Alex Jones attacked in Seattle

Start at 2:15 the first guy just flicks him off and then a second person throws hot coffee in his face. Can someone make this a webm?


This is the fakest shit I've ever seen hahaha

what is this stupidity supposed to accomplish?

Kek he runs like a fuckin spaz

remember when he was BUSH DID 911 and not retard strength glenn beck

Makes me think that much of the opposition to Bush in the conspiracy-sphere during those years was low-key fascist entryism.

Both guys look like they'd be infowars interns tbh

that was nice

That second guy looked and sounded like he literally broke out of an insane asylum, what the fuck.

Those supplements gave him autism

that's what the average Holla Forums user looks like

What I find so interesting about Alex Jones is that he's another piece of the spectacle, but he's one that purports to critique the spectacle. He let's alienated workers feel amused and revolutionary in a sense despite doing nothing.

Which is doubly ironic posting this on Holla Forums

Why is that so interesting? Even the bolsheviks did that.

I guess it's because he does it in such a blatant way.

Even if one believes they failed to achieve socialism, a capitalist revolution is still something.

That was pretty fucking autistic


Apparently the fat guy with glasses is probably legit. Frontman of some Grindcore band in Seattle called Blood Hag or some such. Not sure about the other

Right wingers are officially the new SJWs now.

alex jones apparently has connections with the CIA (his parents Knew Birchers and they were CIA agents)

its pretty obvious is staged tbh

Perhaps the dominant theory on Holla Forums is that he is CIA/FBI. I always thought he was a hack but when he brought Donald Trump on his show I had no doubt he was either a gov agent or working directly for right-wing billionaires.



like WWE.

I believe it but I need some more proof to debate muh conservitives

Someone post the vid of Jimmy Dore spitting in Alex Jones' face

I feel like everything in the video was staged.
The people who are "assaulting" him seem like the stereotypes Holla Forums users like to believe they are opposing: trendy dumb hipster faggots and complete autistic goblin deviant tards.