Was he a nonce?

Was he a nonce?


Nice to see you, to see you nice

super glad he's dead. geezer went to my school which is severely struggling economically. we were all counting on him kicking the bucket in the hopes that he left something in his will to save us from Tory cuts.

Hey I go to that school too
Who tf are you?

You have to be 18+ to use this site.

Not true, I reported the literally 16 years old Columbian for it and it's not a bannable offense.

yoooooo what's good dude, which form? going into 11D when we get back.

This guy FUCKING 15! He's only just in year 11….

who cares? most of pol is under 18, these are potential comrades

NO ONE lasts in the BBC that long without either being a nonce or tolerating noncing.
He literally put out a song back in the day called "thank heaven for little girls" and always married women about as young as he could get away with.
Never been more certain about someone being a big fat nonce tbh - shame he escaped the divine justice of yewtree.

Somehow I don't know how to feel about this


apologies for being a fucking child mate. I've read my fair share of theory and am fully committed to the cause. the younger you start reading leftist theory, the earlier you'll understand it better. how old were you when you started reading theory/becoming involved? I'm well aware of the stereotype of lifestylist liberals becoming "involved" to be cool and be a part of the community. I don't really know how to "prove myself" to you then mate and honestly I don't think I have to. you wouldn't have known I was 15 if I didn't mention it anyway.

Well that's what I said wasn't it. Just ignore the haters or whatever. I honestly wasn't that different when I was your age to how I am now so I don't get why some people get hysterical about it.

Ayo I'm gonna be in 13MLK when we get back, but you'll be able to tell who I am; I'm gonna be starting a Leftist Society at our school to talk about Leftist Politics and History, so I'm gonna be the guy running that. So obviously come along, cause I'll need people to take up the flame after I'm gone. Pic related is a written plan for what sessions will be about, as well as related reading that I'll need to look into. Peace, my dude, and Godspeed your path.
To the people trying to trying to turn away underage posters using appeals to authority and "dems da rools" rhetoric, can you please be a spineless cumrag somewhere else?

This is pic related
My phone is slow as shit so I chose the wrong thing

Also I think I meant 12MLK I cannae remember

sweet dude. I've got a few mates I'd consider "sympathisers" who I'll definitely bring along. I've been waiting for someone to start something like that up for ages.

also fuck lol he left it all to his wife to dodge inheritance tax. we're fucked then I guess. they'll just have to keep cutting subjects and letting teachers go until they actually go bust.

I'm curious what you mean by "sympathisers", especially since you're a year below me.
I've never really talked to anyone at school who wasn't anything more radical than either neoliberal or neocon (i.e. The same thing on a macroscopic level) beyond one of two Bernie-bros, and the most political people I know are all-centrist dweebs.
So that's why your words surprise me and a major reason why I'm starting the Soc. Also you said to be read theory and if be interested to know what theory specifically? Don't tell me youve gotten through the three volumes of Das Kapital at 15.


Bumping because it got buried under a retarded raid.

Wouldn't surprise me


by sympathisers I mean people who, while remaining reserved about adopting labels, have a knowledge of theory that is slightly more in depth than the average liberal. definitely anticapitalists who recognise that socialism exists as an alternative (ie knowing about worker control, property and the basic principles of dialectics). as for reading, unfortunately, I haven't devoured all of capital. yet. I've read chapters from it all around the place relating to certain topics though. I've gotten through reform and revolution, critique of Gotha, state&rev, like half of the sublime object of ideology, post scarcity anarchism (bookchins ecology work is good, everything else is eh), mutual aid (some ok theory but not a fan of Kropotkin) and I'm like halfway through Marx beyond Marx by Negri.

Ey that's great man
If you wanna this continue conversation then just come up to me after a session is over.
Also since I'm like leaving this year I was worried about whether or not there would be people to take over after I'm gone but what you say about others in your year gives me hope.
I'm probably gonna try and leave leftypol behind anyways cause its a shithole and a massive drain on my time and far too addictive to be good for my brain.