What's your excuse for not reading Trotsky yet?

What's your excuse for not reading Trotsky yet?

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he was a filthy jew

I have trouble PICKING the time to do so.


bugger off, m8

Trotsky is stupid fucking imperialist

Trotsky himself never stopped defending the USSR, it's his followers who are useful idiots for the CIA.

I'm starting with the greeks.

get out debatably not tanker

Stop making bullshit up

The Neocon "Trotskyists" don't come from Trotsky himself, but rather the fucking morons who disagreed with Trotsky's analysis of the USSR. Here's a typical progression

trotsky defended the ussr till the day it murdered him, you dirty swine

wtf i love Christopher Hitchens now

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I haven't gotten to him yet.

Trotsky was american's puppet from the get-go, and killed tons of workers as "counter-revolutionary" just because they were part of different workers party than bolsheviks. Bolsheviks was a burger-controlled "revolution", fucking fight me if you disagree.

trots are thots

trot patrol


He also serves as a warning to every opportunist and tankie to never go full tankie yourself.

Trotskyism is the retarded twin of Marxism-Leninims. Might aswell read Stalin, Mao and Hoxha.

Is there a good reading list for Trotsky? I got a dope hardcover of his autobiography in this rare book shop, and have read some of his small pamphlets, essays, etc. but am not really familiar with arguments for world communism vs nationalist communism.

ABC of Dialectics
In Defense of Marxism
History of the Russian Revolution
The Revolution Betrayed

The Permanent Revolution
What is Fascism and how to Fight it (and all of his writings on Nazism)
Trotsky's military volumes
Stalin School of Falsification
His autobiography


I read some excerpts of his economic "thinking" and that was enough. There is also this famous piece of wisdom about everything, from gold (good) to bubblegum (literally Hitler): marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1934/08/ame.htm

he died today. HU HA TROTSKY