Attempt by Daily Stormer to move to Russian domains has been blocked by Roskomnadzor, the Russian Executive Body responsible for Media and Telecommunications.

This means that Daily Stormer cannot actually host its website under ANY Russian domain

The Daily Stormer has been BANNED BY RUSSIA

It just keeps happening

Based Russia will never bend the knee to SJWs!

[5 minutes later]

We regret to inform you that Russia is run by Soros.

Doesn't Anglin worship Putin and Russia? He has been getting fucked in many different ways as of late.

Yep. And now he's been banned by their entire country.

They're on TOR now. That's probably where they'll stay.

They've been banned by TOR too

There is literally nowhere they can fucking go besides Ghana lmfaooo

Source? TOR Project said on Twitter that they were disgusted by them but that they couldn't censor them.

Wait is it possible to ban something from tor?

My mistake. It'll stay on an onion. But it's basically been banned everywhere. And according to its twitter its donations have "slowed down to a trickle" because whoever moderates cryptocurrency or whatever isn't allowing donations to them.

Basically the world is revealing everyone hates them.

"The Daily Stormer’s Twitter, meanwhile, reported Tuesday that their bitcoin donations have “slowed to a trickle,” accusing cryptocurrency giant Coinbase of cancelling the accounts of anyone who transfers to their cause."

I guess it's time we celebrate corporations censoring people.

Or the public censoring nazis, either works.

Besides the Russia Government isn't "A corporation"

couldn't dailystormer just use darkcoin or something?

The world is a jewish trick by 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Soros🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Like that wouldn't be a loss, as fewer people use it than bitcoin.

Only incredibly dedicated people can support Stormer at this point, and the number of those people are few and far between.

classcucks thought corporate capitalism was going to stay on their side when they proved themselves unprofitable, SAD


This is so numerically cool.

9999 if you add the ones with eights.

lmao get fucked

Has anyone checked out the onion, yet? All connections to a hidden service appear to originate from as far as the server is concerned…

lol What a fag


Daily Who?

They'll all just flood to Holla Forums and 4chan will openly become a neo-nazi site.

Hiro won't give a shit because he's in Japan.

Pretty antisemitic. Finally a leftypol meme worth saving.

Welp, now I feel bad for the other boards.

so much for "based putin, slavs are white!"

Did you forget Holla Forums was astroturfed by the daily stormer years ago?

Daily stormer =/= stormfront. that lot of retards are still safely contained on their forum.

A meme so crusty, only you faggots would still use it.

Get fucked, stormfags.

I don't get it, why don't they just post a bitcoin address?

tfw when it's literally proven by the fucking threads on SF but people still deny it