Bannon: Ethno-Nationalists are Losers, Must be Crushed

Bannon: Ethno-Nationalists are Losers, Must be Crushed

In his interview with a liberal magazine editor, Steve Bannon also said white nationalists are "losers" and a "fringe element" that needed to be crushed. He said Democrats and the liberal mainstream media are overplaying their hand by hyping the violence that occurred last weekend in Charlottesville, Va.

In the second half of his interview with liberal magazine, The American Prospect's editor Robert Kuttner, Senior Counselor to the President Steve Bannon ripped into the “ethno-nationalists” who played a role in the violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Va. Kuttner wrote:

Kuttner admitted he’s never spoken with Bannon before, and he was taken aback by the offer to talk over the phone. And, he was left with this piece of analysis:

Given the president’s “impulsiveness,” he added, it could go either way.

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Why don't we start with the most racist ethno nationalists, Jews?




never heard of it, sounds like bull


Jews are the ones that organized that Nazi shit in North Carolina.

Bannon seems like he'd be incredibly smelly.



The Dems would be in a much worse position wrt their clumsy idpol shit if Bannon hadn't amplified and adopted the even-shittier far right wing version. Oops!

He probably does want them to be crushed. As long as he's associated with them, he's impeded.

Btw, if I don't have the time, someone needs to create a montage - pics of Bannon, clips from this article, and pictures from "Unite the Right." Set to Linkin Park's "In the End."

2.726 dimensional chess

another blow to Holla Forums. everything is tumbling down around them and all they have to hold on to is conspiracy theories.

this is what happens when Holla Forums leaves the closet

Was this whole thing a huge sci op to normalise plain old burger nationalism so they can set about completing the US empire once and for all?

also its funny he says they are overplaying their hand like he knows they have a good hand to play because it was a PR disaster for him and PR is all hes really got

Being disowned left and right from such a minor incident.
They really have to cling to obscurity and the shadows,
as their actual views can't stand the light of day.

Bannon: "I'm a millionaire who uses spooks, you're the losers who have nothing but the spooks I've given you. Now put away all spooks unless they've been acquired through Breitbart. Thank you my fellow patriots."

wtf I love bannon now.

The organizer of the event was half-jewish, and was an ex-Occupy organizer. The kid who crashed his car and killed that fine young lady whale was half jewish as well.

It's not like these events have any white people to organize them so that makes sense.

Why isn't Holla Forums throwing a fit over this?

every time someone they like ends up not actually lining up with their beliefs they pretend they never liked them in the first place. ask 8pol about Trump and they'll say he's a neocon jew, but during the election you'd get banned for taking his name in vain.

they are.

I do wonder about that.

"Look at these Nazis we created. Now look at us, wow, we hate those guys too! Let's do us some harmless imperialism together!"

Brannon is NRx

Bannon was always a good boy. I don't know how he got mixed up in this far right nonsense.

I don’t know why everyone is surprised by this quote. It’s something typical or a LENINIST to say.

Yeah dude, why would anyone ever want to have a nation made up only of hard-working non-criminal citizens? Nah, it's better to emulate Africa and strive for their success.

The second link in duck duck go is a helpful stormfront forum link to the pdf

Sweet source, my dude.


Surely if you were trying to create a crimeless nation you would just remove all citizens that commit crimes, rather than all citizens above an arbitrarily determined level of melatonin that has been loosely (and often fallaciously) correlated with crime rates, wouldn't you?

I mean, being "black" isn't even the attribute most closely correlated with crime, by a long shot. Why not just get rid of everyone with an income level below 30k? That would eliminate most crime in the US overnight, by your logic.


Also, don't most people commit crimes to change their material conditions? Attributing race to crime rate is dumb af

Really makes one wonder

Boy 2125 women will have implants in their uterine lining controlled by AI that suffocate children with predicted Autism Levels less than 95. If the child is expressing the warrior gene, the mother will be killed as well.
There will be no crime and the races will live in harmony.

Melotonin is for sleep

sleep deprivation can cause delirium, anxiety and anger, all leading to crime. poor sleep is associated with poverty. damn, he still has a point.

once again
hes a sort of proto-leninist
I'm not sure if we should take that website seriously but damn…

>>>Holla Forums10428397
This is just gold.

It's the same thing with Trump. Luckily we still have the screencaps and archives.

Don't forget:


>Bannon: Ethno-Nationalists are Losers, Must be Crushed
>Hang on, isn't this Holla Forums?! Did I come to Holla Forums by mistake?
>Oooooohhhhh, riiiiight

It must feel really nice to be somewhere where shrieking about charlottesville isn't the only thing you can hear…