All porkies are evil by default, it's pathological!

I swear, you're suffering from the same disease as Holla Forums at times
Have you considered the possibility that someone who's not allied with the capitalist ideology becomes a porky and then spreads his wealth and makes his country an utopia?
Picrelated, this man spent his entire wealth on his people and was threatening the international capitalist banking system by isolating Africa from their destructive system. Under his reign Libya went from one of the worst shitholes on the planet to the country with the highest quality of life in the entire Middle East and Africa. Cars, housing, higher education, he gave everything to the proles free of charge. This is what a great man looks like, read a book.

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You've come to the wrong board bucko

Name one

Don't make me fucking say it…

t. literally no one

Try harder you infant

It's not pathological, it's positional.

you can cure people of being porky though, you just take their property away from them and make them read marx

No one here blames capitalists for being capitalists (maybe except autistic tankies who forget who Engels was), the problem is with the system itself.

Who is this Engels guy?

literally off yourself this is the most low effort bait I've seen all day

"No-no-no, nobody says and thinks like that here!"
And then you go to pretty much any thread and they're filled with people who think like that and say stuff like that

I see you don't want to read a book, watch a video instead h ttps://

Half of Holla Forums probably doesn't know, others just ignore the facts and stay in denial, some actually hate him for that. It's like you don't even browse this board

>>>Holla Forums

Good and evil are spooks
The only things that are real are people. People and their motivations.
Also, capitalists are controlled by the power of global capital. Realize even the richest, most powerful people in the world are slaves to the very thing that gave them their riches and power.

exactly, we literally don't you foolish child. If you would have spent some time here instead of being an insufferably obvious newfag, you would see that we blame the system that produces class, not just those on the top of the class pyramid. Honestly try harder, this is poor b8.

PS, most of us hold a closeted appreciation of Qaddafi


Hello class, welcome to Poly Sci 101, today you will learn not to fucking plant yourself

Also may I suggest Philosophy 101

You can find both at your local community college

only red liberals believe this
capital is an impersonal force, capitalists are just capital personified

If you've read so many smart books you somehow think I didn't then disprove my argument instead of using a false equivalence ad hominem
I swear the "read a book lol, I ain't gonna explain shit" and "shill, polyp, go back!!!" posters are worse than stirnerposters
We're slowly devolving into Holla Forums (in terms of quality of posts and arguments)


Fuck off


do you really think all or even most porkies have read marx? porkies are some of the dumbest fucking people on earth

Only the porkies that became porkies through criminal
The porkies that inherited their means of production/wealth and ESPECIALLY the porkies that became a porky from zero have all read Marx and are most likely very smart
Don't underestimate your opressors, in fact acknowledging their intelligence is crucial in resisting

man nah. they're false consciousness as fuck just like the rest of us. that's kind of the point. only the proletariat can overcome it because of the conditions of his work as an alienated laborer.

The "evil" of capitalism is not created by cruel sociopathic porkies who just want to get rich and fuck everyone over. It is created by the the system that determines that being cruel and greedy is the best way to progress in our society.

Because you don't do either.

Because you're response to these answers has so far been

"Nuh Uh"

The system that is created by cruel sociopathic porkies
You're contradicting yourself

I would've said tu quoque but you're lying, I did provide an argument

I don't understand why Stirner gets posted so often here. Aren't at least half of Holla Forums posters pro-communism or pro-socialism, i.e. le spooked?

Egoists in heart, Marxist-Leninists in LARP and online forums for 20 year olds

Capitalism wasn't exactly created. The surrounding conditions formed this system from what came before and have since reshaped and morphed it over time. You can see that there is no actual nor original "Capitalist manifesto", no precise decision nor act of creation. There are and have been only studies, judgements and suggestions of reform for the organizations that operate within the system, but no guidelines for changing the larger mechanics themselves.

Marx himself described the hardships of bourgeoisie, how focusing on competition and profit forces them to sacrifice true love and compassion for their business.
They are not evil, merely acting in their own (economical) rational interest within the current framework, much to the detriment of themselves and humanity.

The system was created by trying to reform past systems because people don't enjoy being owned, current porkies uphold the system out of rational self-perservance. Cruel sociopaths come about because it turns out being in full control over others fucks some peoples brains up.