Tfw Holla Forums doesn't know that communism is the solution to all their problems and capitalism is the cause

why aren't you red pilling the Holla Forumstards, they keep bitching day and night about the effect of capitalism (hedonism, immigration, "degeneracy") yet can't seem to understand where those problems come from.

Because they think we're the cause of thoses things and you can only have that much patience when you're only met with CUCKCUCKCUCK anytime you post.

Holla Forumstards don't like reading, they don't understand words.
you have to make them a nice colored chart that explains how capitalism create all those things

and that they will just spam charts and obscure links trying to prove that communism is jewish or somethin g

we could also respond that computers are jewish invention.
this is absurd

nigga and they will agree. they are fucking incels and probably think computers are destroying the white race by creating neet virgins.

that would still require some reading

if you want to get to them you have to make a youtube video with flashy images, obnoxious dubsteb and earrape reaction videos

Well if you could make them admit that, maybe they would fuck off the Internet so that would be a huge improvement.




Those who actually read Marx do. And that the 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱Jews🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱 of Poland are the dirtiest of all races.

doesn't matter who are porkies, we need to break the system first, sort things out later

I mean… Marx and Lennin both had jewish blood…


We know. It's just that we're not stupid enough to think non-whites could function in a communist system. Therefore we chose NATIONALsocialism!

But Nazis are dysfunctional retards prone to glorious uprisings.

they should know our long game has never been to support these things but to provide the immortal solution when they realize degenerate capitalism cannot

We are the only ones opposing corporations while you suck the dick of Zuckerberg for a slave job as an deeply triggering and problematic censorship cuck at facebook.

Natsoc is not socialist in any way, I also doubt you're not speaking wishfully right now, not to even address your primitive racism


I think i'm browsing leftypol more than pol nowadays because of retarded spergs like you. One upside of having a smaller community is that there are less autistic sub-70 retards who are allowed to get away with this shit here. They can actually get shouted down here and it will work. If you're on pol and someone is spamming pepe memes and posts like "Blonde haired anime girls are Aryan" You can't tell them to fuck off because ten other people will jump in and say shit like "ur just a blue pilled normie who hates BASED anime".

*Cums on your face*

to be fair communism doesn't really have a whole lot to say on aesthetics, so people who want to live in a society with lots of neoclassical/gothic architecture, pale skin, and references to Plato and company might not be allured to Marx

Breitbart is corporation. So is The Trump Organization.
But it doesn't count as corporations since they're le redpilled right?

That was way too honest man…


Invaders are allowed and fun defended because the jews you love buy our (mine and yours) rulers. Whether the ruler wears a tophat or a commissar cap makes no difference to us. And don't pretend commies aren't major supporters of open-borders rivaling even the super-rich who at least benefit from it, or fun (look to your comrades: that guy with blue hair and a dildo up his ass is a degenerate).

I know you're jesting, but scapegoating is a jewish practice where everything wrong they did is ok because they blame it on a goat. While that may trickle happy merchant meem, few people fall for it.

Nobody likes your ideas anymore. We got bored.


Maybe not Marx but Stalinism does provide the things you mentionned besides Plato i suppose

What I was trying to say was not that Marxism is anti-the stuff I mentioned, but not explicitly for that, whereas generally the fascist ideologies you see Westerners pick up are for that sort of stuff. If we model your typical young proto-fascist as a neural network trying to match an ideology to his personal likes and dislikes, they'll notice that Marxism gives a pretty unimportant score to that kind of stuff (and also similarly aesthetic stuff he dislikes, like Bill Nye Saves The World), and pass it over in favor of an ideology that issues similar aesthetic judgements to his own. Our reaction should be to point out that while Marx doesn't explicitly favor that sort of stuff, he also doesn't put it into disfavor (it would be perfectly possible to have communes with that sort of aesthetic), and anyway that basing preferences of structure on superstructure is a silly thing to do.

Also most socialists are pretty anti-tankie.

Because their pathological obsession with jews interferes with their capacity for rational thought.

Yes that's what i thought too, the core tenets don't mention it.
But I wanted to show that it can be possible to create "traditional" aesthetics while following Marx ideas, as you mentioned, because there isn't anything inherently for or against it.
So if someone values this aspect in an ideology it can be demonstrated that in practice it actually happened, and if we take Fascism for exemple, they actally said they were traditionalist but all the fascist regimes have actually been pretty modernist in terms of architecture for it was, at best Neo classical, and at worst straight up Brutalism.

What, the jews are a vampire clan? Why does it matter?

Because I have no use for neonazis in my commune. They're all crybaby bitches who get worked up over stupid shit like skin color and sexuality.

The only communist standard of a good communist (under non-fully automated luxury communism, which we will sadly live under until we attain fully automated luxury communism) is "Can you produce a contribution to your commune if you are healthy enough to do so?"

Everything else is useless division that weakens the commune.


Nobody's saying that.

But misunderstanding political enthusiasm is something Holla Forums does often.

Because Holla Forums will automatically blame jews or anyone else they don't like for all society's ills while remaining perfectly content with capitalism as long as it has few swastikas slapped onto it.

Those problems come from jews and their nepotism.

Like clockwork.
Because nepotism is only a Jewish thing of course…

Lenin was only 1/4th Jewish which he was probably unaware of and the 1/4th (his grandfather on his mother's side) had converted to Christianity.

The excuses, like clockwork.



You are the one making excuses for the Gentile Bourgeoisie by focusing on the Jewish Bourgeoisie.
Nepotism it's not a bug brought by Da joos, it's a feature of class systems.
Also if Jews are bad, why do YOU guys follow Jewish ideologies?

Meant to reply to

I know jews will try to pass it as "scapegoating" since they are the ones who invented this religious magical trickery, but the world doesn't run around this jewish idiocy.

Take a look on the image you are supposedly refuting, it literally tells the reasons.

You just came up with this shit excuse right now, "no yu" ain't an argument. Also,

The echo chamber isn't big enough yet

The Greeks were Jews?

Really makes one wonder.

fuck me


So does Twitter, congratulations on being shittier and more unpopular than Twitter.

It was/is a magical trick jews performed to embed the village's sins into a goat so they would be free of blame, just like they magically get expelled of foreign nations they leech.

Christ, namefag, what were you thinking?

Their against capitalism as it's currently being practiced today. They would be perfectly fine being wage slaves as long as it took place in a white ethno-state, and they told themselves "this is for the best".

Lmao you don't even have a twitter account and you think it's facebook you fucking alcoholic

I don't excuse Jewish nepotism, i don't consider it deserve MORE attention than other nepostisms for ALL nepotisms are cancer.. But nuance is for fags right?

That's exaclty your ilk's argument about why communism is bad.

ok, ok, you win! Just don't name-call me anymore, I'll put the chromosomes in the bag.

Dip shit snot sucking idiot


m8y u r teh eGiest! xd 8/8 would not mess with again

Thank you, small cum splat.

You don't consider it deserve more attention since you never address it, I know, you excuse it.
But I have to admit I'm surprised, at least you admit communists you follow are jewish con artists.

How classic of a lefty
You'd think you're one of my knucklekids who grew up and had it out for me

Because you're not addressing the problem that creates a niche in a market, if you get rid of someone good at the market, you just empty it out for someone else to take its place.

We don't care about the identity of who at all because it simply does not matter.

I like how you think Jews can both double team capitalism and communism at the same time, you've really thought of everything haven't you.

The only one who is challenged is you :v)

Welcome to Holla Forums newfag
I see you've met hoochie


i know, but we have to make them understand that capitalism need exponential population growth which means, immigration.
its inevitable

I'm addressing real life examples of it, like jewish ethnic monopoly of international media, business, usury plus diplomatic support and foreign lobbys like AIPAC for their fellow chosyn little hive. But it is somehow wrong to actually address it because it would be wrong to address identity antics of identity minded creatures.
Just like he also confirmed, communism is con-art made to fool people, there is nothing in conflict.

Let me try to get this trough you simplistic, linear mind; they are just some jews that once said it, nobody believes it because they once said something relatable, even less because they were the personality who once said that (something typical of communist lemmings).

So am I :)

If your regular gymnastic skills were ony a tenth of your mental gymnastic skills, you could suck your own dick;

I never said they are manipulating both capitalism and communism.
I never said these jews supported my own views and specially said they are con-artists which already makes any of their supposed beliefs sketchy and with second intentions.
And there is you making shit up.

You're refusing to address real life examples because there is other real life examples and this is somehow conflicting.

You're implying that they have immeasurable power over both, and that's not actually possible.

You're right I am, because I've seen them before.

I already told communism is con-art made to fool people, it has nothing to do with controlling your duality matrix. Try quoting my own posts instead of your own.

Still doesn't makes sense.

What the fuck is a duality matrix you pissant

The shit you believe.

So you don't believe in the duality matrix that leftists believe in that makes it seem that you're implying that jews control communism and capitalism at the same time

Do you know how stupid-pretending-to-be-smart you sound

Something you wrote and goes is completely opposite to what I actually said about it. Sorry if this is too much complicated for you.

Sure thing


I wonder who's behind this post.

t. (You)

Yes I said what you were implying. This is your brain high on identity politics.

I already refuted this dozens of times besides having you keep implying I said that. For fuck sakes.

At the end of the day what you're saying makes no sense, you're implying some cabal of Jews assumed control over the developing ideologies of Capitalism and the Market at the same time as its antithesis. To control both I'm assuming?

Something that big would have been easy to find out historically.

The fact these Capitalist "Jews" have been against communism from the start, so where does that figure into the conspiracy

The contradictions just pile

They're not my responsibility. I prefer them dead.
They usually transform into Nazbols when they reach Holla Forums anyway. I prefer Nazis & Nazbols dead.


You leftists' charts are always total bullshit tho

lmao communism is literally The Jews. The Jews ARE communism.

wtf i believe in jewish exceptionalism now

While holding their positions in international usury and business and promoting their own, they invented a controlled opposition philosophy with absurd proposals supposedly in defense of workers that shuns any kind cultural and ethnic awareness, midst it coin private property as "capitalism", then create more brainwashing material now based on "capitalism" that promotes hyper materialism but coincidentally also shuns any kind of cultural and ethnic awareness, while it all open up path and create defenders to lack of national consciousness, deranged global business, irrelevant shiting, not acknowledging jews because ideological heresy, global government, police state; always only letting what they want pass.

That would be Anti-Semitic™ and Identity Politics™.

I try to, I even throw in a bit of left-wing nationalism to fire them up, I'm not sure how well it works but I have been seeing a lot more posters with communist flags on 4ch Holla Forums

Marx denounced Judaism and was a known anti semite. Lenin had no knowledge of his partial Jewish ancestry

That's called hypocrisy.

I don't find alt-left too appealing. Seems like a bunch of brownies and weak whites.


Jews are hated wherever they go because they make the locals hate them.

Holla Forums is hated wherever they go ironically for the same reason the Orthodoxy of any religion is hated by the local population it migrated to.

It has nothing to do with finance, or gold, or riches, or shit of the like, it has to do with religion itself. The past was not fucking as liberal and free spirited as you want it to be, to behave.

Same. Though I just like to post with a commie flag over there in general to give more left wing presence

But, user, it's always scapegoat memes, not them leeching everywhere they invade.

Now that ou mention it, it's telling that, upon destalinization, Soviet authorities failed to come up with a new aesthetic gestalt to replace the old one, let alone a new ethos.

Don't bully hoochie