Just a reminder that Holla Forums and The_Donut are in the process of pushing the phrase "alt-left" since Trump made it mainstream. Most anons at Leftypol argued against the autistic identification with the term for years. We are Marxists, anarchists, etc. with legitimate theoretical and practical differences and a sense of overarching comradery, and not "heil leader" morons who need the safety of an umbrella term that lacks any political nuance.

Since it's obvious that the alt-right won't stop pushing this "u r just like us but worse" agenda I recommend comrades to develop counter-memes, and discuss possible ways to counter being force-branded.

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What's Leftypol?

>>>Holla Forums

Resist alt-leftism, fight for leftypolism!

Just ignore it and it might go away.

Unironically this.

Ignoring the retarded children doesn't make it go away. We need active ideological struggle.

*kills a sparrow*

They're equating alt-left with the SJWs cretins who pushed alt-left in the first place. I say, let them.


I was being serious.

Nobody talks retarded children seriously until they shit themselves.

The left doesn't have the sheer deviousness to compete with the right.
They can lie and lie and are so well versed at it now that their memes stick.


I seriously don't get these points.

It's Holla Forums



You're right, because we're not competing with the trad-right, we're competing with the neoliberal right. Liberals have everyone beaten with the endless fake political theatre.

serves you fuckers right tbh

same shit happened on the right.
only complete retards were self-identified alt-right, even before clinton made the term popular. the biggest idiots jumped on board, while libertarians and conservatives tried stay out of that shitshow.

it will happen to you

nothing you can do about it.

I want off this ride

Not having retards calling themselves the alt-left can help this trend to die. You should have not only stayes out of that shitshow but attacked thoses who partaked in it.
You're lacking sectarianism.

you fuckers wouldn't stop with the "alt-right" memes. you wouldn't stop trying to lump the civ-nat autists with Holla Forums. You woudln't stop lazily lumping everyone from conservative republicans to literal Not Socialists into one fabricated, misleading name.

now you reap what you sow.

Holy shit man

i'm not taking responsibility for Trump's comments, genius, i'm saying Holla Forums is about to meme Alt-Left so hard you won't be able to escape being lumped into it, like Holla Forums was with the aut-right.


Lots of good they're doing you. We've been saying since the liberals tried doing this ages ago that it's not a thing and anyone peddling it looks like a fucking lunatic.

that's so dramatic and off base it's hilarious. If I ever meet you IRL i'm going to follow you around and work this slam poetry "you reap what you sow" bit into everything I say.

Once again, the average Holla Forumsyp demonstrates he only gives a fuck about image

I don't like the sound of alt left, I do like the sound of ctrl left

now you reap what you sow.

"Hard left" is a way better brand, it is nicely libidinal.

Control isn't really a good word.
What about "shift-left" or "LEFT" for short?


I wouldn't worry too much. It feels like it has barely any meme potential, and Trump sounded utterly cornered and frustrated; a far cry from last years heavily focus-tested slogans.

fn left

lmao come on

The alt-right didn't really exist until Hillary said it, before that they were a disparate group of people that didn't get along with each other extremely well. With "alt-right" last weeks "unite the right" wouldn't have been able to happen. You can talk about tendencies all you want but are you trying to argue that that Chapo Trap House, Jacobin, DSA and left-activists have as much theory or points-of-unity or seperate "membership" as a that they need to be distinguished from each other all the time? You already have these terms like "irony left" which are not seriously different than "alt-left". Just interested in your thoughts.

Richard Spencer coined the term before Hillary even mentioned it.

To be fair, the alt-right label was also invented by the mainstream neoliberal centrists to discredit its opposition.

I don't accept the argument that the alt-right wasn't a moniker forced onto these groups by the press. Breitbart, Alex Jones, Holla Forums, Daily Stormer et al were not all big fans of this Richard Spencer guy and would not have accepted his leadership before that… They probably would have called themselves "Neo-reaction". In fact, I believe (and until a few days ago, I think this was the consensus) that HRC mentioning the phrase alt-right was a mistep and gave these guys a huge boost. The alt-right united groups that were on the right but generally opposed the GOP/neocon consensus. Why is there a resistance to accepting a term that broadly refers to people on the left (CTH, TYT, et al) who reject the DNC/neoliberal consensus?

Hillary and the press gave a boost to Richard Spencer and marginalized everyone else. (It's a misstep if you want to win an election and need to pursue undecideds instead of telling them that voting for your opponent makes you a nazi. It's a misstep if you don't actually want nazis to rise. But they did want nazis to rise to be able to present them as their opponents, and that eventually worked just fine.)

If you want a boost to, say, antifa or BLM at the expense of any meaningful class politics, then go ahead, embrace the label.

del-left, we're the real movement that abolishes the present state of things.

Hope it works out.