Where will the next Communist revolution take place?

Where will the next Communist revolution take place?

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My pants.

The united states next year


Nowhere because the year is 2017 not 1917

She's got dinky little .22s, bless her.

who's gonna lead the revolution?


Steve Bannon

fuck yeah

I'm going to join the International Brigades

why not a coup instead? why does it have to be a revolution to achieve to socialism?

It has to be world revolution, it will end in stagnation.

Because military is usually against socialists.

First chairman of the United Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Front (URAF), Bernie Sanders.

I think you mean Commissar Corbyn


autonomous trucks introduced to the market -> millions of american truckers lose their jobs and livelihood -> rural/suburban america cut off life support -> revolution in the US -> global debt relief -> capitalism collapses, planned economies prosper -> possible octavian/antony battle of same ideology, different people between US and China -> communism

in my backyard

you're fucking delusional, USA isn't ready for revolution, maybe in 10-20 years but things have to accelerate first

The year is Juche 106

China. Seriously it would be though best place for a revolution to take place

what if you can convince them though?

so should we accelerationism then?

Rojava, so that they can purge burgers and liberals and actually working towards moving away from a market economy

All by themselves in a third world country hated by all its neighbors in the desert? Good luck with that.


If Sankara could turn a third world African country into a prosperous self-sufficient nation, then I guess anything is possible

Nepal. Screencap this

You keep being ignorant

First Brazil, then we'll revolutionize all of South America and move up.

In our hearts.

We'll call this the "Escape from LA" prediction

China or Vietnam

Well, it didn't last very long but I get you point.

Tomorrow in my garden. I'll show those fucking plants and bushes who is the boss around here.

Notable because it only ended due to imperialist assassination.

In the underground network of cities established in order to get away from Earth's surface, now ravaged by levels of solar radiation so strong that proteins instantly denature, let alone life forms. The porkies who caused it are now safely at play on the fields of Mars after a pleasing cruise aboard SS Elon Musk. Meanwhile, the rest of mankind is now forced to socialize the means of digging for precious earthworm protein.

Yes, this is our only way to establish the dictatorship of the Lemurian-AI god singularit- erm I mean of the proletariat, my friend

I'll screencap if you'll tell me which one of these will do it: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_communist_parties_in_Nepal

Any conflict zones with commies in it, namely Donbass, Philippines, Rojava, and so on.