Jason Unruhe YPG

thoughts on jason's newest video about the ypg?

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He's been proven right, so of course he's gonna rub it into everybody's face.

The US is apparently denying this but it's probably true.

well the us can't be trusted, but niether can Reuters, the only news company with access to this exclusive.

if there is anything that belongs in leftytrash it is this

Turd Worldism is the most retarded ideology to ever exist, next to AnPrimm, NazBol, and general tankieism.

Jason isn't really a third worldist (which is good because it is not a marxist ideology.) He's just a confused maoist who really likes the DPRK.

What makes you think he's not a "true" Third Worldist?

For a moment I misread OP as dealing with an RPG about the Roo. What would that even look like?


daily reminder that jason is ALWAYS RIGHT, or almost always
anarkiddies BTFO

Little did the Americans know that they were just allowing themselves to be SURROUNDED!!!

Americans cucked again. YPG are masters of 8th dimensional chess.

this but unironically.

I do wish this were true.

I do hope against hope that Rojava becomes the communist version of the Taliban or something. Like seriously if America somehow accidentally kicks of the global communist revolution that would be so fucking perfect. But it won't happen.

We live in a time of miracles comrade, everything is possible.

He only argues from the point of economics. A real third worldist would also talk about base and superstructure and the exploitative nature of western culture.

there's a bunch of international volunteers, there arent as many volunteers to fight with the communists as compared to say the jihadists but it's still cool

Come here:

Hopefully by the time that happens the American empire has declined enough to allow Rojava to actually realize it's goals without getting fucked by the US.


Will we witness pic related?

Inferior version