So, what happens in Venezuela and why did it happen?

So, what happens in Venezuela and why did it happen?

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Social democracy


Then why are people starving and rioting if it's in the direct interests of capitalists to keep their population fed and entertained at the lowest acceptable level?

It's not. Direct interest of capitalist class is the overthrow of Chavismo - hence why they are all mobilised towards that goal.
Venezuela has largest oil reserves in the oil and production is nowhere near Saudi levels.
The US overthrowing Maduro and installing a far-right dictator - as they surely will do - they won't repeat their previous mistake of allowing democracy - is a huge prize for the US.
The previous deal in Venezuela - and most latin american countries - was:
This is the situation that the USA and the gusanos want to return to.

USA's hierarchy wants to remove the established hierarchy to replace it. It's better for Venezuelans to just resist at this point. Nothing good will come from all this unless somehow they pull off a Rojava but no that's a fantasy.

yes, sounds like a dream


Pic related is what we'll be getting to see in a few months

Is this shit for real?


they fucked up by nationalizing the oil

it theoretically can be very good thing, but the market has been flooded for years now

Denial of democracy and popular riot that ensues

Corruption and incompetence from Maduro

He forgot the democratic element of socdem

They fucked up by not nationalizing enough. If they actually diversified the economy this wouldn't have happened. I have no idea why Chavez didn't do it, did he think he's going to get the oil gibs forever with the US just being chill with it?


The National Assembly have all been given away to Supreme Court and most elections results have been invalided by said Supreme Court. There's no check and balances in Venezuala, this is true.
Which is not a reason for invasion, by the way. This is a latin-American issue which could be solved by latino-Americans.

checks and balances should be done away with until maduro can imprison/kill oligarchs, expropriate remaining industry, and crush the opposition, after all that's done he can worry about establishing proper political and economic democracy

The National Assembly is obviously subsidiary to the Constitutional Assembly. The proposed constitution is supposed to have more direct democratic elements to undermine the oppositional party politics which is know to be funded by the US. The opposition also refused to to participate in the Constitutionally Assembly, because then they would have to openly admit that they are against such implementations. They rather focus on violent protest, paid protester and outright attempted military coups from Pinochet LARPers. How is this a Latin American issue if Venezuela gets purposely boycotted and undermined by imperialist interests?


You must be trolling


Fucking spics (no racism), the americans cucked them for good



How long till the coup though?

I know a refugee from Libya who says that it's good that "the evil fag Gaddafi was overthrown"

You realize there's a difference between a country being socialist and its leader being a socialist, right?

I miss Stronghold

Do you personally know him? What makes you so confident that he's a socialist?

They fucked up by relying on oil and nothing else.

There will always be a group of people like that in every nation in history. Regardless of the actual outcome, which was objectively terrible for libya and it's neighbors.

Big fuckup #1: price controls don't work in a capitalist economy, save for very few, specific scenarios.

Big fuckup #2: the street-level organizations had goals like building community and improving the neighborhood, but lacked political power.

Big fuckup #4: didn't invest oil bonanza on industrialization.

Big fuckup #5: didn't do… whatever the hell was needed against crime, seriously that shit's ridiculous.

BIG IMMENSE fuckup #6: didn't seize means of production.

It probably will be.

That girl in right corner, is that the DPRK chick that claimed her dad got publicly beheaded for watching a Hollywood movie?

I really am impressed there wasn't a big coup or real civil war yet.

1. price controls can work in certain contexts at times, but not for everything and not all the time. rent controls work pretty well most of the time for example. Price controls also worked pretty well during Chavez' time, but that doesn't mean they'll work forever. Things change and Maduro didn't change when needed imo. The writing was on the wall that they needed to make changes in the price and currency controls since at least 2012-13, and they dithered instead.

2. Part of Maduro's push for the new constitution is to give those organizations political power.

4. True, but also true of every Venezuela gov going back decades. Ven has had lots of oil ups and downs and no government has ever done anything to diversify. Only difference is with prior govs the bonanza all went to porky, at least with Chavez/Maduro a big chunk of it went to the masses.

The National Assembly has been against him since several months and he had ignored them superbly, this Constitutional Assembly stunt is very recent.
He uses and abuses his control over the Supreme court to invalidate every result he doesn't like.

That would mean killing himself and Chavez widow.

Why would the opposition participate in the Constitutional Assembly elections when the election itself is illegal? The president can only call for a referendum asking whether or not the people want Constitutional Assembly elections, and you can't segregate votes by non-regional sectors. Making public university students, pensioned people and oil workers vote for different people is illegal. The Supreme Court judges were illegally elected in illegal lame-duck National Assembly sessions, nobody gives a shit, everyone is fleeing to Colombia or wherever the hell they can go, fuck this country

He is no more a Capitalist than Bernie Sanders is.

I'm just so happy to see people who aren't tankies sucking Maduro's cock, posting teleSUR like an unbiased source.

don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out gusano

Government basically needed to spend all of it's oil cash on food and healthcare to continuing getting elected, leaving nothing to diversify so they weren't entirely reliant on oil. Then oil prices plummeted

Communism failed for the most recent time, surely next reiteration will work, just need to upgrade the software.

Are you too lazy to even google what I said?

A shitton of people went to Colombia right after the Constitutional Assembly elections. Now that most of the people leaving are the poor people that can't get a job (unemployment went from 7% in 2015 to 21% in 2016 and 25% in 2017) we're going to see whether Colombia and Brazil really want to support refugees or not.

upvoted my fellow redditor

If they eliminated price controls on food, more people would grow food

This is a board where people post RT in the news threads unironically and nobody says shit about it what did you expect?
All politics imageboards need tons of shills to create false consensus

unironically needed to kill more oligarchs, corruption is the enemy

there is no consensus in Holla Forums

Lack of economic freedom

Too much economic freedom

Here's Chavez shitting on Lenin and Stalin, reading a letter by anarkiddy Kropotkin.
For those MLs that now suck Maduro's dick, it is full revisionism that they are defending

White supremacists

literally retardation

Not surprising. Some people would rather get raped every day by tall Americans than get raped every day by ugly Cubans.

What might work long-term is initially set price controls with something akin to emission-rights trading for the right to raise prices. That way, the commodity basket retains a stable aggregate value while still allowing price flexibility for individual commodities. Look up MAP by Abba Lerner and David Colander.

succ-dem plus U.S chile style interventionism plus being a mono-economy plus austerity

put it all in a blender and u get memezuela

I'm all for heterodox ideas, but this seems… off. Creating a "inflation credits market" already seems counterproductive for an economy moving leftwards; like the name says, it's a market solution for inflation. And it seems like its effects could be just plain unpredictable. Lets say you run a car factory, and like (what I suppose to be) most businesses, you don't have those credits. However, the nearest steelworks managed to get ahold of them, and is now jacking up their prices – to the point your car factory has no profit margin anymore. Now you have a monetary incentive to stop production of cars, not unlike with regular price controls. Also, it seems the book isn't available online.

But this does remind me of a very heterodox proposal I heard from a NutSac, no less. He claims the Reich countered inflation by pegging the currency in circulation to the economic production. The more value was produced in a given time span, the more currency they added. It seems deceptively simple and effective, but then again, I'm no economist.

Why do we still bother with this shit



Doesn't CIA actively tries to change the regime there ?

There and everywhere else south of the rio grande

Fixed it for you

Well there we go OP.

Wonder if they'll make a documentary after the overthrow, telling about the horrors of american interventionism socialism that venezuelan people went through.

They failed to diversify their production, had all their eggs in the petrol basket, and when it got too cheap their economy tanked.
Now they can't afford their welfare and social benefits, and people riot.

Thats why you shouldn't run your country like a gas station, and develop other production as well.

/r/vzla (Venezuela subreddit): "What Do Venezuelans Think About A US Invasion?"

Before clicking the link, try to guess the kind of replies that the post will get.

America can't resist a loli in distress.

Don't make me think about these faggots. I would for the sake of schadenfreude wish it to happen so they can eat shit in their new dictatorship.

I hope this can help someone:

What's so different about an US dictatorship? They'd just sidegrade from a """""communist""""" military dictatorship with 20%/month inflation to an openly right-wing dictatorship

R/Politics is full of people advocating for Mattis to lead a military dictatorship in The USA right now.

Actually, they fucked up by not building their own refineries and instead offshored it to, among other place, the US.
Having huge oil reserves is meaningless if you don't have the capacity to do anything with it.

t. San Franciscoan

It is deceptively simple. The additional currency you print deducts from the value of existing currency when you print more money than is justified by the expansion of the economy.

call me when ALL POWER TO THE COMMUNES has commenced.

Turns out that heavy currency controls that only allow converting limited amounts of money per year are harmful when you apply them for 13 years.

How much can fucking food and medicine cost though, they were getting literally billions right?