Daily News Thread 8/17

Barcelona Terror Attack Kills 13 as Van Hits Tourist Spot

A van plowed into pedestrians on Barcelona’s most iconic avenue at the height of the tourist season, in a terrorist attack that left 13 people dead and echoed similar incidents in other European cities.

Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer loses its Russian domain, too

When the Daily Stormer lost control of its .com domain in the face of a social media protest, the infamous hate site sought virtual refuge in Russia. For a few hours on Wednesday, the site re-appeared at the domain "dailystormer.ru" before the site lost DDoS protection from CloudFlare and disappeared from the Web once again.

Trump Abandons Plan for Council on Infrastructure

President Donald Trump will not move forward with a planned Advisory Council on Infrastructure, a person familiar with the matter said Thursday.

‘Appallingly bad’ F-35 fighter jets to cost UK taxpayers even more as pound falls

The price tag attached to Britain’s next generation F-35 fighter jets is expected to rise dramatically. The controversial aircraft is in urgent need of an upgrade at a time when the British pound continues to fall in value.

Most countries, including US allies, trust Putin more than Trump on foreign policy – poll

US allies Germany, France, Japan, and South Korea are among countries which trust Vladimir Putin more than Donald Trump in handling foreign affairs, a new Pew poll shows.

Trump's lawyer trolled for posting collage of his black friends to show he isn't racist

US President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen took to Twitter on Wednesday (16 August) to condemn racism and post a strange photo montage of himself posing with several black Americans.

US-led coalition raids against Isis kill 60 civilians in Raqqa

Air strikes conducted by a US-led coalition against Isis in its Syrian 'capital' have killed dozens of civilians instead.

Exclusive: U.S. forces to stay in Syria for decades, say militia allies

Washington's main Syrian ally in the fight against Islamic State says the U.S. military will remain in northern Syria long after the jihadists are defeated, predicting enduring ties with the Kurdish-dominated region.

Philippines war on drugs and crime intensifies, at least 60 killed in three days

Police killed at least 28 people overnight in a crackdown in the Philippines capital Manila, authorities said on Thursday, a second night of heavy bloodshed this week in an intensification of President Rodrigo Duterte's fierce war on drugs and crime.

China cracks down on VPN vendors

China's latest crackdown on those attempting to skirt state censorship controls has seen it warn e-commerce platforms over the sale of illegal virtual private networks (VPNs).

PETA seized family dog & euthanized it without consent

PETA will pay out $49,000 to a family in Virginia after members of the animal rights group took their dog from a trailer park and euthanized it without consent.

Loner drowns on Durham beach after having sickness benefits stopped

A 54-year-old man died going into the sea in County Durham after being told his sickness benefits were being withdrawn.

Venezuelan Violinist Says National Guard Did Not Smash Violin

Wuilly Arteaga stated, “At no time did the National Guard smash the violin," adding, "the media always tries to put a sensationalist headline.”

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Uncle Sam to Choose Where Next to Stick His Nose

Some 95 percent of members of the U.S. petroleum industry have collectively and officially dissuaded Washington from in any way reducing Venezuelan oil imports

After Neoliberalism, What Next?

The neoliberal order has failed and is creating more and more political and social upheaval. Some elements of a new system may be in sight.

Historic Settlement Reached on Behalf of CIA Torture Victims

Two victims of the CIA’s torture program have reached a historic legal settlement with the contract psychologists who designed and helped implement it. The U.S. government has never publicly compensated any of the men tortured in CIA custody, and this legal settlement — the terms of which are confidential — is the first of its kind.

From the Cybernetic World War towards a Cybernetic Civil War

On an emerging phenomenon in the field of political affairs.

inb4 someone gets mad I posted a semi pro-putin poll from RT, here's the direct link to the Pew survey.


That's a bit unfair, people trusts Rusia more than USA, who is in charge is quite irrelevant

I mean, who the fuck trusts warlords Obama, Clinton, Bush dinasties?

Do they take public money? That's a question i've never seen answered. I just don't understand how do they manaage to exist after all they do

They keep liying about Venezuela, doesn't really matter, the coup failed. They only way they'll be able to try again is if oil prices keep going under 60 for months

I save this one for tomorrow, but looks interesting. A new reform before the next collapse is imposible and no rich guy is going to let this happen but still.

The fucking thing isn't even finished yet and it already needs to be upgraded?

On the one hand >rt but on the other hand >Trump.

#NoWarWithSyria #DrainTheSwamp




Barcelona attack: van driver still on the run, police say – latest updates

Police confirm fatalities and say suspect has been identified, while explosion at house in Alcanar which killed one is linked to attack

Fucking hell, the US might really go down into an irreversible negative feedback loop. The costs are about to rise out of their reach as we speak and the strain of shit-tier systems and catastrophic failures may cause an evil spiral once the economy starts to struggle ever more with the limitations set by a crumbling system.

We're already there my dude.

l m a o rojavafags btfo

Welp, can't say we weren't warned this would happen.

The fucking thing JUST CAME OUT

A big jump in percentage in favor of impeachment — and other Trump poll horrors

No shit. What did they expect from an aircraft that looks like that? Aerodynamics were clearly not the first consideration when they designed that ridiculous thing.

Why would you do that ever? It's not a troop carrier. The idiots were not expecting that of it, were they?

Okay, that's just bad design. They did not need that for the F-117. Why should they need that for this?

Why the fuck is there a Jefferson Davis monument in Arizona? What sense does that make?

There are weird confederate statues everywhere



As the son of a holocaust survivor, I have no tolerance for #racism. Just because I support @POTUS @realDonaldTrump doesn't make me a racist

Sooooo…… he's saying Donald Trump is racist?

It's been in development since the 90s. You have to reckon at least of those few of those parts are obsolete by now.

Arizona actually joined the confederate side in the war and for that reason what is now the southern part of Nevada, which contains a large controlling share of the Colorado river basin was taken away from Arizona and given to Nevada.

I posted the wrong plane. That's the one Boing built because Daddy DOD hates playing favorites with his children.

Fox CEO rips Trump, donates $1M to Anti-Defamation League


Not to defend one of the fattest porkies of all time, but holy shit, having the Murdoch's explicitly and publicly against you is not good for Trump.