Extreme hierarchical society

is Kill la Kill, dare I say it, /our anime/?

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Lesbianism is bourgeois and reactionary.

saitama is /ourguy/


wow im glad anime art improved from this ugly shit


Kill yourself anytime.


First Squad is our anime.


KLK is irredeemable garbage.
So it's perfect for this place.

Yeah nah. I don't even know what series this is but it's more expressive than 99% of shows these days.

Modern anime is unwatchable for me. The digital coloring is so FLAT. It doesn't help that the male characters in particular are always floppy haired cardboard cutouts so loser teenagers can self-insert properly. I will always prefer shows that at least look like something, even if it's not necessarily pretty.

So much for the tolerant left.

Hi somebody call me?

I don't get why people complain about anime girls looking all the same, they are actually pretty diverse compared to male characters.

Lol that's a guy.

Yeah and he looks exactly like every other male character.

True why I posted him.
I was agreeing and have another.

nah, saitama is a self-righteous liberal. hammerhead is /ourguy/

Kill la Kill was crummy. Stopped watching after seven episodes.

If you're going to try and shill something as /our whatever/ can you make sure it's not garbage first?

Also reminder that the only good thing trigger has ever done is inferno cop.

You are either younger than 14 or intellectually and/or emotionaly stunted.

The whole show's plot is based on japanese pronounciation puns: fascism/fashion Cloth(Kiru)/kill.
I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Commodity fetishism in a more literal sense cranked to eleven, too.
Oh, and the main character begins their journey on reasons built on a selfish vendetta, but grows to become a liberator of the masses.

damn son


hey nasu

I've never watched smashie la fashie but the characters are pretty hot

mako is not hot, she is cute
and she is MY waifu

Stalin would've thrown you into gulag for your enormous faggotry.

Step up your game

I'm sorry user but your waifu has been collectivized for the greater good

no, i actually have an agreement with her, she can only have sex with 2d dudes and i can only have sex with 3d girls
we are from different worlds, we both want to be for each other

to bad with it ending up
'the fash was justified, we need to ally with stronk fash'

is it possible to have sex with anime?

But Satsuki wanted to defeat her mother, so she was a tankie and not fascist.



mods I specifically requested my images to be spoilered, goddamn

get this degenerate shit off this board

more pls

I already posted all my mako, you want some ryuko or satsuki?

Post more Lebanese pls


That Greek island that invented the concept of grill on grill.

post anime sex pls


Ryuko pls. she's my waifu

here you go fams


is anzu /ourgirl/?

being gay is SOCDEM


dont forget to spoiler fam

I was just saying I love when she looks pissed off ;_;


Of course it is, the social-fascism thesis was right all along

So, all the time? Admit it, she's more often pissed off than not. Hell, she's practically fuelled by rage.

would you actually identify as social-fascist?

well I meant particularly when she's being sexed

No, that's a meme
Social-chauvinist at worst, and even that's pushing it pretty far.

Well, I made myself ridiculous by choosing these words without knowing the concept behind them.

I meant socdem with some patriotic elements, not the social-chauvinism of WW1. To me, internationalism is a community of nations being equal and working together.

kill la kill is mainstream now?

Satsuki-sama's system was an actual meritocracy though.


this is why I don't like Holla Forums sometimes

Kill yourself