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there should be another option which is just, I don't give a fuck, but I don't want to hear either side at all. Transgenders can do whatever, but don't tell me I'm sexist because I have gender preferences I didn't choose. Obviously Holla Forums can all go take a deep slug on the bleach

That's option #3, m8.

Have I been lied to?

This ain't bout lesbians or gays, just transgender men/women.

Isn't she a transgender?

Dunno. Trannies ain't usually self-described dykes, right?

What a terrible poll

What if I do believe Transgenderism is a mental illness but also feel like people should be able to live whatever life they want? It only becomes a problem when they affect other peoples lives

Shouldn't trabs genderism be understood as a development of material conditions?
Better material wealth means me abstract notions of gender because we better have means to explore it due to the availability of commodities and products produced.

Read, nigga! That's option #3: "Sex is a biological reality and trannies are just guys in a dress and high heels, but to each his own."

It depends on where you lean on the "nature vs nurture" side of things

I'm not trans.

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You know there's actual science on the subject right, you tremendous faggot?

You know, you should really just vote on it, but here's what I think…

Sex/gender is real, but gender specific traits in personality and likes and interests ain't. Just cuz you like dirt bikes or wrestling don't mean you're an inside out man, it just means you're a tomboy. There's nothing (for the most part) in our brains that makes us identify as either gender, a look "down there" does. Simple as.

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I will never understand why people want others to suffer.

Just vote on it. Spare me the autobiography comments.

Tip: Cast your vote for option #1.

Gender is a social phenomenon with undesirable effects.
Becoming transgender or gender neutral and dressing up wont help, it's just another way of submitting to the concept.
The material conditions would need to be altered in order for the complete destruction of the concept to take place.
As gender is only a social construct, and the social construct is bound by material institutions, I am bound by what I am classified as socially until those material institutions change.
I am a man, I could become a woman, I could even be considered agendered (a concept that only exists in relation to the existence of gender), I want to be me.

Inevitable. Vote or sage, bitch.

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Transgendered people - still more successful than blacks.

Fuck off retard. Sexual dimorphism exists across the animal kingdom. Humans are not special divine beings that the rules don't apply to.

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I fucking hate nazbols and people who are only self proclaimed communists merely because "MUH ECONOMICS XD" so fucking much god.

All of the options are true except for

The whole "is/is not a mental illness debate" is as devoid of substance as the "taxation is theft" argument. It just boils down to assigning some label to a phenomena that usually have negative connotations, and trying to derive a plan of action out of the emotions that arise from this emotional association. It is intellectually dishonest.

yeh but i don't give a shit about defining whatever as what or the biology of gender, I don't know about it, so it isn't a debate I would get into, but from the outside it just really doesn't seem to matter either way provided people can modify themselves however they please and other people don't moan and bitch about it.

What if I think gender dysphoria is a mental illness but consider transitioning to be the treatment for it?

also more than half of the first world is mentally ill

So real communists like Marx?


Voted for the second best option.

I'm all for people being allowed to be trans but the way you've phrased that makes it sound like some whacky mad scientists idea of a cure for some reason

You people still aren't as bad as Holla Forums but you're getting there.

as opposed to….??

#3 I guess…

This. It's an argument over what words to use. It's like arguing over "People of Color" vs "African-Americans" vs "Negroes" vs "Niggers".

We aren't talking about sex.
We're talking about the behavioral traits attributed to sex that are products of historical-cultural development.
Women don't like cleaning and wearing skirts because they have a vagina.
And humans are definitely more advanced behaviorally, we can live under different social structures which effect our behavior drastically.
Your brain is like a rock.


I'm not against trans rights but are you this stupid?

t. only read Capital

keep reading comrade

You only think that because you have negative views of the mentally ill, most people do and probably a lot of people who call trans mentally ill, but that doesn't change the objective reality that they do suffer from a mental illness.

People who say otherwise are the ones who are being intellectually dishonest trying to manipulate emotions.

Well, I mean, gender/body dysphoria is considered a form of mental illness because it causes the person suffering it distress.

That doesn't mean that we should rigidly enforce arbitrary social roles and rules for people to live by based simply on what's between their legs.

Here's some reading material for anyone interested-



I think there is also an axiomatic truth here which should be held in mind when discussing this issue, and that is that trans people have been around forever, and barring some interesting form of genetic modification science they will probably always exist within our societies. We can either decide to treat them with respect and accept the way they wish to act/dress, or we can unrelentingly try to force them to conform to our standard of how they should act/dress.

I think it's been pretty well demonstrated that if you try to force/shame trans people to hide their dysphoria their risk of suicide rises dramatically, not to mention the ones which do continue to live a life afraid of what will happen to them if someone finds out their true feelings.

I dunno guys, this one seems like kind of a simple choice. Be compassionate and reasonably accepting of the weirdness you see in other humans, or force people who want nothing to do with you into behaving, dressing, talking, etc. how you see fit. I think the first choice is the more reasonable choice, and all it requires is for you to not be a dick to people, which you should already be doing in the first place.

People who support a culture along with communism.
Egalitarian communism. Cultural Marxism isn't the exact term.

Pic related.

Why so? It's kinda like when a part of the brain is surgically removed if it malfunctions and causes chronic seizures. Crude, but the only option when nothing else works.

Yeah, that's what I went with, but now I'm not too sure about it, it doesn't seem to acknowledge it as a mental illness.

This so much. I guess I'm a male TERF. Gender specific personality ain't as much of a part of biology as society makes it in my opinion.

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You might agree with this but it's tries to be pretty edgy so look past that.
Remember there's no need to agree with all of it, I know I don't.


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Historical-cultural development affects evolution. That's how evolution works.
No, people like cleaning because of individual differences. And it so happens that having the traits that make cleaning enjoyable are more common in women. This has a basis in biology because historically women were the sex that stayed at home (and tended to it) while men were the sex that went outside the home to work. People who had traits favoring this arrangements (which is a product of women being less expendable than men for being a reproductive bottleneck) were favored by natural selection.
Yeah, and? It affects our biology as well. You're the one who's a reductionist here, stating that everything comes down to socialized behavior. The importance of smashing gender roles is to allow people to fit whatever role suits them best. You acknowledge this, but you fail to think this idea through to its logical conclusion - that the only reason this matters is because people have internal biases that socialization won't change. These biases aren't going to be perfectly divided into two columns, but they will generally organize that way. Most human traits aren't sex-linked though (i.e. determined by genes on the sex chromosomes), so this bifurcation can't possibly be perfect. The trend is still present despite this. A good example would be height - women are significantly shorter than men on average, but the factors controlling for height are mostly unrelated to sex chromosomes so there's a perpetual "conflict" between making men tall and making women shorter (this dimorphism has a number of evolutionary benefits related to health and reproduction).
Not sure what you think your point is here, but what I'll speculate about you is that you're too uncomfortable to deal with the fact that not every aspect of your mind is under your control. Your response is to discriminate against people who are different from you and who you don't understand. Your dirty fucking cowardice is in effect no different from hate tbh.


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I regret opening this thread.

She is not, has obesity related health problems.

Just live and let live. I never understand the outrage around transgenders. Correct pronouns, gender neutral language, all easy ways to make a few people's day in this capitalist hell we live in slightly better.
On the question of transgenders making our movement look stupid and alienating to the rest of the working class: wouldn't the same go for PoC in the past? The simple solution to the whole LGBTQ+ IdPol BS in leftist movements/orgs is to get rid of identity politics and focus on class issues again, without getting rid of the people who fall under those respective identities or completely disregarding issues that are specific to identity.



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Ticked "Sex is a biological reality…" because I don't mind the sort of trap who transitions and tries to fit in with the rest of us as discreetly as they can.

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100% this. Everyone here should be focused on the issue of class disparity first and foremost. Anyone buttfrustrated over trans people existing in their society has energy that could be channeled into making everyone's lives better.

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Conform to my standards of sexuality, beauty and behavior or suffer and die, huh?

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