What did he mean by this?

what did he mean by this?

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We all go through existential mid life crises.

He was making fun of his son-in-law's brand of Marxism.

It's out of context, he was responding to his son or something.

he meant you're taking a quote out of context which is level -1 of discourse TRY AGAIN NERD

I think (heard it on a Wolff lecture) it was a group of Marxists who came to visit him and he said that after talking to them and concluding they were shithouse.

He obviously means that he renounces his faith in communism and actually loves capitalism. This was after debating a dapper and sophisticated AnCap over basic, simple economics.


What did he mean by this?

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i read that as "after debating a diaper wearing sophist ancap" and i think thats funnier

Karl Marx, if alive today, would have been a Holla Forums poster

He didn't want his theory to become some rigid set of beliefs but a living, always changing tool of the proletariat in their struggle against capital.

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he's right though
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but what did he mean by this?

"Marxism was a mistake"

Pseudo-Marxists and neo-Marxism was already a thing in his lifetime.

This, basically, but more than a set of theory he didn't want any -isms related to him be defined as dogma. He uttered that quote at a moment specifically to denounce impossibilism (principled rejection of all (bourgeois) politics) as having anything to do with his beliefs.

Fun fact: the Situationists (Debord, Vaneigem) and post-Situationists (Federici, Dauvé) comically used that sentiment when asked what they were and said "we are Marxists in the same way Marx was a Marxist when he said he wasn't one".

I am as much a Marxist as when Marx said "I am not a Marxist"

Stop trying to claim everything for ML, you cultist.

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