Is it true Holla Forums? Does erotic capital really exist?

Is it true Holla Forums? Does erotic capital really exist?

also, what is your oppinion on the bourgeoisie theory of human capital, social capital and so on and so on? what is the correct marxist term for these?

The correct term for this is bullshit. You don't need marxist analysis for that. These forms of "capital" are not means of substinence that the bourgeoisie as a class have monopolized. As usual, liberal ideologues try to obfuscate class relations with bullshit like this. "If you have friends or lots of sex or went to university you're a capitalist of sorts :^)"

This is the kind of post I'd expect from a black liberal AKA "anarcho"-nihilist

literally none of what you are implying is true or discussed in the talk or in her book

good job being the reason leftypol is going to shit

Well, you can separate the peel from the acid part of the lemon. In fact, if you wait for it to dry, the peel will still be yellow, but won't contain much acid. This is a terrible analogy and shows massive ignorance when it comes to the knowledge of lemons.

because that's the topic to discuss, yes

Lemons are serious business in my line of work.

Are you involved in the Lemon Party?

Just seems to boil down to, women have advantages over men because they are pretty. The prettier you are, the easier life is independent of your class and other circumstances.
It seems like it's just parsing of the superstructure. And bog standard common sense.

My gramps is a founding member.

plot twist; is an excellent analogy explaining the able separation of sex relations from class relations

I insist that girls must have a permit to get a BF. No BF permit, no relationship. No gay. That would show those girls….

She's got a lot of book learnin for someone who sounds like an /r9k/ poster who just read Houellbecq

I think you're seeing more academics address /r9k/ PUA No Girlfriend type issues is because capitalism and greatly reduced the classic superstructural cultural differences that classically divided proles like Religion, Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation.
That's also why you're seeing the rise of Neo Nazism.
But new superstructual divides are emerging based more on shared physiology and trauma. For instance men who feel they have been left behind by modern courtship, types of consumerism like movies or videogames, or women that cannot find a man with a high enough status to wed.
The borugious is once again a step ahead of leftists as the quibble over the legitimacy of groups like /r9k/s.

you're also more likely to have undamaged dna, access to hygene and cosmetic methods/surgery the more wealthy you are, whiter teeth etc.

Porky even has a name for it its called PSYCHOGRAPHICS


How can we abolish erotic capital?

meant to quote

a Virtual Reality goft economy where you can modify your persona according to your tastes



Wew lads, can't wait for french thinkers to finally go mainstream so we can actually tackle serious issues.