Did Political Correctness Cause Fascism in the US?

Did Political Correctness Cause Fascism in the US?
/ourguy/ at Zero Books has another video out today
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No, fascism has always existed in America. Political correctness is just liberalist answers to perceived injustice. It's misguided revolutionary potential, imo.

However, fascism is simply using it as an excuse to rally together. The nature of capitalism would have lead to this one way or another. Fascism is the defense of capitalism as it collapses. It's capitalisms defacto paramilitary unit.

It's not tue fault of the woman getting beat she got beat for cooking that grilled cheese? It's the inevitability of the material conditions created by capitalism.

The KKK was not created by political correctness and Holla Forums has always had Nazi views even before political correctness.

LOL. Political correctness predates the internet by decades m8

LOL at how he uses Macintosh Plus in every video.



Second link is about fascism in America, the first is a short summary on historical fascism. Your question doesn't really make sense.

you could argue that PC makes it worse though. the class narrative is the only thing that beats the fascist narrative.


He literally says at the beginning of the video that political correctness didn't cause fascism. How is the board quality getting this bad?

It didn't create it, but it definitely drove people towards those who criticized it. Those people just so happened to be fascists.

did either of you guys click the link or

No it didn't. It's just post /new/ (/pol's) way of justify themselves for the stupid shit they support and do.
They have always been haters of "niggers and kikes" just because they don't like the sight.

They will always cry: "well it's YOUR fault we're like this!" that's all reactionaries do always. But no it's in fact their own fault they're how they are.
Reactionaries are Rightwing SJWs

Imagine being this new to anonymous imageboards. I'm convinced black flag, and Ancoms flags are the new indicators that somebody's a Reddit transplant.

that doesn't rebut my claim that political correctness predates the internet, which is a fact. The term caught on in the late 80s, particularly with the publication of Allan Bloom's 'Closing of the American Mind'

Nah, Again, material conditions created by capitalism will lead tov shit like this. That doesn't really matter.

I dont think it matters to the postulation.

Holla Forums was nazi ever since it was /new/

I don't think the USA can ever be fascist. It's not in its DNA. Imperial conservative capitalism - yes, fascism - no. Fascism can't exist without mythological past (which the US doesn't have), biological determination of the nation state (which the US doesn't have), appeals to aesthetics (which the US isn't capable of), an extremly statist perception of polticial organization (which the US never shows) and class collaborationism through the state (which is antagonizing to most Americans). Phenomena like the KKK is semi-mystified appeal to a colonial past, it's thoroughly racist, but not fascist. The USA will never be fascist. I hate when leftists use the word fascism for everything they can't explain.

cowboys. just spitballign some good ideas

What the fuck? lmao.

This source is quasi-true.

Fascism is the restoration of profit by authoritarian means. Everything else is just window dressing.


An overwhelming belief that the united states is a Christian nation.
Manifest Destny.
Red white and blue flags ARE the aesthetic.
Texas, California, Louisiana, p much all states view them selves as the superior part of a homogenous whole.

Literally the whole country is cucked by the idea of petty capitalism.


Also, this.

America is full of every identity problem that can fuel fascism ten times over, and it's incredibly sad watching it try to manifest itself in the only way America possibly could manifest it.

Extremely sadly to the rest of the world and the immigrants here they're hoping to threaten.

American chauvinism is real, the problem is, it's not very impressive outside of an idea. Biologically it's fat, impotent, suffering from heart disease, it's mixed down the line, and it don't even know it. Have this idea of whiteness in America that's so homogeneous only America could come up with it.

It's a threat, but it's a sad pathetic threat.


national history can easily be reinvented by elites to suit their interests

Why do they need to shill Capitalist Realism in every single video? I get it, it's a great book (if a little too insubstantial in places), but there are other things in their catalog to sell.

Uh, no, we rightists are legitimately pissed that you morons want to take away our freedom of speech with your political correctness taken to insane levels.

Christianity is universal and therefore not necessarily an integral part of fascism. Catholic traditionalism can be, but the United States follows are particulary protestant, individualist strain of Christianity.
Colonialism/White Man's Burden bullshit. Not fascist because it doesn't appeal to a alleged past dominion over territory.
And that's why it can't be fascist. USA is founded on the basis of liberal capitalism, the whole founding myth is completely antagonistic to fascism, it's per definition civic nationalist and inextricably interlocked with classical liberalism as an ideology. It could only become fascist if the USA as an ideological construct was entirely dismantled.

The KKK is fully run by the CIA and FBI and is not a legitimate group to use against us. Every single leader = FBI/CIA controlled

46 year old here. No, it didn't. We had no political correctness that even comes close to this. We had more freedom, everything was cheaper and better. You guys now live in a shit world and I feel sorry for you. Especially you blue haired SJWs and limp wristed nancy boys who hate freedom.

What I mean is that the KKK is actually run by you guys. The KKK is a tool you use to discredit us "Nazis". You guys send them to our legitimate gatherings to discredit us.

Of course it's fucking lame. It's value meal fascism. Their identity and aesthetic is constructed entirely from vacuous consumer culture. Illustrated perfectly by the major set piece for their performance in Cville - Tiki Brand TIKI Torches from Wal-Mart. They're buying all the right products and saying all the right things; adorning themselves in the approved signs that project the image of a fascist which is ultimately only derived from a commodified impression of a fascist gleaned from interactions with various media outlets. It's a bunch of dangerous, aesthetically challenged LARPers playing politics.


First as a tragedy then as a farce.

literally no one wants this. we just dont see why fascism should be given any ground whatsoever when every time this has been the case you guys on the right end up murdering every one.

explain please user


Everyone over 30 should be eaten alive, especially you

America is full of identity issues fascism can take root of, but America trying to revive fascism looks fucking pathetic, because it's not the fascism of the past. It doesn't look good, it's not attractive, it's purely American. Guts in white polos and skinny legs in tan khakis.

It's not the fascism of the past because fascism of the past picked and chose who goes to a rally being filmed, and that just isn't the case here. An attempt to do that here would be disasterous and cause internal strife within themselves.

And so, we get a taste of what this "American Fascism" looks like.

It's not as pretty as European fascism tended to hold itself to, it suffers from all the issues an American made fascism would look like.

this opinion just lacks so much nuance. imagine having such a basic opinion as this.

'PC' and fascism are class phenomenons, both created by material conditions, ie. deindustrialisation, globalisation and the postfordian economy. 'PC' was a product of the age of TINA and the collapse of the 1960s left, associated with a professional liberal managerial approach to sociaI problems. expect the worst idpol shibbolets to disappear in an age of renewed class politics. Specially considering much of it comes from for profit diversity consultants such as Tim Wise and Peggy McIntosh (both professional class whites). Communism will mean the right to not give a fuck, no need for guilt or victimisation.


It's nice that Nagle reaches a cogent conclusion despite getting literally everything wrong about Gamergate.

gamergate was a 9th order simulacrum, the desert of the real.

Gamergate distracted from issues actually limiting gaming from becoming an art, and that's its extreme corporate culture. It focused on what it opposed focused on and the two fed into each other. Perhaps, in its initial spark it was for something more.

In order for a game to be made you have to have a studio behind you and that studio has to have a publisher, and everything gets muddled into spitting out a focus tested mess they can hoop in with pre order bonuses and other shite.

What gamergate should have been about is unionizing the work space of gaming so it can have an upper hand against these powers, but it just didn't focus on that. Focusing instead on the "Other" more often than not.

Well that's part of the irony. The SJW journos are a major factor limiting gaming from becoming art, but they'll never realize it. Early on I could have discussions about the broken financing model harming games, the sort of discussion journos never had. But those days are gone. Liberals have ruined everything, as usual.

Anyway, I maintain that GG was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the left, and we blew it simply because the cucks shitting on it were our fwiends on Twitter.

What's funny is that both sides claim this.

I disagree actually, I find no way these people are making it less off a form of art besides perhaps more praising corporate culture, and you don't see that much anymore. Only at that time it initially sparked off, and then it quickly got over taken by identity politics madness that did nothing to achieve anything than making it's prior problems worse.

But then again, so has gamergate. It had the chance to talk about unionization, but I find it very odd these discussions over having more control over a creative medium to let a vision, be less of a focus tested mess more sponsored by corporate culture than NASCAR, just didn't happen.

I have a feeling gamergate was used by PR firms to make a point, egging them on as they went on to not establish any grassroots leftist organization.

It became more far right, more accepting and defensive of the corporate structure of video games as opposed to unionizing voice actors, artists, unionizing programmers.

It could have been something more, but it wasn't. We can all think about why that might have been.

Game "journalists" are glorified advertisers. They are losers, just like gamers. There's no conspiracy. If you want to attack anyone for "ruining" vidya attack the CEOs of gaming companies themselves.

a case of pure spectacle.

Nice vid as usual. The looming end of identity is very true. Strange how almost nobody talks about it.

Love Zero Books. Doug is 100% /ourguy/
So is Fisher. Good video.



That happened awhile ago, when r/politics learned about this place.

I'll shut up about GG after this post before the thread's completely derailed, if no one wants to keep this going. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I disagree, because they really are self-important nitwits trying to declare what's art and what's not. And it just so happens the stuff made by their friends defines the former. Yeah, no.

Also that's one of the things I kept asking myself from the start. According to market research, game reviews have less impact on a consumer's choice than the fucking cover, so who the fuck keeps all those shitheap sites afloat? The only possible answer: publishers. They buy ad packages and "incentivize" journos for good reviews, and in return they get those precious "GOTYAYEY" and "11/10 it's okay" seals to slap on their boxes. Rinse and repeat. Glorified advertising, as someone else said. And it would have remained that way if only they had curbed their gregariousness and virtue-signalling.

I agree with everything else, but I blame that on journos too. In circling the wagons around their sociopath friends and decrying GG as the buttbaby of Hitler and Torquemada, they gave the right a monopoly on the truth. Essentially, as with Trump, they summoned demons into being and now they're stuck in a hell of their own making. Which they'll never admit, of course. If the left had joined in early on, it would have been oh-so-much different, because it was an audience of smarter-than-average liberals, a perfect demographic for radicalizing. But instead of doing that, fags like Virgil Texas promptly defended SJWs, and here we are.

That's a cheap shot, user. I have absolutely no doubt that at least once in your life, when explaining international capitalism to other people, you were accused of conspiracy theory. It was bullshit then as it is now. It's simple dirty business and class collusion, plain as day, as you yourself say with "glorified advertisers" (plus cronyism, in this case). Cries of "conspiracy theory" are fallacies in both cases.


THIS you stupid cunts.
Absorb what you want to comment on before you comment on it, or you're no better than the YouTube "rational sceptic" community.

half the people you listed aren't even fascist but they're all capitalists yeah



There is zero fascist presence in the United States. Even on Holla Forums it is astronomically rare to see someone who actually believes in fascism, not the modern democrat "fascism" but fascism by definition. As in a system of government in which every facet of society (corporations, religion, workers, government, media, etc) is united without competing interests under a totalitarian state which forcibly crushes any dissent and threat to unity.

Are you talking about white identitarianism? White nationalism? Liberalism? Those have nothing to do with fascism, but yes their rise is the result of political correctness.

Spot on. It breaks my heart that these kids have no concept of what life was like before the neoliberal rot took hold.

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