If the Zucc gets into power in the US come 2020 and implements the basic income crap that's been the trend in liberal...

If the Zucc gets into power in the US come 2020 and implements the basic income crap that's been the trend in liberal economic intellegentia these days, will dreams of an actual left-wing government in the US be dead? The only ways I can think to hit him would be if his liberal response to climate change (just slap a tax and forget about it, no need to build anything) was harmful to suburban and rural folks (which we don't want to hit since we actually do care about climate change) or if he manages to get the US involved in some war (which we could respond to like the New Left did in Vietnam, but this might make us seem like bleeding hearts who only care about morality and not improving domestic lives; this image is exactly why America hates the left).

No, UBI is a terrible idea for many reasons and one of them the inability to properly finace it. It's just plain too expensive to implement in a way that would eliminate absolute poverty.

This guy is the anti-Christ

Milton Friedman's original proposal for a basic income included prohibiting anyone with basic income payments as their sole means of support from voting. Tens of millions of superfluous people warehoused at a base level of subsistence aren't exactly great for political stability. Even if this worst case scenario doesn't happen, UBI is an excuse for the mass privatization of government services (because there are never ever ever any market failures) which would make things much worse for the vast majority of people. In the best case scenario, it's just another concession that will get yanked away like concessions historically have been whenever they are no longer needed.

There is no dream of an american left wing government. Unless the united states were to be broken up into multiple countries it will never happen.

If America is forced back into being just another regional power it might have a chance.

Hopefully America has gone so fucking insane by that point someone blows his head off during the primaries and we never speak of it again.



sounds good, forbid them from breeding too and it could work

Basic income as a standalone policy doesn't work and is self-desctructive. If he implements it instead as a partial policy, or low-medium amount policy, yea he'd become really fucking popular, the length of his popularity depending on how much he deficit spends most likely.

Zuckerberg could arguable become a left wing president, but he'd yield like dictatorial power over people even if his face doesn't suggest so.

How the love of the Volk declines in accordance with their income level!

How could Porky incarnate ever become a left wing president?

Yes, they will remain dead

UBI (end of wageslavery) is the true accelerationist praxis.

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That shitheel made billions selling people's information, photographs and pretty much anything you're dumb enough to put on facefuck.
He's the literal definition of porky.
He's also a mumbling, dorky manlet.
He might run, but no way could he win.
Even Facebook users think he's shit.

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Zucc seriously makers me question whether there's any merit to the whole reptilian thing. Just look at his fucking face, holy shit.

2020 campaign slogan:

Cucc for Zucc

Trump is an effete clown. Zucc could actually be the anti-christ. I hate to say I'd rather have Trump in a draw between the two, but I would.


If he wins the primaries I'm gonna blow up 3 army bases on european soil. Mark my fucking words, screencap this. I'm not larping I'll ask political asylum to china, north korea or russia

because you can be basically layer a temporary form of communism onto capitalism and have it be infinitely more "leftist" than any socialist state

Oh, on the contrary. UBI is a recipe for revolution. It is completely unsustainable, and it takes away the existential threat that unemployment poses to workers. Productivity would plummet, and the government would not even be able to raise revenue from them anymore.



you are the problem

I said temporary because it wouldn't last. But even just extremely good safety nets and traditional welfare programs being expanded would create a more non-hierarchical society (aka leftist) than like… USSR or whatever

communism can't exist on a large scale. It's a child's fantasy. UBI also would be a disaster as a standalone policy, but in combination with job guarantee, housing guarantee etc, living wage etc, at that point who fucking care s if we have capitalism? How would a bunch of communes be better at anything?

No one actually has an answer to how a network of communes that could hardly handle a mass drought would be better than luxury social democracy. You can even have luxury social democracy without raping third world countries.

yes it can, fag.

You have it upside down comrade.

Revolutionary potential needs to be fertilized by a soft left or even liberal takeover. UBI would offer something to the US workers they can never have without a revolution but will want after Zucc campaigns on it. I think it would be a good start for you fucking Burgers, much better than actual Nazis calling the shots.

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this is why i'm shilling UBI everywhere in normie circles to bring about a revolution, duh

But would you fucc and succ the zucc for beaucoup buccs ($30.9B)? I think you would cuccs.


America 2021, The Zucc is able to pay $19.8631…T National debt in just a few short months just buy selling the extensive data profiles The Five Eyes and other organizations have collected on consumers worldwide to the top advertising firms and corporations. God Bless America. God Bless The Zucc.

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he has the charisma of a rock and won't be able to make it through the primary