Gavin McGuiness' "Rebel Cruise" Has Been Cancelled by Norweigan Cruise Line


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Wasn't this the same agency that tried to pay off one of their former journalists so they would shut up and not say anything contradictory

Why would you want to be trapped on a boat with any of those people?

I don't care as long as these assholes keep getting fucked on all sides constantly without end.

It feels like I am the devil observing their personal hell.

To be fair this would be a great setup for slasher movie hijinx

Why would you want to go on a cruise run by a 40-year old hipster and featuring average women fishing for betabux? Just get a hooker and listen to some reactionary rant for a fraction of the price.

is this what being tired of winning feels like, Holla Forums?

I don't know. Why are you asking us?

Are "they" losing though? The man is in the white house and the only "leftism" that's "winning" is American Uncle Sam Approved Sham-leftism. It sounds like you're drinking the media koolaid as much as Holla Forums is. The media is the only entity in the wrong here because of how they handle events on all sides just to create sensationalism and line Porky's pockets. And we're all letting the media dictate our emotions

Given the opportunity the American public would vote for a socialist over what they currently have.

Not only do I sincerely doubt that's true, but the minority of people in America that do want "socialism" are more or less voting for a market-driven socialist economy in the same vein as East Asian Capitalism.

But naw, keep defending the American "left" being driven entirely by idpol anti-intellectuals whose agenda consists solely of "taking down those evul Nahtzees!" because they share the same ideological title as you do. Surely that's not identity politics in of itself

What's that Holla Forums? Something about idpol and being anti-intellectual?

dumbest ahistorical tripe i've read today.

isn't this actually completely consistent with lolbert ideology?

Just because you don't call yourselves nazis doesn't mean you aren't fascists Holla Forums. Ironic fascism is just "ironic" fascism.

It is, but most lolberts won't admit that until it comes to their advantage and usually bitch about people they have a preference for getting fired

And I already bought the torpedo and everything…

Sometimes I come here and get good discussions from opposing viewpoints. I enjoy those discussions and for some reason I keep expecting those times to be more frequent and present. Then I remember this failed FAS abortion.



Yeah looks like me

what a surprise



Rich kids who go on luxury cruises are the new Rebels.

Oh look it's a picture of Hoochie Mihn

My potions are too strong for you, traveller

On Friday Holla Forums was thrilled, THRILLED that the Alt-Right was being outright white supremacist and throwing away their Alt-Lite cover



Her lips are too weird for me

What did Gavin mean by this?

True I'd deal. No doubt

Lips are probably the most important part of a girl and hers are just….ick

Lol wut

You'd know if you were in my shoes.

Aren't you a faggot? What you'd know about sexy girl lips?

Hoochie is a girlfaggot supposedly

I'm the other kind of faggot, fag

So you are a girl who's transition to man?
Does this explain the quality of your posts? Is this all caused by hormonal imbalance? We'll never know

You're going to transition in about two seconds if you keep talking shit you dumb bitch.

Their man is in the Whitehouse, but he's also an idiot who's fucked up his own agenda on several occasions

This has gotta be some kind of money laundering scheme. All of their fans are poor af.
I bet if you went you'd be the only one there.

Funny you say that:

Yes, the article is from Buzzfeed but if you want to watch the 12 minute Youtube video the article is based on, it is linked there.

Also related to the OP:

The whole Rebel Media organization makes me want to go full xenophobe and tell those syrup suckers to go the hell back to Canada. Why don't they spread their hack reactionary bullshit there? Why focus constantly on America and Europe?

"Everyone is a liberal except me"

Can't you be happy at another's expense for once, Holla Forums?

What did gavin mean by this?

The "Rebel" Media is such a joke. Their form of "rebellion" is supporting Donald Trump and harassing protestors who are less articulate than they are. Occasionally their Canadian host makes a video at a desk wherein he completely ignores American history whilst trying to argue on it. They are total tools and I have limited respect for anyone who watches them.

Why is nobody talking about the current rebel media implosion/ shitstorm here?

Basically very little market here. With some exception, "political correctness" (though not exactly genuine progressive policy) is more of a norm here. The Overton window is left of the US, but it's also a LOT smaller. This is a double edged sword: while the baseline person might be vaguely more tolerant than the baseline American, a good handful probably don't have any actual reasoning behind why being tolerant is too, meaning that people with any kind of contrarian or "nerdy" streak is more at risk of falling for the right. I'm into comics and it's kinda pronounced there: the two biggest Canadian names are Sim and Byrne, who are both insane reactionaries.

Canadian society is a weird machine that is good at creating reactionaries but not the breathing space to support them, hence all of them peddling to America first.

Gavin really wants to be Don Cherry doesn't he, Jesus Christ.