Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman faces mandatory prison term due to prior convictions


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So much for the non criminal right

I find it hard to applaud Americas backwards as legal system with its infamous three strikes laws which are so fucking shitty. Really i find it hard to applaud anyone going to jail accept for really bad shit.

How long's he gonna be in prison?

not as long as the guy topping him

Fucking Based!

No idea

This really isn't Holla Forums's week


Hadn't this guy been in jail before and didn't he became racist because he got raped in jail?

Wait really

prison abolition can wait for now


it's okay, they loved it when they thought it only applied to black people

Kyle's going to come out of prison a changed man who's now addicted to meth, and a boy bitch to the Aryan Nation.

He wants to devote to his cause, right?

Guess he literally got gulaged


From a purely American perspective, also the really fucked up California weapon laws, which were created as a veneer for the cops to go after black people.

The one that did him in was "Possession of a leaded cane" holy shit lel

He got bust over some gold rush era remnant laws

God what a great week.

Please explain

In the Berkley Protests he beat someone and apparently the weapon he used was "leaded", the very stick that gave him notoriety

Will also send him to prison because of mandatory minimum laws in America

He had two strikes, now he's going on 3 because he violated an archaic law from the 19th century.

This can't get any better

He wanted traditional values and he got them.

No, I understand that, what is it about a leaded cane? I suppose it's a weighted cane for beatings?

Fuck him he can larp as a ladyboy for the aryan brotherhood

Polite sage for double post

Best post.

I'm sure that's it. Apparently they used to cane people in California and it was made illegal like, I don't know, 200 fucking years ago

I can't find anything on 4chan pol or Holla Forums pol reacting to this. Are they in denial?

Probably, or separating themselves from him. Like they always do.

Stickman was outed as a civic nationalist a while ago, thus why they started referring to him as "Based" Stickman rather than just Based Stickman.

California changed its 3 strike law in 2012 with Prop 36, otherwise he'd be going away for 25 to life.

Poor guy, he should get a longer term, you know, like in the old days.

Didn't he get caught selling guns to Mexican street gangs or some shit? How the fuck is he even out of prison to begin with

I must know more

here you go fam

you're probably thinking of Nathan Damigo