What is even this timeline?

What is even this timeline?

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This is truly the synthesis of anime and fascism

Somewhere out there is a WWII vet, loading his Garand, and making one final push against the fascist enemy. He's taking his time, because he's not as fast as he used to be, but he's coming in reality or in spirit.

He was always proud of his service in what he saw as the destruction of a reactionary horde of rapists

Two nukes wasn't enough.

That's about the only war I think was worth fighting in the US' history, other than the revolutionary war

Civil war fam
Lincoln was easily the most based president in history

Your grandfather was a great man for fighting against those chinks

I wish this was real.

I do wonder why Imperial Japan does not get the same amount of romanticism as Nazi Germany does from rightarded faggots. They are not really much different beyond the fact that Imperial Japan was more successful and lasted slightly longer than Nazi Germany did. They even have a cooler flag. Is it the uniforms?

Hey you dumb racist, he fought islandchinks, not mainlandchinks.

Because Japanese people fucked up by themselves and don't have a racial scapegoat. That is 100% of the reason Nazism has any ground in Amerikkka.

The worst one.

Uniforms aren't as cool. Also a lot of amerifats grew up listening to horror stories about the pacific front and therefore aren't too keen on romanticizing it.

Honestly who puts a mans balls in his eye sockets though.

Just from a glance it looks like they get laid even less than their American counterparts.

Now we just need a kick-ass commie group or ragtag team of different tenedcies working together defeat them.

*blocks your path*

The best timeline if you want a communist revolution. The worst timeline if you are a neoliberal corporate slut.

It's normal for a failing society to radicalise both ways.

Although it's funny because it might actually be possible, this is satire. Everyone between me and OP has been trolled.


it's kaiserreich tier
two bombs were not enough

The timeline where the establishment allies with the left in order to let them play the hero role while not touching what really matters

just add antifa into the sj crowd

Imperial japan was terrible, still americans provoked them into a war, dropped 2 nukes on civilian popolation and took all the merit for a war won by the russians

I takes a special kinda weeaboo to wanna LARP as imperial Japanese soldiers to make a political statement.


Kek, China and Both Korea need to see this news.


God bless grandpapa

Someone should limit how many medals a commanding officer can wear at one time.


lol wat? Didn't ameriga just stop selling them gasoline?

Am I supposed to take this seriously?
When will the Guidos arrive and turn Charlottesville into Flavour Town?

Deranged people make the news.
How surprising.

LARPers are inoffensive, it's people who hide their game like Peter Thiel or wealthy porkies that I'm concerned about.

This is what the original Donald has to say to this

That's a little disingenuous. Japan was expanding rapidly into southeast Asia through China. Japan was doing this because it had economic problems and the only way they could stay afloat was through pillaging so they headed south to secure rubber resources. They then targeted European colonies in the southeast islands to secure oil and gas because the Americans stopped selling to them. Japan knew that the Americans would declare war if they attacked the colonies and they would not survive a prolonged war with the US. So they planned on attacking Pearl Harbor, attacking the colonies and then making peace. I think the hawks in the Japanese govt hated this idea though.

After a rape-y clown became the president of a first world country, nothing surprises me anymore.

That's kinda sad actually.


That's what I meant by force them to war. It's not like they had other choices.
Imperial japan was terrible, they did some terrible shit in korea too. Still that's not enough to justify the two nukes, the war and taking the credit for winning.

Just gonna share the 4/pol/ larp. I might have missed a link

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read.

Yeah the US pilots in China were just on vacation.

The nukes were necessary for the US to control Japan. If the US took the conditional peace deal Japan offered Japan would eventually be free, and if they didn't and opted for an invasion the soviets would control it instead. Nuking however would guarantee a surrender and provide a live test for the new toys.

If you go to Yasukuni Zinsya (where that picture is taken) you can meet such people

You are proving my point by saying this shit

new greatest ally

No, the nukes were a show of force to the coming cold war. There's actual fact to back this theory up. It was a sacrificial lamb to fuel the tides of an upcoming war against the Soviets that manifest itself into the Cold War. Which wasn't Hot so much as it was Cold.

Stalin's solution of a main invasion through Korea onto mainland Japan to liberate Tokyo as the Soviet Army recently did to Berlin, would have been a far better way solution then nukes.

Reminder this is all SJWs' fault.

Yup, japan is the most classcucked country in the world

If anyone in history ever deserved to eat two nukes, it was Imperial Japan. They managed to horrify nazis.

I'm part korean, so I agree they were fucking horrible. But no. 2 nukes on civilians are not justified. Especially if are americans that drop them

I dunno, South Korea might have beaten it. It seems to have crossed the frontier into capitalist unreality.

I confirm this and confirmed this numerous times on this board. SK are top cuck

because Germans were white

WWII Japan was't trying to exterminate millions of people, they just got crazy violent during the process of invading China

is this real? i google it and it seems fake

This was also posted on pol. And, no, it's not real. That site is like the onion. On chans, often things are pretty quiet. One of the things the operators of them will do is feed them articles to maintain alarm, interest. It's all about ad view$$$$.

I hope not I thought the Japanese were on average far less autistic than the Italians or Nazis. I mean, out of all the Axis defeats Imperial Japans end was far worse than the rest. I just dont understand how they can want a round 2.

I hope its not real, is what I meant.

Could you guys at least try to not be so fucking stupid?



What are civilians if not the people who supply the military? The notion that there are non-combatants in a war is nonsense. The kindest act there is in war is to get the killing over with quickly.

Had to make it.

add hochie's trip on one of them

There are manga about the JSDF becoming a reborn imperialist army, for example Zipang about a JSDF cruiser going back to WWII shortly after the defeat at Midway where the crew decide to eventually fight for the Imperial Japanese Navy. Or Gate where a gate to a fantasy feudal world opens in Tokyo and the JSDF brings Japanese imperialism and the narrative actually expect the reader to cheer for the JSDF curb stomping peasant armies and forcing them to the will of Japan because the JSDF is the tool imperialism with a human face.

>nukes are anything but a more efficient way of what murricans were doing long before in Japan and about everyone else with their carpet bombing
well memed.

Two bombs weren't enough

pretty sure this is a fake article, but still funny

Red Alert 3?