Portugal soon?

Today I learned Portugal is ruled by the socialist and communist party.

Hope? Any portugueses here?

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Hail the left wing of capital! Let's preserve Portuguese capitalism!

what the fuck are you guys so triggered on already?


not real communism.

You're in the wrong thread

Nationalism and social democracy. These parties are helping the bourgeosie recover, while using nationalist rhetoric against le evil foreign elites.

I read that the PSD (social demorcrat party) has been thrown over by the socialist and communist party.


Stop bullying socio-democrats.

Uhm, the so-called "social democratic" party aren't social democrats, not even officially, they are just called like that, the name is misleading. They are conservatives and neoliberals.
The PS are the actual Social Democrats. They are currently in a coalition with Trots and an electoral coalition made up of the Communist Party of Portugal and Greens.

They are doing ok, I guess. At least they are breaking the conditioning in regards to the insane suicidal austerity program enforced by Germany and its minions.

DSA had observers from Portuguese Left Bloc at their convention. If that tells you anything about DSA's politics.

ah okay thanks for the information.
How's the communist party there? They're website looks like shit.


I'm not Portuguese, so if I'm talking shit please correct me. From what I see they are okay, they are member of the IMCWP and recently attended a meeting with a bunch of pretty staunch anti-eurocommunist parties in St. Petersburg. The Finnish Bolshevik has some footage from that on his channel I think. So they aren't cucked, that's for sure.
Every communist parties website looks like shit.

Lemme guess, recovering Holla Forumsack?

They are resisting austerity programs and are alright. It's reformism and they are resisting neoliberal EU policies well.


alright they seem pretty based

Things are slightly better because some of the cuts by the right wing government are getting reinstated, but it feels like there's been no real left wing and social movements for the past two years. The Communist Party and Left Bloc are too afraid to rock the boat and cause the minority government to fall and get all the blame, but I kinda expect more union action going into the 2019 elections. Right now I can't see the far left parties growing in 2019 (even though representing almost 20% of the voters is a big deal), but Left Bloc ran a great campaign that gave them their best result ever in 2015 after looking like they were disappearing, so who knows.

Just came back from escorting the secretary-general of the Portuguese Communist Party in a campaign action in my town. Not in any official capacity, but all militants in the area do it so he doesn't have to get professional security. For the curious, he's the guy in the blazer and light blue shirt in the OP.

An important aspect to understand about portuguese politics is that all parties are named a notch to the left of their actual ideologies, due to recent history. The "democrat party" is full on right wing, the "social democrats" are centre-right, the "socialists" are centre and the Left Bloc is social democratic. The Communist Party is the only one that still retains some ideological legitimacy since the revolution, although unfortunately we are now more reformist than revolutionary. We still get Cuban and DPRK representatives at our congresses, though.

So, when you read tha the "Socialist Party" is in power, it just means that the centre is ruling rather than the right. However, in this case, the only way the "socialists" were able to form a majority government was by allying themselves with the Left Bloc and Communist Party. This means that although their policies are more left wing than they would be if they were alone, they're still only social democratic at best. As much as it pains me to say it, since the Soviet Union is gone, revolution can't happen in Portugal without a Spanish revolution alongside it. We're just biding our time.

The PCP is a patriotic internationalist pary.

It feels good to see that some leftypol users are engaged that much in their local politics. Keep going, comrade.


PCP at the local level are fucking embarrassing
It's also been a social democratic party since the 80s, don't kid yourself

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