Daily News Therad 8/18

‘Shameful’ Theresa May rejects 9/11 survivors’ appeal to release Saudi Arabia terrorism report

Prime Minister Theresa May has rejected an appeal by survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to publish a report into the role of Saudi Arabia in funding Islamic extremism in Britain.

1 person killed, 1 injured after knife attack in Wuppertal, Germany, police op underway – reports

One person has been killed and another injured in a knife attack in the German city of Wuppertal, according to media reports citing police. A manhunt is currently underway and police special forces (SEK) are at the scene.

Several people stabbed in Finnish city of Turku: police

Several people were stabbed in the Finnish city of Turku, police said on Friday, adding they had shot at and arrested one person.

Five Suspected Terrorists Killed After Attacks on Spain

Spanish police killed five suspected terrorists after a confrontation in a town south of Barcelona, just hours after a van rampaged down the city’s iconic Las Ramblas avenue and left 13 people dead.

Barcelona and Cambrils attacks: Hunt for suspect in Spain

A massive manhunt is under way in Spain for the man suspected of killing 13 people and injuring scores on Barcelona's Las Ramblas on Thursday.

Trump pushes debunked 'pig's blood' myth, hours after Barcelona attack

US President Donald Trump has invoked a debunked myth about a general who fought Islamist militants by using pig's blood to commit mass executions.

Police on 'red alert' to stop Zimbabwe's First Lady Grace Mugabe leaving South Africa

Grace Mugabe is alleged to have assaulted a 20-year-old model who was in a hotel room with her two sons.

600 migrants rescued off Spanish coast within 24 hours, largest number in single day this year

The number of people trying to reach Spain from North Africa has at least tripled this year. Spanish coastguards have reported rescuing almost 600 people in just one day, while the UN expects the country to overtake Greece as the second primary route for asylum seekers.

Grand jury expands felony indictment of Wasserman Schultz’s former IT aide

A former House IT aide who had access to emails and files of dozens of Democratic lawmakers has been indicted on four counts, including bank fraud and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions.

Trump elevates US Cyber Command to independent status

President Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to elevate the status of the United States Cyber Command to a unified combatant command in its own right, and said his administration is considering separating it from the National Security Agency.

Syria: US and UK Illegally Supplied Chemical Weapons to Proxies

Syria's foreign minister has said that they have found chemical agents produced in the U.S. in abandoned terrorist arms depots in recently liberated areas.

Barclays Puts in Sensors to See Which Bankers Are at Their Desks

Barclays Plc has installed devices that track how often bankers are at their desks.

Nearly Half of Colombia's Ecosystems at Risk of Collapse: Study

While nearly half of Colombia's identified ecosystem zones are in danger of collapse, only a tiny percentage of those are afforded state protection.

All Florida prisons on indefinite lockdown after ‘credible intelligence’ of planned uprisings

More than 97,000 prisoners across the state of Florida will reportedly not be able to leave their dorms or have certain muh privileges, as a lockdown was ordered the day after officials canceled visitations to all facilities.

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Charlottesville: “I Think a Lot More People Are Going to Die Before We Are Done”

A hard look at the neo-Nazis who came to Charlottesville.

Imperial Death Spiral


Mitt Romney made this post today, expect Trump rebuttal via twitter soon


whoops, thanks for that


Sixteen members of White House arts and humanities panel quit, following business CEOs out the door

inb4 trump disbands the art and humanities panel

Why did Trump even allow and Arts and Humanities panel, the discussion probably bored him to death at its most basic level.

inb4 new members are



Tim Allen has now been promoted to communications director

I know that they tend to arm militants even if there's a risk that those guns would be turned against them, but alleged chemical fucking weapons? Now, that'd be something above and beyond, a new definitive suicidal low. Are they really this desperate?

The absolute state of this administration. Really thinking Trump won't get 2 terms at this rate

From yesterday, but worth reposting:

Fox CEO rips Trump, donates $1M to Anti-Defamation League

I legitimately think he's gonna try to find some quick and small victory and then resign afterwardss, claiming "My work here is done" or some shit.

He's probably only on because he'd open up a can of worms to the public if he left about gossip within the administration, but I guess at this point it doesn't matter.

I unironically want that.

With the brains of the administration leaving any bets as to how long trump stays in office before resigning?

After all this time I still don't understand this man. What's Bannon's deal? He's clearly a genuinely smart guy who's been involved with some progressive projects in the past (Biosphere 2), but then also does all this Holla Forums shit.


So what is the reason for Bannon going? Association with the 'alt right'?


That's not a defense of him. But dude come on, Breitbart was/is a massive operation that got him shot into the white house and was inspired by his fucking World of Warcraft mining operation. He's been playing the Holla Forums game far before any of this stuff. Realizing and capitalizing on the Holla Forums market so early takes smarts.


Lel, Breitbart is declaring war on the Trump administration. This shit gonna get good.

Also Bannon is now telling reporters that he gave his resignation 2 weeks ago.

Any technically inclined have any thoughts on this? It seems like something that would've gotten done eventually anyway. But any idea on the short-term? Will it deepen the NSA abuses?

Lolno. YOU go back to reddit, fucko.

He's also the Grand Commissar of The Nazbol Gang.

Don't worry; Stephen Miller's in control now that Bannon is gone

You don't need to be a "smart guy" to grift mouth-breathing reactionaries, World of Warcraft players and an asshole like Trump.

Then why didn't any of us do that? I dunno man, the guy seems pretty calculating.

At the end of the day, Bannon was just looking for the ultimate sugar daddy, and found it in Trump

But like all loves Trump has it ends in a split

Yes it will, independence is usually just a way to distance from blame.

We can posture about "spooks" all we want but at the end of the day most of us have functioning moral compasses. Sociopaths like Bannon do not.

Dems/liberals accomplished these things, not Bannon.

Wew, Holla Forums is triggered as fuck right now over this spicy headline. Big thread about it over on halfchan. Hilarious degrees of salitiness.

absolutely cucked

This really isn't Holla Forumss week is it

Come on now. We've seen pretty clearly that there are plenty of smart evil people. I haven't once defended his agenda, I'm just trying to figure the guy out.

Hundreds of Protesters at Anti-Racism rally in Durham

I don't think he's a literal retard like Trump, I'm just saying he's not some brain genious because he grifts people dumber than him.

Updates on tomorrow's Boston "Free-Speech" Rally:

Counterprotest organizers expect thousands


‘We Don’t Want You,’ Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Warns Ahead Of Planned Boston Free Speech Rally

More than 500 police officers will be ready to keep the peace at ‘Boston Free Speech’ rally

Furious anti-fascist protesters storm Spanish right-wing march hours after deadly Barcelona terror attack

This totally won't end up being a disaster or anything…………….

I'd rather have Bannon than whatever equally racist and authoritarian military general that Trump is going to bring in to replace him, tbh.

Slowest coup ever.

This is going to be a total shitshow.

I'm still naive to think that Mattis and Kelly might shield us from the worst case scenario. They still seem like classical republicans to me.

How is Spain's left faring these days anyway? You never really hear about them.

he's one of the craziest people Trump has recruited, bar none. Dude is jacking off at the idea of starting another world war

Mad Dog Mattis is not a good troop, in fact I would say he is a very bad troop. He will not help save any of you from anything.

Trump should hire Milo

its like they want truthers to thruth.

I wonder how all those "le BASED black men!" are feeling now.

I'll write what I did on another thread:

Police press conference:
1 attacker with a knife, 8 victims, 2 dead
attacker(suspect) shot in the thigh, now in medical care
Police is initially not treating as a terror incident, no confirmation on shouts of 'allah akbar', the coppers were directly asked by media.
there is some indication people thought he yelled allahu akbar because of a video that emerged of a man yelling people to get away in Finnish, which some 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧monolinguals🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 and local Holla Forumsyp equivalents interpreted as allahu akbar
youtube.com/watch?v=Mw_nlr5pZEI here is the video for other spurdo autists stabbeti stabb:::DDDDDD:D:D:DD:D:D
the knifeman appears to be non-white, so our Holla Forums friends will be satisfied even if it turns out he wasn't islamist. the knife MO is similar to London terror incident so I think it's likely it was IS-inspired

Can you expand on that? Dude's Anti-Nuke, anti-torture, is against intervening in Korea, studies Marcus Aurelius, etc. As far as high ranking generals go, he seems pretty moderate.and standard fare.

Do you think the Interview he gave about ethonatonalists being losers was a way to perform preventive damage control to appeal Trump's most radical wing?

I hope those uncle tom fuckers get lynched tbh


Sorry for posting a Breitbart link, but comments have to be read. Fucking hilarious. Trump's base/movement is dead.

Likely, but it also could also reflect his actua views. He's been shilling "Economic Nationalism" (i.e. Authoritarian state-capitalism) the whole time; I for one remain unsure if Bannon really gives that much of a shit about race and isn't just using it as a tool to garner populist power.

I can't imagine he doesn't give a shit about race, he's American after all.

Yeah I didn't mean that he's not racist or any BS like that. The guy's clearly racist, but I just don't think he's really after any ethnostate.

He's definitely going to get fucked in the next republican primaries now.

Holy fucking shit

So this is what it feels like to have an Old Guard.

I'm afraid I'm getting my hopes up too much. I'm fucking salivating at the thought of even 2k people singing L'internationale in Boston.

I hope they keep tumbling down.

Yeah, likely mostly people who don't give a shit about socialism, just anti-fascist

It keeps getting better too:

Conservatives react with fury to Bannon's departure


Cucked beyond belief.

Wouldn't surprise me. Now that WMDs are falling into the hands of terrorists, intervention is t he only logical option.

I want General Pershing. On a serious note all of them need to be executed. (C'mon fbi there's multiple definitions thefreedictionary.com/executed You pick whichever one makes you feel more comfortable ATM) (but we'll pick for you later ;) )

That headline doesn't fucking help anyone.
Why is the HuffingtonPost so tone-deaf?

It's notable how much emphasis he puts on the opinions of the military leaders. Does he expect the coming junta to put him up as a puppet or what?


Update: Klan abandons own rally, never show up

Updates on Bannon. Claiming he's left the WH to return to essentially peddle lies once again


Not surprising tbh

Could get messy pretty quickly though, unlikely for the dems to ignore conflict of interest

Bannon: 'The Trump Presidency That We Fought For, and Won, Is Over.'


I wonder what his approval rating will be after this. Will it finally go to the 20's?

It'll be hard to primary all of those GOP congressmen now that the base is split.


No link to Based Stickman facing a felony charge and 7-8 years in prison?

We all do comrade, we all do.

based felony man

Make them care.

In unrelated, non-political news, Chomsky is going to teach Linguistics at the University of Arizona and I'm fucking jealous.


What, is it a holiday?

You guys wanna see one of the funniest Alex Jones meltdowns in recent memory?


Three more charity groups pull out of fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago

Investor Carl Icahn steps down as adviser to President Trump


Just keeps on rollin

Truly the most reddit tier response I've ever heard someone make in real life.

Man Amerifat nazis will come up with all sorts of bullshit to avoid calling themselves nazis.

no comrade, it's the contrary.


Bannon will get sued in a heartbeat by the dems if any leaked info can be traced back to him. Part of the reason he left at all was because he's supposedly been leaking info, drawing even more division on the hill.

I'm not Spanish but I've seen loads of antifa, anarchist, communist and CNT-AIT stickers and graffiti in Cadiz



And for keks:
House Dem introduces measure urging Trump undergo mental exam



This is breitbart on damage control or Bannon is really planning something ?

Breitbart's gonna become an even worse propaganda rag