push the challenge to those who you paint Nazi with a broad brushstroke, join us and destroy all of your culture and history, or join them and preserve it.
Join the communists and face white guilt, destruction of all white history, the brainwashing of your children, the demolition of your national monuments.
Or join the Nazis and defend your blood and soil. Your race. Your nation. Your culture, your history, your people.

How much longer can you hold out before collapse?
How much longer before they arise once again, and you fall…once again.
History waits to repeat.
Rush to embrace your fate.

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I don't have an anime girl smug enough.

Bishop to Bishop eight, discovered check

And incidentally…mate.

So you cherrypick to make what point exactly?

Nazis march openly and get fired for it. Maybe they should've masked up.


lmao if I was a neoconfed I would want that shit torn down.

Did it ever occur to you that Confederate monuments aren't "cherished works of art"? It wouldn't surprise me, Nazis aren't particularly familiar with art in general. Like most things in your ideology, it's an ideal you hype up in your head rather than something you actively promote or practice.

If you ever studied a fucking thing from history you would remember this is exactly what happened to the Nazis on their rise up. The state arrested all of the Nazis to stop them, suppressed their free speech, the communists attacked them at peaceful rallies.

Hitler literally wrote Mein Kampf while imprisoned for his political beliefs.

"History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." -Karl Marx

I weep for you, the more you attack their culture and history, the more you prove the Nazis right.
The sons of Obama you sided with are beyond your reach now, burning every statue in sight like an eyeless groid centipede.

This is witnessed, if the Jewish press shows it or not. When the mob of "communists" wearing Nike sneakers and live streaming with iPhones posts everything online, you defeat yourselves.

He was imprisoned for trying to overthrow the government.
If by this you mean "fought back against an armed rebellion, just as they had done against three contemporary attempts at communist revolution that had some early successes" then yes
Sneaker wearers confirmed for reactionaries, all will be executed or voluntarily don boots at once

Really got my noggin joggin', Holla Forums.

It doesn't matter what you or I think of these "monuments", It matters to the voters who put Trump into power. You know the 100 million gun owners in the U.S. who possess more than 300 million firearms and over 7 billion rounds of fucking ammunition?

You went from confederate monuments to Lincoln in less than a fucking week. Already going into the museum of Natural History in NYC declaring you will destroy the Teddy Roosevelt display. Burning Lincolns bust in Atlanta. Destroying a Joan of Arc statue. Calling for the ISIS dynamiting of Mount Rushmore. Mindlessly attacking a statue of peace that had nothing to do with the confederacy. Graffiti on the Lincoln memorial.

Every flag you burn is another person who says "The nazis are not so bad compared to these communist thugs".

Why don't you change your strategy? Why not alter your tactics?

Is it because Xir transgender headkin mate demi boy third wave feminists are in charge and the white males are forbidden from making any decisions?

Why do you care so much if the left really is shooting itself in the foot? I'm sure you have plenty of radicals on your own side to mutter

all art deserves to be destroyed

Notice anything comrades?

How the fuck do you defeat this without causing the outrage of open execution in the streets?

that's the whole point of this fucking board you autistic nigger. we are the anti-idpol left. kindly (not kindly) neck yourself.

And how well did that turn out for them? They lost their jobs, got doxxed and some are probably going to be incarcerated. Not a lot you can do to aid a revolution if you don't have resources to conduct it or if you're behind bars.
Good. Last thing I want is a bunch of stormfags and porky fags doxxing me.
You do realise the Nazis burnt books, and art that they deemed degenerate right? Likewise, you fucks get mad whenever a black character reveals himself on a television show and you call it """anuddah shoah""" or cultural marxism.

Fuck America and everything it """""stands""""" for. I'd give a fuck if Lincoln got taken down. He was a racist, as much as Democrats and Republicans try to hide it. It didn't stop Jim Crow laws, or the hate groups that followed after the civil war.

Trump is getting less and less popular, even among his initial supporters.

Also, there's do you have even a shred of evidence that any of that is a concerted and unified effort by the political left and not just random acts of vandalism?

Now, I for one fully support pulling down every bourgeois statue from their posts and replacing them with monuments to the working class and genuinely emancipatory figures, and burning every national flag and replacing it with the red flag, the only flag that should fly anywhere, but I seriously doubt that's what these random vandals had in mind.

And make no mistake, Nazi, outside of your far-right hugbox, this last weekend was nothing short of a PR apocalypse for your movement, while we only gain in popularity, and that's partially due to your highly myopic and self-affirming worldview. So, by all means, wrap yourself even deeper in your comforting illusions. You're totally winning, Holla Forums, you have us on the ropes :^)

You mean the chintzy ripoff Lincoln statue that was in an abandoned gas station that got hit with fireworks on the 4th of July?


A man's greatness can be measured by his enemies. I cry for your destruction. You see, in my heart I am a socialist. I want all humans to help one another, work together, to cure all diseases, eradicate racism, drug addiction, strive towards gender equality, to explore this universe together, to end hunger, to end war, disease, to share equally and to propel our species towards our birthright, the stars.

I pain and hurt when I see the black race. I wish not to push my boot down onto their face, but rather to reach a hand down and pull them up. I admit science and experimental empirical evidence showing that mother nature hands out mutations randomly, and those mutations do not end at the human mind. The random mutation of intelligence is the cheat code of mutations. I desire to see blacks rise up from their low I.Q. status. We can never fix that until we can admit that mother nature handed out mutations randomly like throwing darts at a board.

I measure all ideologies, and I compare it to human nature.

And humans are controlled by a reptilian brain of innate genetic instinct.

Greed is incredibly evolutionarily advantageous. To hoard wealth is to provide the best fittest mates, to have the best medicine for your offspring, to live in the safest cleanest houses, to eat the healthiest foods.

To defeat such an instinct takes a vast amount of physical will that most humans are incapable of. It took me the greatest of exertions to fight it and it comes daily to attack and I must force it to submit daily.

Lets face it most people cannot control their base sexual reproduction urges and procreate openly on the streets like savages. The gays cruise in parking lots, bathrooms for that quick fast drug injection addiction into the brain of orgasm dopamine.

The straights do it in bars, sedating themselves with alcohol.

Until this changes, then capital , greed, capitalism is the best system to go with out reptilian base human instincts.

You communists already tried to purge every human who couldn't control it, but in every fresh crop you had to continually weed. Tens of millions purged. And in the end, failure. Defeat due to a lack of understanding of genetics, of the genetic code, of instincts, of evolution.

I mean, antifa members and commies get DOXed even faster than the nazis

As a matter of fact, this whole DOXing thing came out of retaliation for what the right was doing to you commies

you burnt people
and books as well
as a matter of fact your regimes historically destroy culture and cause uprisings of social unrest.
You talk about fun as if having it is a good thing.


wew filtered out the word d e g e n e r a c y to fun

why do these Holla Forums grandstanding posts always read like awful fantasy book prose? user, stop believing in magic and stop being autistic

Better than being a pretentious shut in cuck

But the 100 million gun owners disagree with you, violently disagree.
What is your strategy to defeat this?
How are you going to fight 100 million gun owning constitution worshipers?

LARPing on this board and shitposting on Reddits communist boards (That is when they even allow you CIS white males the muh privilege of posting on their website) a revolution do not make comrade.

Stay hidden in the shadows. Hide behind your masks. Keep destroying monuments and their numbers grow. White fraternities, military, police, guard, reserve, rednecks, even the football fans are outraged a darkie would have the audacity to kneel during their precious pledge.

Now ESPN is asking to have the national anthem and flag removed from games.
LOLOLOLOL! Fucking gold Jerry. Fucking gold!

They literally fly combat aircraft formations over the stadiums before these games.

Nay! For we of the Left wield the mighty Sword of Dialectical Materialism that will cut down all enemies of the Proletariat!

Only the 500 pound debt gorilla can save free speech now!

You mean the

So why are you supporting Nazis? They're not socialists.
You do realise that the black I-Q isn't just a result of inherited genetics, but epigenetics right?
On top of that the black I-Q within America is narrowing, along with their dropout rate. If you want to introduce more factors that increase the black I-Q fine, I'm not stopping you. I think it'd be a good idea too.



Read Marcos and Debord.

"art" is a completely retarded concept to begin with so who cares

The Goths march openly, tattoos exposed to the world, unafraid.
The conformists wear social masks and hide behind labels.
The Goths march openly wearing jewelry, humming in the night of death, rallying thousands upon thousands to their cause with every work of art the "normals" can't appreciate. Normies can't even into Marilyn Manson, ugh.
The conformists debate and argue about social norms and vandalize the deepest secrets of the human soul in the process.
The Goths are buying black headbands with skulls on them, getting haircuts that normies won't get. Cigarettes and crates of eyeliners. Coffee and scratched vinyl records. Getting tattoos (black and white tattoos > colored masterrace).
The conformists are posing in orderly hairdos, wearing suits, ready to conform to the system.

You push the challenge to those who you paint "weird" with a broad brushstroke, join us and destroy all of your culture and history, or join them and preserve it.
Join the conformists and face a life of boredom, destruction of all that will wither anyway, the brainwashing of your children, the demolition of your self-worth.
Or join the Goths and express your unique strain of pain. Your suffering. Your body. Your night, your shadow, your loneliness.

How much longer can you hold out before collapse?
How much longer before they arise once again, and you fall…once again.
History waits to repeat.
Rush to embrace your fate.

Wew lad.

capitalism destroys culture

Disagree on what? Us taking away their guns. We don't want to. We believed in an armed proleteriat.
What is your strategy to defeat this?

They don't look more retarded than "emo uniformed" antifa does to be honest

"Free the Islamo Fascists who stone women to death after they rape them if they dare to remove their garbage bag covers comrade!"

I liked you commies a lot better then you tore ass and killed every single living fucking thing in your path. When you hunted fucking wolves in the Urals, when you trained with firearms, and fought for a strong nation, cherished your flag, loved your fellow warriors instead of emasculated them, when you saluted the warrior instead of progressive stacking them. You have been hijacked. The third wave feminist jackals nip your toes, the antifa eat the food in your domain.

Truly the Lion quote we commandeered from Poolhall Junkies deserved to belong to you.

"You watch those nature documentaries on the cable? You see the one about lions? You got this lion. He's the king of the jungle, huge mane out to here. He's laying under a tree, in the middle of Africa. He's so big, it's so hot. He doesn't want to move.

Now the little lions come, they start messing with him. Biting his tail, biting his ears. He doesn't do anything. The lioness, she starts messing with him. Coming over, making trouble.

Still nothing.

Now the other animals, they notice this.
They start to move in.
The jackals; hyenas.

They're barking at him, laughing at him. They nip his toes, and eat the food that's in his domain.

They do this, then they get closer and closer, bolder and bolder.

Till one day, that lion gets up and tears the shit out of everybody. Runs like the wind, eats everything in his path. Cause every once in a while, the lion has to show the jackals, who he is. It's too late to be scared, it's time to kill…"


I don't know what's going on in this thread anymore.

But we hate progressive stack liberals you absolutely scrub.

Holy shit, I've figured it out. It makes so much sense now.

OP is Checkers. He's finally returned to us. I missed your raging autism, buddy.

We hate liberals tho, we're against the progressive stack. Also we're for internationalism, which means destroying the normative/ capitalist concept of a """nation"""
NOOOOO you don't say?
What in the name of good fuck are you talking about?
Is this some sort of Game of Thrones D and D shit you're trying to pull on us? Jesus lad, get a grip.
Ok, lad.

Welcome back, man.

This nigger.

This motherfucking nigger.

You own them.
You know they are in your court. You espouse "gulags" but we witness "micro aggression".
You decry third wave feminism, but we screenshot your ejection from your Reddit home likes Jews from Egypt. You were not diverse enough. You were mansplaining, you were pushing aside identity politics, a big nono for the true communists. Now you are outcast to the final garage metal cover band of Holla Forums, having the continual drip of Holla Forums raining down to remind you of your failures.hiding behind their offering of free speech while your homeland is torture chambered to the ground with pink ribbons and rainbows.

Did Charlottesville awaken you from your long slumber, Checkers? Or was it something else that put the autistic fire back into your veins and prompted you to shitpost on Holla Forums once again?

Ok, Checkers, we get it. You're mad.
Wait so who's the SJWs, us lot or you?
Also, who's """WE"""?
So you admit that we're true commies and that we should be SJWs? What are you on about?

Just stop posting you autistic nigger.

You can't reason with Checkers, comrade, just shitpost with him.

What retarded logic. If I own "both sides r bad!!!" / "MCcain/Pence are good neoliberal puppets so they better than Trump!" progressive clowns then you own Jihadists, as they're religious fundamentalists, a right-wing ideology.

Stop being such a newfag, negroid.

Feel free not to cover up, it'll make your deaths easier.

checkers logic:

I refuse to believe that a human being with a human brain typed this.


Not yet.

Are you mentally ill? If you want the future on the right, you will never get it by supporting BLM chimp and suicidal antifa losers. Unironically, alt-right is the only movement in today's society that opposes capitalism.

Can there be a peace between us? Can we fight together to destroy our common enemy?
Remember when we stood together once before? Are you allowed to remember? have they purged those triggering thoughts from your minds history?

We can forge new legends together.
Raise new monuments together to our glory.
Burn them out with such light and fury.

Stand with us.
Unite with us.
Fight with us.
Like we did once before.
Remember our greatness, and reignite the fire of the warrior inside of you.

I never thought I would die fighting side by side with a true communist.
What about a fellow (national) socialist?

As much as I've come to hate whites I hate morons like him who claim whites and the west will thrive through communism.
His image is just a shitpost in a pathetic attempt to change the minds of fascists like you.
Ignore him/

Go away, Checkers.

You could have just told me you have no idea what capitalism is.

Would you like some material or are you just here to shitpost?

Okay, this is getting too dumb.

A class conscious conservative or a pious, helpful religious man might be my allies but after how retarded your posts on this thread have been, you particularly will not be one of them. And for that matter neither will most of you capitalist stooges. Out. Now.

pls stay forever
I'm having so much fun right now, you wouldn't even believe
every post is better than the last

This is for you brother. I know not a single woman stands here with us on this board. Their identity and their heart belongs elsewhere to generate social revenue, to virtue signal, to farm sexual attention currency, to stifle debate with equality and social justice instead of workers uniting.

To that time when you believed in a strong culture, a stoic history, a brave family, a nations heart, warmth, the bond shared in two of the greatest nations to ever test one anothers ideology.

For you…my brother…my dearest enemy…my love…


I pray we either meet again on the battlefield as allies, or as enemies.
I pray you take the battlefield again some day and not rot away in the margins of history as a footnote, replaced by pink vagina hats and Antifa flags for sale on Amazon for $19.99 + tax (and tip goy).
Instead of hitting a bank of America window with a bike lock, rolling a burning dumpster into the street for a Black Block twitter feed photo opportunity, instead as brothers in arms. Fighters, warriors, noble adversaries, or bonded hearts of alliance to prevent our combined eradication.

The enemy who hijacked your Reddit homeland would just as soon vaporize and eradicate your masculine monuments of family, your noble statues to "triggering white men", your traditions, your hearts of fire and iron.

Inside you know this to be true.



"Gas the Jews" isn't the same thing as opposing capitalism lad.



It's just one example.

They know we would gas them.

They will come for your art, your stories, your legends, your "white male triggering muh privilege" soon. Your lack of diversity, your historical accuracy, your poets, your warriors, your battle markers.

Please for the love of god do not let them.
Do not let them eradicate your history.
Do not let them hammer your monuments.
Do not let them burn your art.


The fuck does that have to do with me, fag? Just cause these new kike-funded neo liberal conservative kingpins are convenient to your end and some of you have them as your allies doesn't mean I have to blindly follow their opponents, faggot. Stop operating under the assumption all of Holla Forums is progressive neoliberals, that's as stupid as thinking Holla Forums is all cuckservatives. It only takes like half a brain.

Shame you didn't have the foresight to not build your entire fucking movement on propriety internet platforms.

Like I said, you have no clue what capitalism is.

Oh boy, you're the gift that keeps on giving

I leave you with my favorite film of all time.

Cross of Iron

Hitler earned one during combat operations in WW1 when he dragged a grievously wounded officer out of no mans land back to the trenches under a heavy volume of direct fire. I hope the day does not come when such images and films are deleted from history, when mention of them is forbidden, when arrest follows those who salute fellow warriors and soldiers.

/salute you dirty filthy warrior bastards. Still alive after your purge from your Reddit homeland. Still fighting. Do not go quietly into that good night.

You can't eat bullets. Only a minority of proles are Nazis. You're water, food and supplies will be denied to you if you make a violent push to take over. If you do happen to be successful, and starve proles to accept Nazism, it will only prove what socialists have been saying about you and capitalism all along.

lefties beware

Our poorest society members are obese with Obama smart phones, meanwhile Venezuela soldiers are begging at the border for the neighboring countries to give them food.
Fucking begging…like slave dogs on their knees for scraps.
Top kek

So if you're able to seize power and proles reject your ideology and refuse to work to power your economy and war machine what will you do?
Import desperate Africans to take their place, make white proles work by force, strave them?

oh wow, not the alt-right dresscode makes sense

2/3rds of its economy is private. It's state sector is smaller than Norway and drives less of the economy, and that's not even getting into the fact that simple nationalization isn't socialism.



WWI was completely the result of capitalism, capitalism created the contradictions AND the industrial capacity to fuel such a war.


Russia is capitalist, so is German. Both countries population is shrinking. Russia has tons of starving people.

They are probably dishonourably discharged by now.