Lame Raid Attempts

Listen you fuckers, you screwheads.
So you managed to finally find the right board.
Your attempts to BTFO arguments have failed.
Your attempts at memetic warfare have failed.
Your bots trying to spam have failed.
You cannot silence us.
You cannot outsmart us.
We are the future, you have created us.

OP, If you're trying to suck more cocks than the Reddit colony on 4chan and Holla Forums, you're succeeding.

I have not yet begun to suck cocks.

This. A thread died for this…

There was a raid?

pls gib rpg gf

there was spamming
quickly deleted as usual

no rpg gf for you, you get ghostbuster backpack gf

really? that's a shame, it really isn't that bad, give it a try next time

I think the maoist aestheic is best tbqh

This is the response to current year 4chan raids.

I really like how our mods are efficient af

But i thought people wouldn't work hard without getting paid because muh human nature

its amazing he said this an also wanted to nuke Korea lol

some generals end up left-wing when they get old, Smedley Butler is another

it's alright honestly, cool uniforms and propaganda, second only to the cigar fuelled m-26-7 aesthetic

Our mods are shit. So much Holla Forums shit gets through, especially the race """""""realist""""""" trash

BO is mentally unstable and out of touch, not enough vols for euro timezones, vols doing stupid shit, uneven enforcing of the 'no unironic nazbol' rule, i mean either do it or don't but don't apply it only at whim




If you practice killing the enemy, you will always be ready for war.