Were the Nazis radical centrist/socdem/third-positionist or far right corporatists?

Were the Nazis radical centrist/socdem/third-positionist or far right corporatists?

They were this during the 1920s when their whole ideology was properly taking shape.

They had become this through the 1930s after they'd gained power and enjoyed having big business on their side.

Above all the Nazis were opportunists in service of the nation-state. They stole from any ideology that expedited this. But yeah, pretty much what said.

They were far right German nationalists

It doesn't matter what they are what matters is erasing them for good this time

Hitler was a bigtime social democrat, but everyone in the inner circle were hard left socialists. However, due to the invasions of Germany they never had a chance to implement these policies.

"you cant kill an idea" - gandhi i think

The only way to completely erase an ideology is to get rid of the problems that motivated that ideology in the first place. So it kind of does matter what they are, even if their claimed political beliefs aren't coherent.

But you can kill anyone who believes in it.
The problems were that traditionalists were mad that their culture was being embedded into the human one and no the white one. The problem is the past.

Nope. Their problem was that their culture and social structure were being eroded. People living in post WWI Germany were becoming increasingly atomized and they saw fascistic tribalism as a way to reclaim their person-hood. Dismissing them as irrational is a surefire way to ensure that fascism will continue to exist.

And we need to beat them into submission and tell them they will never be able to recapture that ever again.

seems to fuel their cause from what i have seen

This has to be bait, nobody can be this much of a cunt. Fascists have a worldview that has genocide as it's logical endpoint, and that makes fighting against their goals necessary. However that doesn't entail an unprincipled, tribalistic war on every person who subscribes to fascism without trying to understand why they even have their beliefs in the first place,

There is no point to try and reason with their needs, only ours.
Kindness to these people is weakness and we don't need to act better than them.
No questions, not even documentation unless it's purpose is defamation, just a bullet through the skull and they're done.

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It's true. Being unprincipled is bad.


What's worse being unprincipled or having only evil ones?

Being unprincipled.

There's no such thing as evil. But even if there were you'd never be able to objectively prove that something is evil so it's not something that you can use to support your claims.

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these mean the same thing

corporatism does not mean "big businesses exist", it means "state-owned monopolies are the dominant mode of production", something fully compatible with socdem given democracy and transparency to ensure the state is actually an agent of the people

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