Is it ok to vandalize someone's car if they have a Trump bumper sticker on it?

Is it ok to vandalize someone's car if they have a Trump bumper sticker on it?

Yes. But if the sticker is the sole reason for it, then it's a hate crime.

If I wring the neck of a capitalist because he is a capitalist, is that also one of your so called "hate crimes" my liberal friend?

It is not just okay, its a public duty.

At this point I don't think anybody in America will try and stop you.

do it for comrade bannon.

Don't forget to post pics and a timestamp.

It's okay to vandalize any car at any time for whatever reason.

only if you put up a video of you doing it for everyone to enjoy

As good excuse as any I guess.
But be aware, they owner could get angry if they see you do it. Even if you rationally tell them why you did it.
You're probably less likely to get shot if you fuck over a Jill Stein voters car, just say something about trees and endangered species if they catch you, maybe they feel guilty enough not to call the pigs.

No, We are Lawful Good.


Breh, were did you get that shit?

Only if you vandalize a car with a hilary sticker on it. Reminder that they are the same evil. They go, and they go nasty


Of course

What justifies the vandalism? I mean, we wouldn't want someone doing it to our car if it had a communist-related sticker on it. That and I wouldn't appreciate someone damaging my property because they didn't like or agree with being on the left side of the political spectrum.

You know what you have to do.

no that's dumb as hell

"Truck Vandalized by Alt-left Liberal for Trump Sticker" I can see it now

Someone on Twitter put Nair in their Stepdad's shampoo for voting for Trump and now he's balding


it's stupid. Trump is merely another aspect of the one true commodity, in that sense, a Trump sticker isn't that different from a Hillary sticker, a piss calvin or a Monster(tm) energy drink one.

Trump supporters are products of capitalism. you can't punch them out of existence or vandalise their cars, you have to dismantle the system that produces them. otherwise, you are an input into the generalised production of fascism.

Have liberals accidentally hit themselves in the face with the alt-left label? Funny if true.

Legally? No.
My opinion?
I wouldn't fuck with the car, but maybe I'm a baby who refuses to realize his ability to act in the face of consequences. If it was my car, I'd call the police, and it's not like Trump is that different than about 30-50% of the world, why not key everyones car for supporting capitalism?

If it has a trump sticker it's already been vandalized.

Don't fuck with someone's personal property

There's no such thing as personal property.

explain yourself

A car isn't personal property, it's very much private.

He means to gib him the fucking toothbrush yankee

kek your right but if OP was talking about vandalizing the sticker then that would be personal property

I'm gonna need an argument for this claim.

Who gives a fuck what's considered ok. The only thing you need to ask yourself is if you're willing to risk the consequences.

kill yourself

I'll never get behind or even comprehend the whole vandalism meme. Literally a child knocking over the blocks of another child because he got upset.

Billboards are terrible too. I hate advertising.