4chan is trying to take down the Lenin Statue in seattle. How do we fight back?

4chan is trying to take down the Lenin Statue in seattle. How do we fight back?


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Nobody cares as it is on private land and is not government sanctioned speech. A private statue on private land harms nobody in particular.

Step 1: don't do anything and let Holla Forumstards get arrested for vandalizing private property

Step 2: exploit the most positive press Lenin has ever gotten in America

Step 3: FALGSC

I'm surprised there's a Lenin statue anywhere in America

Holla Forums is so fucking pathetic.

Let them…at least it will be ironic.

We don't, it's a waste of time. That lenin statue is privately owned anyway and in a neighbourhood full of petit-bourg liberal yuppies.

i had no idea there was a lenin statue in usa


we dont

yeehaw cowboy this is a mighty fine all american thread y'all got here

There's a few: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_statues_of_Vladimir_Lenin#America
There's even one on Antarctica. My country has no lenin statues but it does have a stalin statue :^)

There are several I believe.

Nothing. Fighting over street decoration is not politics. When communism seizes power, it might become a practical task.

Simple, we don't play the game comrade. If we sperg out over the removal of a statue, we make it appear like a victory for the reactionaries. They will feel like they have delt us a blow, and will become emboldened. If we walk away, then what honest damage have they done us? Little, not counting the ego. If they succeed? We can just start painting murals of Lenin or Hammers and sickles across our international reach, then photograph and post them to the chans and the normienet, let them know that we aren't monolithic.
The moment we start playing this game, we might as well lose. We need to remain formless, elusive, and fluid. Our monument is the society we are building, not some giant copper idol.

We bring cameras to fill our /cow/ folder.

It's just a statue who gives a damn.

The reason people attack the statues of confederates in the United States is the statues themselves are part of a concerted effort to change history and muddy the waters of what happened, that's why there are millions of them and only a few of say Lenin or Marx in the United States. The taking down of confederate monuments erected in the recent past is basically an attempt to return them to their proper place in history- that of the cemetery and the museum and not as representatives of modern governance in the united states. That's the big difference between say statuary of the founding fathers versus that of confederate generals- one group is the entire basis of American government while the others are basically participation trophies for traitors and treason.

Much like the alt right people are fond to say- in an ideal world there are no participation trophies, especially not in civil wars.


A confederate statue erected on private land is perfectly safe, gaudy but safe. Nobody cares about the guy with millions of billboards of aborted fetuses and obonglers eating dogs or whatever- though they will not be free from judgement. On the other hand people do care if their local government begins installing monuments of the ten commandments and statues glorifying traitors and treason.

lets have a massive commie rally around it, imagine the lulz

yeah I'm sure that'll be a gas you go on ahead we'll enjoy it from here

by sitting on our asses and talking shit

told you about property giving you freedom

t. Proudhon

We have no reason to be there, communists don't care about statues like butthurt pol losers do.

A statue is a statue
The symbol of Lenin is stronger than any stone. Besides there will come a time we can put up as many statues of leftist heroes as we want anyway.

Oh god, 4/pol/ is going to attempt an IRL raid? What do you want to bet that they all raid the wrong city, and only a couple of the more high-functioning autists manage to find their way to Freemont?

Actually you know what let's address this head on- 4chan isn't going to do anything as it is incapable of doing original or innovative things on its own. 4chan, especially in Holla Forums as it stands today is p much just a puppet site from which larger communities try to stir up shit by tricking pol posters into becoming white nationalists and marching with bigger sites like Stormfront and Reddit. Pol is such a cucked board that it literally just follows the herd now. Kinda sad and low energy honestly.

Hey, that article says that the statue is for sale–just a quarter-million in a town where condos go for three million. How cool would it be to actually have that thing for a local socialist chapter?

A guy who happened to know the original sculptor saw it waiting to get melted down and didn't want the craftsmanship destroyed, so he sunk a considerable amount of his own money (even mortgaged his house) into having it moved to the US. After he died his family sold it to a foundry to be melted down, but the foundry owner ALSO hated to see it destroyed so he got the local chamber of commerce to hold it in trust until someone bought it. The neighborhood in question has a lot of oddball statues so it really fit right in.

4chan is a parody of what it was ten years ago. Their raids are hilarious flops; they can't even raid the right places. They get angry at people, because they actually care about issues. Their memes are imports from Gaia Online and image macros from Meme Generator. None of them have anything more shocking than a few gore pictures and harddrives full of black dicks. When they go out IRL they look like they are retards attending a convention. The site is a Google data pool. They are a disgrace.

It really is quite striking.
Sage for pointless thread.


NOBODY knew about the statue until some butthurt Holla Forumstards googled about it and decided to whine on 4chan about how those damn commies have a Lenin statue in 'Murika.

If I was into that autistic pseudo-esoteric stuff Holla Forums's into, I'd say that this chain of events is no mere fluke, that "THE STATUE IS PROTECTED BY THE SPIRIT OF LENIN AND SHIELDED BY THE SPECTRE OF COMMUNISM!"

Lenin himself wouldn't have given a fuck about any statues of him and we shouldn't either.

Lenin explicitly stated in his testament, that he doesn't want a cult of personality around himself, because unlike Stalin, he wasn't a narcissist faggot.
4chan is actually doing him a favour.

You point put that the statue is privately owned and on private property, whereas the confederate statues were the opposite.

Let them.
Some more of those autists will be arrested while squealing "muh freeze peache" and another good chuck will end up on an fbi watchlist.
Who the fuck cares about a statue anyw…oh, I see Holla Forums, this was a sorry attempt at a bait? Cute.

we fight staying in ours comfy armchairs reading

Well it seems more like an unnecessary modesty, Lenin serves as an important symbol of communism

Lenin did not want to become an object of devotion, so much so that he was upset when people started celebrating his birthday.

Lmao they ain't taking it down. That statue is THICC as fuck.
It would be a waste of time anyways, we would just rebuild them and hang pure ideology niggers on them post-revolution.

Dude I don't mind if there are people here from reddit but please stop with the FALGSC meme it's cringy. Also stop overspacing.

Based. Surprised they only have one.
Also wtf? No statue in Canada?

A lot of people have put significant effort into preserving it on artistic merit, if anything keeping it up is to honor THEM, not lenin himself, the damn thing is regularly vandalized, dressed up in drag for pride day, Christmas lights during the winter, etc.

People need symbols and Lenin is a brilliant figure in the communist movement, it's somehow counter productive

not to mention blood painted on his hands

Why fight back? If anything, we should egg them on. Destroying public property only gets you a puny vandalism charge and a slap on the wrist. This statue is private property worth a whopping 300k dollars, and Porky will royally push in the shit of anyone who ruins it.

This is sad, they didn't even try to bring it down. All they did was pathetically protest around it with some shitty signs.

alt-right is just the lolcow that keeps on giving

I agree, the greatest testament to Lenin isn't some statue its his literature

Communism is about abolishing pedestals and idols.
Why of course it is only natural to build more pedestals and idols

nigger why on earth would I want to waste my fucking time? it's a goddamn statue

Don't do anything. Whatever these spergs do now will backfire so let them off the leash.