Leftist Critiques of Identity Politics and SJWism

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Angela Nagle

Walter Benn Michaels

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Jodi Dean

Shuja Haider

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Oh shit I forgot about one of the best ones!

R.L. Stephens

I'm looking for a convincing leftist defense of identity politics and SJWism, things that I believe most of the time are 'empathy' and 'basic human decency'

The first Mark Fiser article was so bad I couldn't get to the part where it talks about identity politics because I was busy being sick

I was 14 once too.


Nancy Fraser

Amber A'Lee Frost

Mark Fisher is a liberal


This board is pro-social justice, moron.

you should read the links

the point of idpol critique is that it fails at delivering social justice because it ignore class
you can't actually help blacks in the ghettos with idpol, you can help them with class struggle


nigga I'm not clicking Jacobin links

One doesn't affect the other. You can still show solidarity and support idpol causes (that generally align with Marxism either way) while focusing on class. There is potential for recruitment too and idpol can serve as the first step.

Can we make a second leftypol for all the morons coming here from r/socialism in droves?


"justice" is a spook; we support things that can be called just but we do not support them for the sake of being just. moreover, there are things that are just that we do not support. to care about "justice" is to cry over spilled milk; our goal is to make something, not to "restore" something

And I thought wordpress accounts of communists were only schizophrenic bullshit. But I disagree on a lacanian perspective being "elitist" or on Zizek rejecting historical materialism. He should definitely not dismiss the LTV and libertarian socialism.
The author is also wrong on Zizek losing popularity, he's only gaining more and more as "left" liberals are losing hegemony.

If it's idpol it's not class focused and doesn't align with Marxism.
There are enough red liberals already.

I tried to. Fisers bitching seemed like a parody. Attempted it again but Nagle was bitching about mostly imaginary white guilt too, picking up singular examples and attempting to weave a narrative with amateurish psychology. Had to give up after that.

Class is key but not everything Marxism is about for fucks sake. Engels discussed most of SJ topics and only brought up class to exemplify it. Obviously one should keep the big picture in mind but the small bits matter too.

How horrible, people slowly moving into the right direction. Let's tell them to fuck themselves and their problem and remain pure. How did it work out though?


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That's bit rich for someone believing into white guilt meme.

definitely nothing but a meme

"There are couple idiots out there, I have pictures!"

The really gross part about this is that they reframe the problem of racism so that only mighty whitey can fix it.

A couple of idiots with millions of fans…

I love how the first one is an unwitting backhanded apology.

How many pictures do you need? I can get more if you want. There's no shortage. I used these cos they're rich as fuck celebrities with millions of fans. Read the Nagle piece again -
it's pure narcissistic self-flagellation.

Also I'd highly recommend the RL Stephens one

Oh, I wonder why they would try to jump on SJ train!

In the examples it's simply PR.

Now what about an actual white guilt movement, not some celebs attempting to ride on SJ.

Got a text from RL Stephens? Videos are such a crappy medium for serious topics.

Black americans should ask them for their money and see how they respond

That it's so easily appropriate by them should set off alarm bells - that's the point

All of identity politics is PR. It doesn't want to change society, it just wants to diversify it.

They're called SJWs. They have whole websites and a distinctive aesthetic and vocabulary.

There's no transcript of that exact talk but he basically argues that intersectionality is anti-Marxist and he supports what's often pejoratively called class-reductionism. Here's some good written pieces:

Blacks outside of the university and professional victim class don't actually like limp-wristed pandering. Those people are bourgeoise anyway.

Social justice was a slogan coined by a Catholic reactionary and used extensively in fascist rhetoric. What we fight for is socialism.

I do. It just so happens that material and psychological well-being for all humans is the most just goal of all.

I actually find the term pleasing, what is inherently wrong with justice, especially when taken out of the context of a carceral legal system.

things get tricky when you start talking about 'psychological wellbeing', an issue that can't be solved from the top down by technocrats. identity politics has a tendency to create new normative subjects that serve the needs of capital, new normative models of success and alienating norms of social behaviour. Maybe its time to reclaim individualism from the right. much of the left has accepted the postmodern cybernetic paradigm in which humans are assumed to have no control over the production of their lives, not subjects, but objects to be constructed by the system. The actual core of pop social justice, that is the rationalised technics of 'decency' is pretty much the product of for profit 'diversity consultants' like Peggy McIntosh or Tim Wise (both professional class whites from the United States).

Capitalism is the reason they have millions of zombie fans. Do you understand now?

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there's no such thing as "social" justice, there's just "justice". civil rights for one is civil rights for all.

Every time I say that a document akin to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ought to be used as symbol by socialism, there's always someone who cries about bougie this and spook that. I figure socialists should draw a line in the sand and say "yes it's arbitrary but I don't care, this is the bare minimum a human being should have in material, psychological and legal terms". We have too damn much talk of social constructs, but not enough objective standards with which to demand improvement of human life.

Like you said, psychological wellbeing can be tricky to pin down perfectly, but you can still have a baseline, like access to medication, freedom from the prospect of destitution etc. Socjus hucksters ought to be treated like the quasi-religious charlatans that they are. In fact, a lot of bastards ought too.

the Amber A'Lee Frost article was great in my opinion. It basically uses a lot of examples to illustrate its points which is good for entry level libs and uses unions as an example of a form of organizing that is actually successful and helpful rather than just say "look how useless your praxis is idpol liberals."

Sent it to a friend who is super into idpol and hopefully it works on her a bit. She posted this thing online the other day about "the 8 kinds of white people" and when i asked her what was significant about it she basically gave me a huge argument about how its important to make sure people are nicer to each other especially POC. I mentioned that 24% of black households in america live off less than 15,000% a year and asked how that would help her response was "not everything needs to be about radical change, lots of people arent educated like us so you need to help explain the complexities of race and why we need to eliminate whiteness from society." Yes because an uneducated white person is gonna respond so much better to "we need to eliminate whiteness" than to "lets unite regardless of race and background against the capitalist class exploiting us all together."

Hit her with some R. L. Stephens



the whole system of generic social justice buzzword theology comes not from tumblr, as it is commonly believed, but from the community of for profit 'diversity consultants'. a multimillion dollar business. It is an essentially managerialist, elitist and patronising system that works to obscure people's true interests. Only certified experts are able to 'deconstruct' whiteness, muh privilege, heteronormativity, etc. all pervading intangible concepts with no clear definition. degraded secondhand postmodernism turned into managerial class ideology.

Peggy McIntosh is one of those 'diversity consultants' she is famous for coining the modern concept of 'privilege'. Is she a brilliant political philosopher? or a huckster?



Also, send her these two links. people haven't always been neurotic millennials. since the 60s people's emotions and identities have been opened to professional management and commodification.


Michael Parenti talks against idpol.

this RL Stephens article was fucking awesome.

oh look an ancom saying something childish and r/socialism worthy

You mean the FAQ?