I propose that everyone who see this thread while scrolling, may comment in the bunker, make a thread etc… so it will generate a sustained population

Im out of here due to the increasing population of third worldists, tankies snd other low intellect beings

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I'm here for the memes. /lit/-tier navel gazing bores me.

BO is one of the primary fucking proponents of bunkerchan


8/leftypol BO = B/leftypol BO ???!

fuck off

a not insignificant chance OP is the BO trying to sockpuppet us into moving to bunkerchan

What did you smoke?

hello Holla Forums

I don't think he hates Holla Forums as much as say mainstream SJW liberals, and even if he did, he doesn't micro-manage the boards here, so I don't see your point.

He doesn't, he reads bookshin n shiet.

bunker/leftypol/ == 8/leftypol/
bunker/left/ == Bunkerchan administrators

Implying lad.

hotwheels hasn't even owned the site in like two years

hello retard

not so fast, kiddo

comrade brennan?

bunkerchan is shit fuck off

we exist as the only beacon of hope in an otherwise completely reactionary sphere. Cross pollination and raid conversion are our main tools in the information war. End yourself, we now have nearly 1500 members. An increase of about 300% In 2 or so years. We are coming bucko, and your subversion of this rising partei will bring you swiftly to the gulag.

Im not saying to abandon leftypol, but that the smartest people here should emigrate to the bunker


bunkerchan is dead mate

Not really newest post was yesterday.

I agree.