What does Holla Forums think of Anarcho-Primitivism

Hello Holla Forums I recently discovered Anarcho-Primitivism and John Zerzan, the philosophy on the surface interests me, mostly because I'm a wilderness type of fellow. Anyway I found it and watched some short interviews this man has done, he seems sincere in his ideology and why he's pushing it. What do you guys think? And is this even possible?

they don't like it since all the anprims don' use computers


It's the most reactionary position a person could possibly hold.

I see, but you do, I'm just basing what you believe based off of your flag.

Retarded. The fact that you are allowed to exist shows how much of a joke anarchist have become

Anything that starts with "anarcho" is completely retarded

I'm actually not using the computer. I'm sending smoke signals to my friend who is roughly 2 miles away on a computer and he's the one posting these.

Well I don't know much about it, like I said I just saw a couple interviews of John Zerzan so I don't comprehend the whole philosophy yet. Someone elaborate more on it.


that's not very environmentally friendly, user

The real question is how is his friend relaying the messages back




returning to primitive society, if that's possible at all, sets in motion the same process that has lead us from primitive society to where we are now

The thing about it is I feel primitive ideologies should be expectable I believe under certain circumstances. For instance, the idea of are we alone I see that as the basis for the start of many ideas. If it is true what mathematicians or scientists in general say, that it is impossible for us to be the only intelligent life in the universe, then the need for advancement is not important. But if so happens that life is a rarity in our realm of space then it is upon us to continue to advance for the sake of answering the al important questions. But honestly we where perfectly fine 500 years to a 1000 years ago. I once saw a show with Stephan hawking, and he said that intelligence is overrated and bacteria have gotten along fine for 5 billion years. I feel the same sometimes, I mean what if this atonement with nature is all we need. Not to sound like a hippie.

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One of them said to me once they'd rather side with fascists than us. That should tell you everything.

I'm sure Anprim would have worked great 100,000 years ago, but we're no longer Hunter-Gatherers.

They want to murder 99.999% of the world, they're the best

Polio is impossible for pre-industrial humans to get.

luddites have always been /ourguys/ since the beginning.

Well, I find it interesting in that tribal societies appear to have had things pretty good insofar as property (communal) and social relations (collective) were concerned. I've heard from this interview of an anthropologist that tribal societies tended to be egalitarian, have equality of the sexes, polyamory, etc. If we could've somehow gone from Primitive Communism directly to…well, normal Communism, that would've been best. Right now we are stuck in the hellish existence in between that. Honestly, if we could Posadist-style bomb our way to Communism, I wouldn't mind, even if it meant we had to live Primitive Communism afterwards.

Was Pol Pot AnPrim?


this, and that is why


you can priorise ecology and commit as many naturalist fallacies as you like, but there is no reason to go full retard and abandon all civilisation altogether

Forcing city folk onto the farms < forcing farmers into hunter gathering

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