I feel that the most useful people for spreading leftist theory today may be the economists who have went through the...

I feel that the most useful people for spreading leftist theory today may be the economists who have went through the whole rigmarole of neoclassical economics, and emerged on the other side as left-wing critics writing accessible books. Here in Europe, of course, we have Varoufakis who has completely demolished any illusion of the European Union as a positive project and shown it to be the completely undemocratic tool to force neoliberal policy. After seeing what he had to say I'm embarrassed for being an ignorant europeanist. Americans have Richard Wolff who is doing pretty great work for entry-level Marxism.

But I want to know, who else is out there doing this, providing some kind of "critique of neoclassical political economy" for the masses? It's clear Marx is simply not enough to see the awful horizon of capitalism in its contemporary form. We need to push rebel economists.

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Does he have any decent works deconstructing the EU? It's nigh impossible to find anything that isn't take my word for it tier.

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this though

Agree. Neoliberalism and neoclassical economics has become and pseudo-scientific religion. Check out a guy called Philip Mirowski. Also he's a liberal capitalist but this economist guy called Steve Keen is highly critical of mainstream neoclassical economics; I don't know what his exact policy suggestions are but he supports Corbyn and is friends with Varoufakis and Graeber, so I imagine his attacks on neoclassical econ must be good

Jim Stanford is doing this in Canada. He doesn't have the star power of Varoufakis or Wolff, but I'm reading through Economics for Everyone right now and it's quite good. It's written for people who might never have studied economics before, and its written explicitly for working people. I'm liking it, even if it goes over a lot of stuff I've seen already. It also openly explores the possibility of moving past a capitalist system, making it pretty good for convincing liberals or people who have never considered anything but markets and private property.

Has the leftcom flag become the official shitposting one around here?

Leftcoms seem to enjoy completely fetishizing certain writings of Marx and ignoring others. I think they'd like to pretemd the whole lower-stage communism and commodities existing after the revolution thing is not there.

Varoufakis' TED talk is a great way to spread to normies.

Marx was the GOAT philosopher but he left a lot of loose ends

Mark Blyth
Michael Hudson
Dean Baker
Thomas Piketty
Even fucking Krugman and Stiglitz are good for critiquing the neoliberal model as they are well respected by normies.

Also JK Galbraith, both Jnr and Snr.

also John Maynard Keynes is a good read to critique neoliberal

Maybe Paul Mason? I've been meaning to read Postcapitalism

Econfag here, don't do it unless you want an easy degree. You're looking at years of swallowing neoliberal shit and won't likely be in a position to critique capitalism to a wide audience. Furthermore if you do manage to somehow reach a good sized audience, there will be at least 20 liberals of various shades to contradict you and gang up on you and force you into an unwinnable war of statistics. If you've got the talent be an artist instead.

Varoufakis is for an EU reform rather than a complete dismantlement though. I agree with his conclusions on it being institutionally wired to support neoliberalism.
He also outright supported Macron in the French election, then again as a man of stature and influence he felt the need to sacrifice some 'purity' to get Macron some left votes to ensure that Le Pen is guaranteed to lose.

Yep, Mason and Mazzucato too.
There's a good video on YT with Mark Blyth and marxist economist Michael Roberts, if you were a normie and didn't know Roberts was a Marxist you'd think he comes across pretty well.
Also pic related is /ourguy/ but probably like kryptonite for normies.

Wait a second if Ben from Eastern Marxism/LeftEconomics stops his liberalism phase the second coming may not be far off.

I get the feeling from threads like these that there's already an oversaturation of heterodox economists and there's no point in pushing more as very few of them get any mainstream attention at all.

Steve Keen is amazing, and his book "Debunking Economics" is easy enough for laypeople to understand


Le Pen is superior to Macron though, as far as I can tell (though I don't speak French so I couldn't read their manifestos to see what their policies are in detail)

Le Pen pretty much stole her economic program from the french communist party, please don't actually acknowledge her. Talk about Mélenchon instead, he actually scored almost as high (1-2%) as Le Pen.

Paul Mason is Thomas Friedman tier of retardation. See this post about some of his wisdom and the replies under it.