On the Family

Just a quick survey on opinions regarding the family and communism, I've always heard a wide range of opinions regarding it on this board. Personally I've always felt that communism would lead to stronger relationships at home and within the extended family like the post below, but I'd like to hear others opinions on it as well.

People should have the right to whatever family structure they want, not be limited by economics or traditional spooks

This basically. As much as I fucking hate traditionalism, if that's your family choice in Communism, whatever.

I don't mean to make a fuss about it, but what problems do you find with traditionalism with an extended family?

But isn't the point of traditionalism wrt family about enforcing it? So that you don't have to worry about your kids seeing fags for example?

It's my personal belief that when religion is abolished, what we consider to be wholesome and enlightening spiritual experiences will become much more common. When nothing is sacred, we will learn what is truly sacred to ourselves, individually. And when the current conception of family is no longer the social organization so strongly mandated by the economic and political structure, those who truly desire that life style will discover it to be truly rewarding.

Well, people don't get to choose what their kids do, nuclear families should be out of choice not by social default. If your kids want to go live in a gay commune that's up to them assuming they're old enough (say 16 maybe)

Only the gays/trannies want to "abolish" the family in its entirety (trans people especially seem to hate it.) Personally that makes me want to keep it even more. I dislike utopian cosmopolitans and their beliefs. Women still ought to be liberated though. No cult of domesticity under communism. No state mandated gfs either.

Well then they'll make the argument that visible fun will influence their kids into being degenerate so it should be stopped or kept hidden.
Like this poster
I'm gay and I respect people's right to have a nice "normal" family but it's hardly reciprocal in most people who think that's important.

You can live however you want, but over time the traditional family structure will break up into the community or technology will make family obsolete altogether.

Humans have lived in families for all of history. Even primitive tribes acknowledge family. It's not going anywhere. The nuclear family will definitely go away though.

I personally believe communism will strengthen both the family and the sense of community.

Well forced domesticity is more or less impossible under communism though personally I see no problem with women (and men), if they choose to, staying home more and with their kids. One my biggest qualms with modern feminism has been for instance how it focuses more on telling women how to live and what is free rather then giving them the strict freedom to choose, even if that choice is a traditional healthy family.

Sure, traditionalists are cancer, I think we agree there, still doesn't make traditionally structured families wrong though.

I think this was mostly protection from inbreeding.

Well I don't think they're "wrong". Just incompatable with any other lifestyle.

I mean that depends on your definition, I don't think there's anything inherently reactionary about a typical extended family household

Yeah I guess you're right. It really depends on if there's a state and if that state is run by actually reactionary people.

"Family" under capitalism

And its the commies that want to destroy the family.


Materialism BTFO!

In a post capitalist society there would be less of a need for identity politics. as sexual orientation would no longer be a political issue.

why is muh technofuture always portrayed as something humans have no control over? as a flattening force that forcibly assimilates everything rather than as something that opens up a new dimension of being and pluralism?