Comrade bannon is out

comrade bannon is out.

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F to pay respects. I wonder how /pol is taking this

8D Chinese checkers, as usual.

Our Steve is a good boy really, I'm glad he's getting out of this horrible fascism bullshit.

MLs on suicide watch

stalin would be proud

wait is he actually a leninist? what is Holla Forums's thoughts on him?

He was supposed to complete the system of materialist dialectics. Leftism is doomed now.

Marxist-Bannonist flag when?

No. He's using Burger politico-speak. His understanding of Leninism begins and ends with "destroying the state" and that's about it.

I hope GORKAA returns to Chapo to discuss this

Fuck we're gonna bomb Iran

Probably because of the way he showed the US cards on the DPRK - he admitted openly in the media the US was entirely powerless to stop them. Left all the generals with their dick in hand.

I walk a lonely road

the only one that I have ever known

don't know where it goes

but it's only me, and I walk alone

More like a Bordiga-style purge

Bannon was a neocon, dude



Let's be honest, we all knew it was the end for Trump when this happened.

Hi do you have anything to back this up?

Bannon was the last hope of salvaging whatever was left in the rotting empire that is the US.

He promoted economic protectionism for the US working class, which means he was the first explicit class conscious person in the WH in terms of actual policy. He knew that that US would have to reform in terms of financial rules, in order to avoid another crash and wanted to curtail the muh privileges of the billionaire class and the unrestrained free market reign that was siphoning wealth out of the US.

His strategy was for US to at least TRY to restrain the unlimited growth capitalism that had become a global regime, by initiating a break with China. It was a brilliant plan in isolating China by enforcing a trade war on trade violations China had done. This would force Europeans Asean countries to reorient themselves back to US influence as they would be forced to pick unrestrained neoliberalism + corporate takeovers by China and choosing US model of Westphalia style peace treaties, no enemies and no allies. A polycentric model for everyone like Dugin said.

Weimar Germany I bet had dozens of politicians like Bannon, who tried to salvage the situation from the liberals/conservatives, before Hitler came in and destroyed everything. History is repeating itself.

There's a genocide in Yemen and you're making a giant deal out of another fucking politician leaving the White House

Get fucking over yourself

Bannon is an old school fascist. He only cares about the bourgeoisie and thinks they are inherently superior to the workers. The only reason the media hates him so much is because he has openly used the word "globalist" which the liberal press believes is a dog whistle for "jews."

Your mom's blowing truckers at the back of a 7/11 and you're worrying about people a thousand miles in Yemen? Get a fucking grip.

Fuck I fucked that sentence up.

It's the biggest cholera outbreak ever recorded and it's a genocide, so yeah, it's a bit worrying.

Its still neoliberal, its just a incoherent, flopping, inexperienced neoliberal who doesn't know how to cover his tracks or make it "look good".

You do know that war started with the blessing of Obama right?

Neocons rule the WH, because neocons rule the Pentagon/CIA/NSA. The state apparatus stays the same but the people that come and go are different. You also have to understand US is not a monolithic entity, the liberal tendency expressed by Republicans/Democrats is in clear opposition to the philosophy of Bannon which after all won Trump the election.

He isn't a fascist, he just wants US to evaluate Russia more. In essence he wanted a dual power state, one side the economic oligarchy (especially energy sector/banks) and on the other a new political apparatus that would control the first. What Bannon was doing was cucking the Repubs/Dems from being the only ones with their hands in the honey jar. The Trump administration with their economic nationalism was going to cuck big manufacturing in US regardless, so hi playing into the hands of the bourgeoisie is mistaken.

Guess Obama and Trump have a lot in common on Foreign Policy under Bannon's early watch.

He got to go to Saudi Arabia, after all.

Lol this Bannon cult reminds me of the Dugin cult. Just stop already.

LIVE - Rick Wiles: Steve Bannon Will Lead War Against Trump's Globalist Enemies

He was tea party neo-liberal idiot, but was converted by someone or something into economic nationalism. He saw the only populism becoming successful in the US being folk politics + class conscious rejection of the accepted economic mandate, the holy cow of free marketism and no regulations. True these are not groundbreaking ideas, but the economy of the US after 30 years of continued decline in manufacturing and high-paying jobs, led to a public thirsty for populism. Obama actually started this before, but never delivered apart from that half-assed healthcare reform.

How do you get outmaneuvered by Jared fucking Kushner and not drink a pint of fucking bleach?

Bad enough for a story in the mainstream press to be written about it.

I agree with this, I was simply pointing out how the trump administration isn't fascist, its just neoliberal with a focus on nationalist retoric (which in all honestly all presidents have done one way or another) which is incapable of making it both look good or speaking in such a way as to not draw attention to mistakes or questionable actions.

Fuck off, Holla Forums

If Holla Forums didn't die over the weekend, they're dead now.

he wasnt on foreign policy

Can someone explain to me wtf is wrong with normies? Why are they celebrating this? Wasn't he the one that wanted to regulate monopolies?

To normies, Bannon was LITERALLY EBIL NAHZTEE

we won!

Liberals hate Bannon more than they hate Trump because they think that he is Trump's "brain" despite the fact that Trump he has only been affiliated with Trump for little over a year now. Also he peddles anti-"globalist" propaganda which makes the liberals incredibly nervous.


yes fighting ISIS is imperialist right?

Because neoliberal ideology is all they have ever eaten. Time to despook and realize that the true problem is capital, ethno-brainlet.

Which wouldn't work because they don't produce anything others want to buy. Protectionism would leave them with even less money.

Why the fuck would they? US has nothing to offer beyond their tech sector, which relies on China to produce either way.

Shouldn't have created conditions for them to exist in the first place, besides fighting them the way Murica does only gets more people on their side. Crazy extremists who promises to change things are more attractive than some Burger dropping bombs on you.

Is there a reason why the press was so fixated on him?

I never remember Trump mention fighting deregulations as part of his agenda. Afaik they've been deregulating everything they can get their hands on.

Niekisch, J√ľnger, Moeller van der Broek, Paettel, Spengler, Sombart. All the Nazbol greats.

He's trad/NRx. They want to replace the Bougeois with Ancien regime type nobility.

Pretty obvious this was done to try to short circuit the trumps a nazi sympathiser media line. It helps that he was seen as the primary fascist in the admin.

If trump really wants to show contrition he should bring back the DOJ right wing extremist monitoring office.

I'm really liking this guy.

And I'm a bit sad that he's out because he restrained that clusterfuck in the WH. And now the neocons might get their way.

We should fire up Disqus accounts for Breitbart so we drop bits of anarchism at least. They won't go for outright Communism. But they'll swallow anarchism.

lel Marxism-Bannonism. Meme that shit. We'll Ben Garrison him into being /ourguy/


Honestly, this is a serious cause for worry.

Bannon clearly had the most talent out of all the Cabinet. The media definitely ran a smear campaign against him. I'll actually miss that fucker, he was purged for a reason.

That's because he posed the biggest threat to Porky.

You don't declare yourself a Leninist intent on tearing down the state an expect to be unscathed by daily propaganda

He handed his resignation in 3 weeks ago.

What a huge coincidence that the White House gets rid of the person most friendly to the aut-right following a disastrous week in PR and only after he "accidentally" cold-called a reporter to basically resign. The white house has to distance themselves from neo-nazis and Steve Bannon is the closest guy to that fringe. They didn't fire him because he was competent or doing too much damage to porky. They got rid of him because he's a liability. Most republicans don't like that Trump seems cool with white supremacists and Bannon is the white supremacist par excellence.

t. socdem

Alright. I'll pretend Steve Bannon was a danger to Porky when he wasn't a founding member and former executive of a de facto alt-right news organization.

They're not exactly playing up the idpol there are they? Breitbart is a refugee camp for people to go after they've been shut down by SJWs and then vent about SJWs and insane immigration policies designed to fuck everyone over.

When this happens they can either go fash or they can come to us. But they aren't likely to come to us because our movements have been infiltrated by idpol or they use our symbols and ideas to spread their bullshit.

Secondly, they are on the cusp of going either way there. It's limbo.

I could go there and say a bunch of anarchist shit with different wording and get tons of upboats. I could do the same with Marxism, but use different normie-friendly wording and get tons of upboats.

There is class consciousness there. They're just afraid of the commie boogeyman because liberal normalfags fucked it up for us and now Communism is associated with them.

I go there and I spread covert Marxism and they eat it up.

For example, what does "Globalist" mean? It can either mean Porky or Schlomo, depending on who guides them and how.