Is vinterflama that hottest leftist woman on twitter? Who are the others?

Is vinterflama that hottest leftist woman on twitter? Who are the others?

That's what we have the eceleb-trash thread for:

Fuck off, this thread needed to die, don't bring it back.

We have this thread every week. Polite sage

no. We had one glorious thread that lasted for a month.

Kill yourself.

If you're going to have this thread share her tits at least.

Yeah just open them with her tits

In fact, let's open all threads with her tits because goddamn they're fantastic

so post them already damn

Stop bumping your own thread.


sage goes in all fields

I will say those tah tahs never get old fellow anons. WEW

that one that has a crush on muke is pretty hot

The former nazi ?
Mate she's insane

no no not evalion she's ugly, I meant neolibs

Stop posting this thread over and over

this is only the second time also those tits are great so why not admire them

Huh those are nice af tbh.
Both confusing sights

Are there any liberals who aren't hip-hop loving black-culture mocking cunts?

i dont think she has a crush on muke in fact im pretty sure shes lesbian

This will be the sole good post for this entire thread, mark my words.

Is it bad that I prefer to look at her eyes more than her tits?

No. She has beautiful eyes.

I recommend reading The White Negro, it's a heavily outraged essay but it raises some very interesting points


I wonder how she feels about Palestine?

she's real cute, do you think I could get her to take my virginity and/or be my first kiss and ease my depression? what should i say to her? also how old is she, i'm 22 and i know some girls are picky about age differences


aww :(

What does this have to do with economic theory though?

*blocks your path*


buy her a coffee. debate her views. ask if she would like to talk again. not resort to violence because i'm not a child who throws a fit when someone disagrees with me.

t. Liberal

Did you just make this thread but reworded the moment it dropped off the catalog? Stop datamining subversion you fed fuck.

I'm honestly ashamed we have so many thirsty idiots here. Take your waifufaggottry to the leftytrash thread


Leftist women on YouTube/Twitter/etc. get by with their looks, not the substance of what they say.

I heard there were nudes for her floating around.

Of course there are nudes of her. They are for some leftist Chad. Marxism is a Chad ideology. And of course a bunch of blue pilled autistic neckbeards who just haven't figured it out like their red pill counterparts who have become apolitical (like myself) or turned to right-wing or libertarian politics (they are spooked but it's not like egoism has a mainstream presence. So the only criticisms of liberalism and Marxism they see out there is coming from the right and libertarians)

Stop bumping this thread, faggot.


Ah, the classic right-wing resentment of women. The pathology of it all is so clear. to everyone, except themselves.

Why do we keep having threads about this average looking bitch?

I am not right-wing. I'm an egoist. My red pill realization about female muh privilege and gynocentrism is the reason why I can never be a Marxist (or a right-winger. They worship pussy too. Look at that bimbo Lauren Southern)

I know, we need more agnes threads tbqh.

I wonder what Rosa would've posted if she had twitter back in the day

would bang tbqh

The thirsty virgins on this site might worship pussy, but socialism certainly does not have gynocentrism built into it.

Does anyone have nudes of her?


yall niggaz is thirsty as fukk

W-Who is she?


Why is there no talk of Mexie you slags

Not exotic enough

nobody here likes white girls

Hey I like white girls stop generalising

she kind of ugly and manly, but insanely hot at the same time.

not sure how to feel about this

Maybe you're gay.

manly? she has her face diped in tons of makeup and she looks manly?!

idk i guess it's her hairline. it's pretty high up, almost like a guy's. and her eyebrows are pretty fucking thick too..

it's a conflicting feel, kek

She doesn't look like a man but rather a mediocre girl tbh, jawline is off and without makeup would look bad. Thick eyebrows are sexy on brown girls too fam.

any pic of the nazi chick's body?


is that really rageafterstorm?


Agnes who?

Are there more pictures of this Agnes?

It was more like 3 months