So I'm about to attend a major anti-racism protest in the next few days and have no idea how to prepare myself...

So I'm about to attend a major anti-racism protest in the next few days and have no idea how to prepare myself. It's going to be a huge event and we are going to be countering fascists and other racist scum. I've never been to a protest this intense before, and given everything that happened in C-ville I'm terrified the Right and/or the pigs are going to start using violence against us.

What should I do? I'm definitely bringing goggles and a vinegar-soaked bandana to neutralize any tear gas. I'm also thinking about wearing a helmet in case shit gets real. Anything else I should do?

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Were is it ?

Bring a camera and document autistic tantrums.

bring some actual leftist literature to hand out while you're there. ideally hook up with some party or org (IWW maybe?) to help out with whatever efforts they are making in that direction. Maybe you might make a few libs curious enough to take a look.

if you're just going there to scrap, then bring some bandages and disinfectant, plenty of water and some cash that you can hide on your person somewhere so you can deal with emergencies like your phone being stolen/destroyed, being stuck there or getting arrested or whatever.

I don't want to name the city, but it's in Canada (I'm Canadian, obviously). For the record, Canadian cops aren't much better than Amerikan cops.

I always bring my camera with me but I'm super cautious about getting comrades' faces in the photos, since pigs monitor all of our shit on FB.

bring bandages, something to clean wounds.

Good advice. Thanks.


oh and if you're bringing a helmet/goggles/any other gear that makes it look like you're spoiling for a fight then keep it fucking hidden unless and until you actually need it or you're just making yourself an attractive target for the pigs for no reason

Disinfectant wipes?

Good to know. I plan on bringing a backpack.

Bring a gun dude, assuming you're in America. You don't wanna actually use it but we need to show force. If you do this you'll need at least 1-2 buddies with you though who can look out for you since you can't really get into arguments yourself with a gun.

Really fucking bad advice there.

I'm in Canada actually.

There are a ton of fascists here. My province is going through it's own refugee crisis right now and the demo is specifically countering racist shits who want to shut down the border.

You guys should stop with this shit.
You treat racism like it's some disease at birth, like some people are born with it. I'm sorry but it's non that simple. There are material conditions behind the problem that are completly ignored, in favor of naive liberalism. You should go there and educate the people. Try to convice them to protest the real causes behind racism.

If you're planning on doing any black bloc shit then try to keep your regular outfit something that's easy to slip the hoodie/jeans etc. over top of. You'll want to change while in the crowd and after performing illegal shit drop into a secluded area to change out. Don't wear that black get-up around too much, it's sketchy as fuck and you'll attract attention.

I would pick a fairly light and easy to conceal bag. A gym bag or something similar is ideal and to keep your essentials (goggles if you're bringing them, vinegar soaked rag, etc) in the front pocket, somewhere really easy to access.

When I want to the Charlottesville rally I kept my ID and phone in the car. Probably more than necessary but it can't hurt.

Just be civil and dont be overly rude to the fascists.

I think the worst the fascists will do is just shout a few cusswords or shout their views at your face.

Yes, I plan on keeping my hoodie in my backpack. I will be wearing red until shit goes down.

Bring a gun, and make sure you have a permit for it. Fascists have already shown they're willing to utilise brutal force against their opponents. Also make sure to film this shit. Could make for some more quality Holla Forums cringe.

I'll film it. I'm actually terrified of guns. If I could afford it I'd get body armor.

Anti-racist protests generally go well. Don't be too worried by what happened. It is generally only dangerous when racists and anti-racists begin to clash.

Smashies in this thread are a shame. this is the only good post.

I don't see any smashies here.

Sounds like smashies idiocy to me.
like a said here, use this a rectuitment tool for something more serious

Goggles to protect from mace.water balloons filled with paint are effective against police riot shields.

Good to know.

Should I bring milk?

Or gloves?

Foaming long-range wasp spray for the Neo Not-See's.

Yes, you should get a local lawyer on retainer.

Bring flyers about how the rich have used the white race for profit and now they're abandoning them now that they're being saddled with blame.

Find some catchy anti-Nazi and anti-fascist songs and sing with the spirits of those that died fighting fascists throughout the ages. Steel yourself with the resolve of the worker's will! And if you fight them, strike with vengeance of the comrades that died at Stalingrad, at Jarama, and all the ones that died in the camps. Be our fury, comrade.

What I've seen of Candian cops suggests they're even worse than most American cops. Dunno why you're gonna run black bloc its easier to toss a plastic bottle at them and they'll start the riot for you.

Start by fucking off to reddit.

I'd say don't bring a phone your phone records can prove you were there, also if you really plan on getting stuck in encrypt your phone and your laptop

This is the wrong place to ask, I doubt anyone here ever attended a protest.


Good to know.

That's not how tear gas works. Get an actual promask, faggot.

this should have everything you need to know op

please be edgy somewhere else, newfag


If you plan on blackblocking you can bring another set of clothes, tape over logos on shoes/clothes, etc. Don't go there alone, bring a couple of friends, decide on a place to meet after the demo. See if there is some kind solidarity group/legal team, get there contact details on hand in case someone disappears/get arrested

Bring water and something to eat(bananas are v good). Don't do anything stupid & don't talk to the cops.

Good luck

Kill yourself rabid liberal.
The cops are on your side.
Fucking tool.
That's why no one take us seriously. Instead of beating LARPing thugs that you call fascists why don't we do OWS 2: No liberal fuckheads edition?

I'm going with a group. I don't plan on doing anything illegal but thanks for the advice anyway.


tbh i think it's more important to be able to keep contact with friends than being safe from prosecution on the off chance the cops will try to nail you with phone records.Encrypting your phone is easy and good though

Holla Forums…

Riot shield
Riot armor
Gas mask
Metal armor if possible
Kevlar armor too
Full hazmat suit because you never know

Fuck no I already posted in this thread

If you want report me in the mods moderation thread they will check my posts

If I could afford it, I'd buy body armor and wear it underneath my hoodie.

D-dont f-forget your disinfectant wipes

So vinegar-soaked shit doesn't work?

Go as a big metal guy.

Full HazMat suit? You cucks are delusional. Wearing all that shit and a full Level A HazMat suit which contains SCBA is the dumbest shit I ever heard. Yoi would burn up even in a Level B HazMat. You lefties should just stay home if you dont want to be embarrased. Leave fighting to the real men.
W-watch out n-nazi scum!!

Are you being ironic? Because the afroplasm fag was obviously shitposting

Rate my peaceful assembly gear, leftypol.

american protesters look like cosplayers, try to get dressed like parisienne black block or german jugendwiderstand

it will definitively not neutralize teargas, a wet rag will be better than nothing, and maybe the vinegar does something, but definitely don't stand around in the gas with nothing but a wet bandana for protection.
I heard something about using baking soda, but have not tried it myself, and the only results I found when searching for it where pretty sketchy.
this old news article mentions it
>Negroes lay on the floors and chairs, many weeping and moaning. A girl in red slacks was carried from the house screaming. Mrs. Boynton lay semiconscious on a table. Doctors and nurses threaded feverishly through the crowd administering first aid and daubing a solution of water and baking soda on the eyes of those who had been in the worst of the gas.

Just wear a cheap gas mask from the military surplus store and make sure it has some fresh NBC filters attached. They look pretty cool anyway so I don't see why you'd avoid spending a bit on them. AFAIK they're generally cheap as fuck.

No, that doesn't work. Gas masks are not expensive. Get one, learn how to use it, and learn to put it on in less than 9 seconds. This isn't rocket science, and you'll at least not smell like disgusting vinegar while also having painful eyes, mouth, and nose.

Some cheap gas masks are deadlined. If you don't know how to inspect, don't buy. Plenty of civilian shit provides more than ample protection.

Just use violence yourself, kill the Nazis if you have to

What's deadlined? Past their use by date?

The seals may be rotten, or some other shit is wrong with them. Honestly, you can find even military shit in very good condition for less than $100, but you can buy new for that much if you just go with a current production 3M brand mask. Just make sure you get a mask, and not just a particulate respirator.

Leave your phone at home.

Could you use a glue gun on the seals if you're broke? Save some cash and get a glue gun out of it.

Okay. There's an army surplus store downtown.

I'm also going to get baking soda and use that.

Essential items:

1. Wear something semi-smart, this will let the cops know you aren't a looter or a trouble maker.
2. Write a note about your intentions and keep it on your person, preferably in an interior pocket.
3. Comb your hair, for the same reason as number 1.
4. Stay near trees or lampposts - this will become evident in the next number.
5. Take a stout rope, rope can be handy in all kinds of situations.
6. Hang yourself from the nearest tree or low lamppost.

Good luck : )

Bring a gun.
This isn't about public image anymore, the first one you see, begin.

No, the rubber stretches and contracts as you breathe. Glue won't hold. You'd need to make a patch from some kind of inner tube. It's much more work than it's worth.

Stay in eyesight of at least one other person you know at all times, buddy up if need be if there is a lot of you, if you are part of an organisation have one or two people who will not participate in any actual activity but will have phones and communicate, these people can also often be spotters if you need to find the fash to bash them and the police aren't letting masked protestors through etc . I you are going alone then you have nobody to contact anyway, so just keep stuck with a group. Really in 2011 in London they fucked so many people of phones gps records, I have personally been arrested based off of them. Keep your phone at home and keep your internet search history and phone records as protected as you can. Try not to arrange going to the protest by phone if at all possible

also if two of you arrange to go to the protest together and then do damage then can throw conspiracy charges at you which often make sentences much harsher etc

also if you want a weapon just get a flag with a chunky stick.

What is the point of an anti-racism protest?

I can't think of something more banal and pointless.

Black people seem to think otherwise.

go in blackface

go with other people you trust
make a plan before
decide what you want and what you can achieve (if you should clash etc)

We are going to be a very large group, and yes the organizers are telling us to do exactly this.

stay out of the road

lel there aren't black people in candada

this is a meme. people get swooped up based on their associations and their face. bring your phone and record everything. you might save someone's life.


This, come in a hazmat suit and don't forget your bike helmet

this is literally one of the worst memes my fellow comrades push. dressing like a communist/anarchist is a trap. look normal so it's easier to blend in.

user, are you going to the counter protest in Vancouver on Tuesday?

It's Vancouver. It's the only Canadian city with a racist rally planned for next week. We're not stupid, you can say it. V A N C O U V E R.
those who need to be anonymous will wear masks. take as many photos as you can, you'll exponentially increase the amount of aut-right/nazi crimes caught on camera (hopefully with faces)

Not Vancouver. Try again.

this isn't a meme. I have been arrested based on phone GPS records. During the 2011 riots in London people were arrested based on these also. Nice try FBI

It's obvious you're the new one.

Let me guess. You did something illegal and got caught on camera. You denied you did it and they proved you were there via your cell phone. That's not them scraping your phone and arresting you for being there, thats you having bad opsec while commiting crimes.

Okay, I'll say it: I'm going to the event in Ville de Québec on Sunday.

You should go to Vancouver on Tuesday, that's going to be the big one.

Can't. I live in the east.

What's going down in Québec? I don't see anything about aut-right nazis protesting anywhere.

They also utilize cell site simulators to collect phone data. You can go without a phone for a few hours.

are there going to be any racists there or are you just going to beat people that look like racists?

It's a good camera that has internet connection and a means of communicating with people if you get separated. it's only a nuisance if you're breaking the law with your face exposed.

We're countering racists, yes.

im not gonna say what I did, the fact is, the phone records were presented alongside other evidence, it was presented as evidence that I was I a certain place at a certain time. That is often considered damning evidence in combination with the right other evidence. Please don't lecture me about "bad opsec" and then advocate carrying around what is essentially a live stream of your life for a great many people when you intend to break the law. If you want to film, don't break the law. Both are valuable, pick which one you do

Best post ITT

Relax OP, what's going to happen? At worst, you pick a fight you can't win and get beaten up. You're not going to get rocked by a car like that one girl, and people who got caught after protests (afaik) were super obvious memesters. (And also liberals).
People will probably be wearing clothes they don't have at home, or glasses they don't usually wear, they will probably be looking to start trouble. They don't wear their normal glasses, they might shave and definitely cover tattoos. Just stuff to look out for whether or not you do anything illegal. I don't see anything happening though, also you'll want to walk unless you want your car to possibly get fucked (maybe just autistic worrying but it came into my head regardless).

La Meute, quel groupe de merde

Not-OP Leaf here, can confirm. Canuckistan is teeming with racist assholes. In my own family there's a Tea Partier, an evangelical conservative, and an Aut Rightist, as well as an aunt who is convinced that the Soldiers of Odin are good boys who are not racist at all ever.

nigga preeze not everybody's a Leftcom.

Agreed. I hate Islam but I hate racial profiling and attacks on migrants even more.

Klanada has always been a racist country, just like the United Snakes. The KKK used to be huge in the prairie provinces.

Apparently the Klan was active in the Minden area as during the 80's. Probably still is.

Might as well post here. There is a BLM protest tomorrow that wants to take down a statue. that I think I'll attend. My main problem is that I really don't agree with taking down the statue It's not even a Confederate statue but I do want to show solidarity against the fucked up criminal justice system. Thing is that I was involved with the alt-right circle and went to a protest with them so I'll probably go and cover up my face for protection. call me a faggot or whatever but I feel pretty torn, I'm just going to observe cause I got shit else to do tomorrow morning

What I'm bringing so far:

Anything else?

For the record, I'm thinking about dumping the vinegar and just going with the milk and baking soda mix.

Another good ol' fashion radlib idpoler assembly thread. Board quality has been great lately.

Bring a club, an AR-15, a megaphone, a switchblade, a steadicam with three cellphones attached, and five smokebombs. When in the middle of a crowd let one of the smokebombs off and shank the person nearest you to start a riot. As the riot's happening shoot your AR-15 into the air causing mass panic. Then scream in the direction of the police to direct the mob towards them while filming them beating protestors to show the court in the next few weeks. As the stores are being looted by the mob find whichever electronic device looks the most valuable and steal it. Place the valuable device into the police car if it's abandoned and film this as well for the court. Finally as the chaos comes to a halt, plant the gun and knife on the closest body, either shooting yourself or slicing your forearm. Lay on the ground and wait for the national guard to help you. File a lawsuit against the city and on behalf of the dead.

You have now reached peak accelerationism.

Oh no, such racism

You left out "normie"

Wear a suicide vest under your clothes for if the fucking pigs get you,

How did that happen, man?

My wife started dating a black guy and he told me all about how oppressed black people are.
Really blue pilled the shit out of me with his BBC

I read into Marx and Marxism. Most people in alt-right circles are borderline retarded and they had no idea of the basic concept of Socialism/Communism. Basically, classcucks

Lmao nice joke Holla Forums

really makes you think



Everyone is telling me it doesn't do shit.

Stop this DIY anti-teargas nonsense you roleplaying cowboy. Get a cheap respirator and some goggles if a standard gas mask is too much.


Dude that's really radical. The government of Canada, all Corporate entities, and the overwhelming majority of the Canadian populace are all super Pro-Racism.

Protesting against racism, that's really gonna give it to them. Speaking truth to power right there.

I see….

We are literally countering a group of neonazis.

French Canadian Neo-Nazis?
Très intéressant

There is a shitload of racism in this province, although the prairie provinces like Alberta are far, far worse.

Have you considered buying a "Hillary should have won" T-Shirt?

Oh, I didn't realize, my sincerest apologies.
If a bunch of neo-nazis are doing something then it is absolutely essential for the left to do it too. For every #RacismIsGood tweet, we must be there to respond with #RacismIsBad tweets.
Revolution soon, my comrades.

>>>Holla Forums

I'm Canadian…

Really needs a name change otherwise we'll all fall into LARPerville.

That's my small gripe.


Pointless gestures of conspicuous liberalism don't need to be confined to any one country. Just say you're doing it in solidarity with your American friends.

Start by not trying to murder the police and then whining about it on twitter

We are countering Nazis.

To protect my hands in case some dick tries to hit me with a metal pole.

Give'm hell man. It's been a real bummer leaning that there are still some serious skinheads in Montreal; I really wanted to live there for awhile.

No you aren't.

Yet somehow the 30+% of the population that is non-white manages to not get lynched by them on a daily basis.

What reality do you live in?

We're protesting in Ville de Québec.

One where I can get harassed on the street just for being brown.

Good luck OP.

I feel sorry for countries that don't have football as their major sport. They just can't into proper smashie culture.

Bring an SKS my maple nigger friend, if you really get freaked out by guns don't bother going to the scrappy parts. The fascists will definitely be armed.