So what if after capitalism it won't be communism...

So what if after capitalism it won't be communism, but just another economic system with a ruling as well as a subservient class?

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The chances are high that this will be the case. Some might say that capitalism has already died and we're living in the development of what comes next

You mean technocracy?

ehhh idk. I mean there still private ownership of the MOP, and circuit of capital, commodities, etc. I think its still capitalism

TFW howard scott was right all along

The only thing that's changed is which industries the primary source of wealth, FIRE economy and what-not.

I have a theory that we're in the transitory phase between capitalism and something that might be called spectaclism.
Everyone will move to entertainment jobs online, and with the shortage of the workers producing physical commodities automation would have to be adopted.
The new system would be entirely based on attention and contemplation.
The thing is that once the production of creative products is the primary source of subsistence for the average person, it seems that the economy would actually be situated around a sort of homogeneous use value rather than exchange value.

This system is called socialism. Ruling class is supposed to be the workers.


There's this problem of teleology among the left I find legitimately disheartening. People have too much faith in themselves; the ideas they have cooped in their head are THE ideas society will have for its end condition, and several billion years from now society will STILL be running on the same ideology they have right now. Every other partisan in the history of mankind probably thought as much about their pet ideology, and they've all been incorrect!

To this point most systems have had an implicit loophole to them, where the people could rise up and get rid of the system and replace it with a new one. This is because in the past the capabilities of mankind were far more limited. But there's legitimately a possibility at this point to completely override all possibility of opposition and create a permanent dystopia; it is because of this that any system we try to implement needs to have some sort of a check on itself in-built to ensure the people are able to step in and break it if it doesn't act to their satisfaction.

Revolution time

Sure, resource shortages and the collapse of the global petrodollar could render mass consumption and commodity production impossible, and the global capitalist order could degenerate and decentralize into a neo-feudal order, where the remnants of large corporations and national governments form small, hierarchical societies who produce for themselves, but do not broadly participate in markets or the exchange of goods outside of resource wars and the like.

globalism is the next stage of capitalism

t. George Orwell showing his lack in trust in violent revolution

Globalism is the beginning stage of the neo-feudal automation era

Labor will no longer matter, and will only be kept as a tool for elite to fight one another.

Permanent anarcho-tyranny, with elite and underclass

Reminder that reason why we live under capitalism today is not because some random dudes got really mad at feudalism, became liberal revolutionaries and abolished it but they still had oppreshun after the revolution because human nature.
The real reason is that capitalism was already developing inside feudalism. This is why the dream of freedom, equality and fraternity gave birth to a highly oppressive and alienating system.
The development of communism has already started with the socialization of production, and we just need to phisycally remove the porkies to complete this process so we can manage our society collectively for the first time in history.

TLDR: burn every copy of Animal Farm, eridicate every ancestor of Orwell and force people to read Marx


The form of things would be determined as a means of subsistence.
It makes sense, nobody has an explanation for why capitalists would even adopt automation, but what other potential source of income is readily available to the public? Computers. Youtube.

If you look at the form of the Internet there's really no way capital would work the same (or be around at all) if it became the main building block for a new economy.