"Book Club Communism"

Antifascists in Tampa first announced themselves during pride month, leading an insurgent anti-capitalist bloc through the pride march to the cheers of working class queers in the crowd. Since then we have grown quickly in strength and unity, taking various smaller actions. Before the arrival of TMC and Suncoast Antifa, such actions were completely unthinkable in this area. We are progressing, but much work remains to be done. Our collective is working diligently towards concentric construction – building the basic forms of the party, army, and united front in our work. We have created rules of fitness, diet, and weapons training for all members of our collective. We will become a combat organization of the working class, we firmly reject the revisionist model of “book club communism.” We reject the revisionist denial of the necessity of anti-fascist work. We reject the revisionist model of an “activist” organization. Maoist organizations are partisan war machines created for the destruction of the state and creation of red power. We uphold that the mass line can be applied in anti-fascist work, and we are proving this in practice. Fake communists refuse antifa work, they rub their noses at the people’s struggles and speak of the “mass line” and the “workers” (what they really mean is an idealized version of the old white working class). They see “ultra-leftism” in every militant action. These people are nothing but academics with an activist hobby, they are not communists.
Well, are they right?

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I meant to put the top Tex in some kind of quote, but I forgot. Whoops.

Oh just fuck off already…

They're Maoists. Yes, Maoism has idpol tendencies, but they're clearly communists. This isn't like asking if some SURJ liberal is actually a crypto-commie.

Book club communism is pretty annoying, some faggot on here was trying to convince me that the American left needs book clubs and not guns a few days ago. I mean, I know they need to read, but it's likely they aren't going to until their LARPing starts to paint them into a corner where they have to read, and getting a gun is as easy as going to McDonalds, so it's a bit of a no brainer.


Sorry but no. Maoism failed miserably in the end. It should not be implemented anywhere anymore.


We'll, Maoist praxis has been pretty good, and that's what they're talking about.


Smells like a pussy leftcom


This is good because it shows that communism is becoming more prominent, but bad because they don't seem to care that much about "book club" communists. We aren't even organized in a national sense and they want to get sectarian right now? The revolution isn't going to be comprised of just a bunch of 23 year old smashies with a bone to pick with Nazis and cops.

I would hazard a guess that 23 would be the average age of most actual real world militant revolutionaries throughout history, maybe a bit higher, like 25/6, but certainly no higher than 30, at least in the beginning, this changes as the revolution matures, but revolutions are by and large youth events


Good point, comrade.

My advice would be–because I don't have simple answers–two things: (a) precisely to start thinking. Don't get caught into this pseudo-activist pressure. Do something. Let's do it, and so on. So, no, the time is to think. I even provoked some of the leftist friends when I told them that if the famous Marxist formula was, "Philosophers have only interpreted the world; the time is to change it" . . . thesis 11 . . . , that maybe today we should say, "In the twentieth century, we maybe tried to change the world too quickly. The time is to interpret it again, to start thinking."


That's not very good honestly. What does it mean, that nobody thought before the 21st? That speed was the problem? No, that's a terrible sentence, I'd be puzzled too if I heard it.

60-70's European Maoists were a wacky bunch

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism isn't verbatim following of Mao's thoughts, it sheds away revisionism found in his late life like the three worlds theory.

No, it doesn't. Maoism is revisionist and that includes MLM.

It is a good point but the average person in the societies that went communist was also lower back then. Radicals in the first world should be thinking about how to sell communism to wine moms and middle aged divorcees with Dad bod and not just to high school and college kids looking for the edgiest thing on the block.

I've found that many of the kids who become interested in communism I should know I used to be one of them haven't even entered the work-force aside from their summer jobs. I know that sounds condescending but I think its the truth we need more outreach with middle aged workers and less edgy LARP kids and lumpen.

*but the age of the average person