What are some videogames about communism?

What are some videogames about communism?

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Don't Starve

Capitalism Plus

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Grim Fandango

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Bioshock 2

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There is no such thing as a socialist video game or even a video game about socialism (in contrast with novels or films) because the video game medium as we know it today rose to prominence in the '90s, an era in which radical politics had lost their appeal, legitimacy and representatives.

The only game to vaguely qualify is MOTHER3 thanks to its themes: history and memory, community and atomization, autonomy and alienation, nature and technology, utopia and dystopia, etc.
And the antagonist's name is Porky.

You could say the game embodies the saying: "First as a tragedy, then as a farce." I'd argue the game embraces historical materialism without knowing it.

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Red Alert 2
World in Conflict

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Tropico series and Democracy 3 are socdem wet dreams.

TF2 parodies corporatism hilariously, but that's not the main topic.

Add Grim Fandango

Is not communist but is still a damn good game so you should check it out. Also No More Heroes (by the same guy) was about neets so it's obviously about capitalist alienation too

Night in the Woods comes close. It's primary a coming of age story, but there are a few anti capitalist themes. The town it's set in is an economic wreck after an unsustainable mining boom, there is a reactionary group behind the main conflict of the story, and one character is literally a socialist though only mentioning it in passing.

Oh boy do I have the game for you

Stalin's Dilemma.

Stalin's Dilemma.

Never heard of that one. Looks like my kind of game.

itoi knows his shit

RED ALERT SERIES, #2 is the best one

team fortress?

One of the best intros of all time.

Yes. One big company practically owns the world and sponsor an eternal war between two smaller companies (war started over the pursuit of profit, which turned out to be nothing but gravel) in order to get more money.

But that's only the old-ish lore, though.


Genesis Sonic was AnPrim.


Its more of a Regan era red scare wankfest.
Red Dawn the video game

But I'll be damned if it isn't fun and the soundtrack wasn't great.